A married man was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly killing his house maid because she did not tell him that she had HIV before they had sex, police in Zimbabwe said.

Harare police arrested 30-year-old Phelimon Chigwada, after being accused of shooting Chiedza Rambanepasi.

Chigwada also shot his wife, Memory Mahar, but she survived the attack. Chigwada has been charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder.

He was booked into jail, and he was denied bail. According to the police investigation, Chigwada has been having sex with the house maid behind his wife’s back.

After learning that he had HIV, he confronted the maid and accused her of infecting him with the virus. During the argument, Chigwada pulled his gun and shot the maid.

She died at the scene. Chigwada then shot his wife in the jaw.


The Herald Reports

A 30-year-old man fatally shot his maid with his service rifle after accusing her of deliberately infecting him with HIV, the court heard yesterday.

It is alleged that Phelimon Chigwada shot his wife Memory Mahari who is battling for her life at Parirenyatwa Hospital after she had tried to cool his temper. Chigwada, who is a security guard, was facing murder and attempted murder charges when he appeared before magistrate.

He remained in custody until May 5 and advised to approach the High Court for bail application.

Allegations are that on April 23, Chigwada had a misunderstanding with Chiedza Rambanepasi whom he was accusing of deliberately infecting him with HIV.

The court heard that during the dispute, Chigwada took his service 303 rifle and shot Rambanepasi who died on the spot. It is the State’s case that after shooting Rambanepasi, Chigwada turned to Mahari and shot her in the jaw.

A report was made leading to Chigwada’s arrest.




Zimbabwean Pr_ostitutes’ clients in Gwanda and Beitbridge should exercise extreme caution when hiring thigh vendors for their X-rated services following sensational reports that prostitutes are on the prowl in the two towns collecting spe_rms from their clients after sex.

According to reports, the spe_rms are being exported to South Africa where they are reportedly in demand by sangomas who are said to be using them in their traditional rituals to bring luck, enhance good fortune and boosting business or preventing detection of criminals.

Some claimed that the spe_rms, which are allegedly going for US$25 to US$30 per 250ml bottle, were also being collected for sale in Dubai, where they fetch even higher prices.

Spe_rm hunters first surfaced in Zimbabwe in October 2011 when police arrested three Gweru women after they were caught with a staggering plastic bag loaded with 31 (thirty one) used condoms full of spe_rms. The women after being hauled to court, revealed that they were well known prostitutes and that the used condoms had been used on them by their clients who they had sex with, the court heard.

Following the bizarre incident, more than a dozen attacks on men by alleged female rapists, thought to be for ritual purposes, have been reported mainly in the Midlands, Harare and Masvingo provinces.

According to a panic-stricken man, the reports of the alleged spe_rm collection sent shivers down the spines of men who recklessly disposed condoms after sex with prostitutes.

“A wave of panic gripped the town especially among men when news filtered through claiming that prostitutes were making brisk business by collecting and selling spe_rms they would have got from their clients after sex. This is so because the spe_rms’ real use is not clear although some say it is intended for juju or traditional rituals by sangomas in South Africa,” he said.

“In one case last week, a man reportedly went unconscious for hours after sex with a woman he had hired at a local night club, a move which many people suspected he was drugged by the hooker before being forced into repeated sex for the purpose of taking his spe_rms,” said Mr Dumisani Mhlanga from Jaunda suburb.

Mr Last Zulu said the spe_rm harvesting craze had also spread to married women who were also reportedly forcing their own husbands to use protection during sex so that they could collect their spe_rms and sell them.

“So alarming is the spe_rm harvesting craze that even some married women have also joined the trade by forcing their husbands to use protection during sex so that they can collect their spe_rms for sale,” he said.



The issue of tithing remains a contentious one across Christian denominational divides because of varying interpretations of its origins and purpose.

Why a tithe is given, to whom and for what purpose are some of the many questions that have kept communities in the Christian faith searching for understanding.

Insistence on paying of tithes has also been the reason – or excuse – for some to stay away from certain churches. It is within this context that a Harare prophet, Prince Wonderful born Wellington Kahari, says his colleagues who are collecting tithes and offerings need deliverance themselves if they are serious about salvation.

Founder of the Loving Christ International Ministries, which he says he dissolved after an encounter with the Holy Spirit in 2013, Prophet Wonderful says it was revealed to him that ministries and churches who collect tithes and offerings in the name of God are destined for hell fire.

