17.It don’t make you creative if it does i’m wasting my money.

18.The problem with weed for me is that I tend to…um….what was the question?

19.I think it does both. kinda.

Being under the influence of weed messes up your skill as a player. I’ve seen it many times. One gets confused as to what part of the song you are playing. Did I just play the intro, and this is the first verse or was that the first verse and this is the second verse going into the corus? Whenever you see a band do something like- play the first verse twice play the second verse and then the solo or even go into the solo after the first verse then ther is a pretty good chance you know what they were doing on their break. If you are going to be playing live on somebody elses property and expecting to get payed for it then you shouldnt even consider bringing an illeagle substance into it.

If under the influence you come up with some new bizzare syncopated rithym and it sounds realy cool and you know its going to be the next big hit what do you do? you record it so you wont forget what it was you were playing. what happens the next day when your head is clear and you listen to the recording? you listen to the recording and ask yourself What happened to my great rithym i recorded? this dont sound like anything! somebody came in here and stold my tape and left me with a phoney. ok now thats paranoid!!! what happened to the groove? you lost it. so you should have done more than record it because what was (for example) r & 2 & & 4 now sounds like 1 & 2 3 & r. So you see its only an illusion that you are more creative.

What causes all this confusion? Pot changes the timing in your brain in fact it slows it down. Everything that you percieve (reallity) your hearing, vision, touch, must wait to be processed by the brain. something you heard and something you saw and something you felt seem to be connected. waves of processed information come in. this gives you a sence of “cosmic connection with the universe” and makes you halloucinate. you are now a jelly fish. this state of mind is not good for concentrating professionaly, and i choose not to go there. so its realy up to you if you want to do pot and play. How do you percieve yourself?

20.Ok, i’m not attacking you or anything, but it is apparent that you have never done it. you dont’ halucinate…that’s something the government made up in the 60’s to scare people away from doing it. and your dont’ forget everything you do. now, i will say you have to be careful and know who you buy from….some people will try to sell you some stuff laced with coke or meth. but just straight good old weed is the most mild drug you will ever encounter. and i agree, i can’t play worth anything when i’m high, but that’s just because i’m not thinking. it’s the most awesome feeling in the world to get up on stage high. if you know your music well enough, half of your mind takes over your hands and the other half just wanders before you figure out that you left one of your shoes backstage, the song is over.

21.I’ve heard this one before. Let me put it this way. All of the musicians, every last one of them that I’ve played with that have smoked regularly are still in the same position musically and emotionally with the same friends and the same problems and are never going anywhere with their talent. This crap doesn’t make you more creative it just lowers your expectations of what you want out of life. Everything all of the sudden becomes “fine” and your motivation disappears. And what is a human being with out a motive? A synco. You might as well become a bass at this point and just sit there and let someone else play you. The point is that EVERYONE plays better sober.

22.The funny thing about pot is, unlike alcohol, you smoke one joint and your high. You smoke a pound and your high. The effect doesn’t grow as you use more. No hangover, either. I publicly endorse pot over alcohol because of this, although, I don’t use it anymore. UA every month at work. I still believe that pot makes you useless as a musician. At least it did me. Stay clean while you play. You get more enjoyment and alot less paranoia.

23.Anyone who is high may perceive themselves as being better, more creative, etc. Of course that’s why they call it being “under the influence.”

24.i have done dam near every drug under the sun when i was young,,it affected my life in ways over a long term that crucified me and my playing now it does not fit in with the life i now lead..and in my profession a felony drug charge can wipe out EVERYTHING i have worked for..thier are legal ramifications in this that can effect ones life for ever..is the possibility of a possesion charge worth it??.i cant tell you what to do but thier are consequences for every action im life.

25.Having done both, (sober and not sober playing) I can tell you that I am much better sober. Not to mention, happier, healthier and better suited for whatever I happen to be doing.

26.I know that when I’m “under the influence” my mind wanders tooooo much to be creative musically.
I got 2 buds that are every day users and they are FANTASTIC musicians…just lack any drive,y’know what I mean ???They work and function and all…just no real drive towards any goals Kind of a shame really…’cause they can F’N play !!!!! I’m neither for nor against…it’s ok by me,just really not for me,dig?

27.well I’m certainly Glad that so many People replied to my post. I was just looking to see where other people stood on the subject. See when my band practices we normally will arrive in our practice room aka a big wooden barn, sit around a BS for a few minutes and if someone has a lil weed we might smoke some before we practice but normally we wait untill we’re finished with our first jam that usually takes 1-2 hours then rest and BS more and then smoke , then we jam for another 1-2 hours and call it a night. But as for myself I havge found I play better sober but then I think up funkier stuff after we smoke..mostly variations on stuff from the first jam.