“In 2013 the Holy Spirit visited me in my room as I was praying and preparing for my Sunday service. The Holy Spirit said to me, ‘You have sinned against me for you have walked after the error of Nigeria and Ghana’.

“I asked what the error was. He then said the error was the founding of churches and ministries, making oneself a president and founder of denominations, paying and collecting tithes and offerings.

“The Holy Spirit told me that all those who have formed churches or ministries, appointing themselves presidents and founders, those who are attending, those who are collecting or paying tithes and offerings in the name of God are destined for the lake of fire.

“These three things blew my mind and the following day, Sunday, I announced that Loving Christ International Ministries has been closed with immediate effect. It was not an easy decision, but it was more valuable to follow Christ than the worldly desires.

“We began to gather about five of us in the name of Jesus Christ according to 2 Thessalonians 2:1 and 1 Corinthians 5:4. A lot of our people decided to join other denominations; they could not stomach the ‘new light’.”

He says their gathering is growing – and no one pays tithes or gives offerings.

“If we want to pay our bills or rent we just collect the money among ourselves and pay. God never said Christian converts are supposed to pay tithe for the upkeep of the church or its leaders and we are just following that,” he says.

Prophet Wonderful also has some choice words for men and women of the cloth who are fond of titles.

“In the encounter with the Holy Spirit I was questioned, who in the scriptures was anointed by God to be a founder of a church or ministry? And who ever collected tithes or offerings in the New Testament of Jesus Christ among His apostles, especially among the Gentile nations of which Zimbabwe is one.”

He continues: “The spirit gave me Ephesians 2:11-16 which plainly differentiates between Israelites (Hebrews) and us the Gentiles.

“In verse 11 the Apostle Paul was teaching the Gentiles and showing them how the Hebrews or Israelites viewed them in time past. The Gentiles were without Christ, meaning it took Jesus Christ for the Gentiles to be accepted of God.

“Hence tithes and offerings were paid by Israelites only, those who happened to be biologically Hebrews bonded with the Levitical priesthood.”

He adds that Malachi, widely used to encourage people to give offerings and tithes, is clear on the matter.

“In verse 9, God says they are cursed with a curse – even this whole nation. Was God cursing Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Afghanistan or Britain? No! It was the Israelites. God did not say He would curse nations but a nation.

“Malachi 1:1 reveals that the nation which was going to be cursed for failing to pay tithes and offerings were the Israelites not spiritual Israel (Gentiles) but the real Israel, the sons of Jacob.

“I couldn’t count the times I have heard self-appointed ministers of the gospel berate their congregations for ‘robbing God’ in tithes and offerings.

“This verse in Malachi certainly means what it says. Someone was defrauding God of tithes and offerings, but wait until you find out who it is that God blames for this act.

“This is the time past referred to in Ephesians 2:11-13 and when all this was happening among the Hebrews who are Israelites, Gentiles were not part of these covenants. They were aliens. Therefore, the collection of tithes and offerings amongst Gentile countries and people is the work of the Devil.”

He added that in the book of Acts 15 a dispute arose between the Jews and the Gentiles when certain Jews wanted to force the Gentiles to follow the Law of Moses.

“The apostles Peter and James refused that the Gentiles should follow the Law of Moses, but that Gentiles should believe in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“The Lord Jesus Christ Himself never collected tithes and offerings from the people. And Jesus Himself said the New Testament was in His blood which was supposed to be shed – Luke 22:20.

“He is the High Priest of the New Testament. If God freely gave eternal life by the death of Jesus Christ, then why should all other material things of this earth be paid for to these workers of darkness?

“What can be more precious than Jesus Christ, the one true offering which alone was acceptable to God?

“The book of Luke 8:1-3 states that certain women and many others supported Jesus out of their own means, Jesus never collected tithe or offering from anyone during his ministry.

“Even when he sent his disciples to preach he gave them instructions as to where they were going to survive. Luke 10:1-11 in particular shows that the disciples were supposed to receive whatever they would be given freely by the people and not to intimidate them with the name of their master. They did not use the name or the anointing of Jesus Christ to collect tithes, offerings or seeds because they were labourers of Jesus Christ not Moses.

“The yesteryear apostles of Christ survived by a certain manner of giving which was abandoned by the current crop of false apostles, pastors and prophets.” The Sunday Mail

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