28.Interesting and scientifically proven fact: What you learn when you’re stoned you’ll remember better when you’re stoned later on, but you’ll have a hard time remembering it when you’re not stoned. But learning is slowed by smoking weed, and long-term use is bad for your social, sexual, and intellectual life, so you do the math…if you’re not too stoned.

29.Weed? lmao, i think weed is for people who cant afford better drugs….its pointless, it MIGHT get u high or whatever, but come on!!! smoking? lol, why not injecting? JUST kiddin! but yeah people who smoke weed smoke it cuz theyre depressed and cant afford anything better

30.Hay, i smoke weed usally end up feeling like a brick i reakon it both creats and if you smoke too much yo’ll end up like adegeenerated brick

31.I’m guessing it affects your ability to spell too.

32.No that was the vodka breakfasturrrrrrr!


Yahoo Answers



Many Nigerian musicians obviously smoke lots of weed and their music is really good. But why do they have to smoke pot? Do their music sound better when high? Apart from many suspected cases in the Nigerian music scene who hide behind dark glasses i was shocked this week to know that my childhood idols Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel had been arrested many times with weed!

I should have known.Their music is just too beautiful to have been sourced from a normal person.I also remember a research i once conducted which showed that even William Shakespeare was using pot! Please read details here…http://lagosbooksclub.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/did-shaskespeare-smoke-pot/

Recently a fellow musician had this to say…“Wizkid smokes weed a lot,it’s affecting his brain seriously” . But is he correct? While some musicians believe it makes them perform better others disagree.Here are comments  by musicians  which might open our eyes a bit more…

1.Weed does something to the creative part of the mind. I have noticed that when I am producing music while high on weed, I can hear subtle details that I might not have heard otherwise.

2.Music probably sounds better when high because you feel like you’re floating or something.

3.Back like before school,I smoked some and I was really good at poetry and making up lyrics, but now my brains like poop, I cant freestyle anymore and it takes me awhile to come up with some dope lyrics. Are they connected somehow? Are girls attracted to poetry? Haha just wondering.

4.Weed is a big part of urban culture, as well as a great source of inspiration. I’m not suggesting you turn into a burnout just so you can write better poetry, but if you’re a famous rapper, your lyrics are bound to be better with weed. “‘Cuz if at first you don’t succeed, won’t hurt to smoke some weed” –Dre

5.Perhaps to connect with their inner creative? Lots of people turn to drugs in order to inspire artwork/creativity But to be fair there are a lot of talentless shmucks out there that couldn’t form a sentence correctly much less win a rap battle who smoke their dub a day. Smoking is great and all, but it hasn’t made me an artist hehe.

6.All of the great artists, musicians, physicists, and global politicians smoke weed.Its not just for an alternative state of mind. Paint a picture, then smoke a little bit of pot and try and paint the same picture, you’ll get better results

7.Being creative, I’ve found, is linked to the use of hallucinogens. Unfortunately, so are confusion, brain damage, loss of motor control, and social withdrawal, not to mention loss of a decent sense of time (nothing worse for bassists). Personally, I’ve decided their not worth the price, and I find that creativity can flow very nicely without artificial aids, provided I allow enough time to be relaxed and focused.

8.I always try to remind myself to play guitar while I’m high and see if anything is different, but I keep forgetting.:p haha

9.Being stoned on weed in our band is strictly against the rules.

10.Strictly against the rules eh? Hmmm..Whenever I get into a band, if I’m in charge, I don’t think I’ll make any rules. I mean a band is to have FUN…not another organization to overlord your life.I’m not attacking you though. ^_^

11.When I played in a band our drummer smoked pot, but the funny thing is we would get there first and play around a little and we would sound good and he would play quicker and experiment more. Then he would get high and stay real bassic,and lose his focus.

12.I gave it up probably 20 years ago when it stopped being fun. I’ve tested the water on rare occasions since then and the result has always been the same…too high too quick – and not much fun.As for music, it would enhance my listening enjoyment but never did anything positive for my playing.

13.Enhance the listening enjoyment… I’ve heard of that…
“Hey dude, listen to that Frampton guy, he’s like, awesome!”
“Stop talking man… pass the joint around…”

14.Whoa, DUDE! It’s like he can make his guitar talk and stuff! Uh, what were we talking about? Hey, you gonna eat that?

15.When stoned you ask: Why is there pink bunny’s on the tele? Why is there a tele in the bathroom? Why is the bathroom in a tent?…

16.As a person in MD Magazine, puts it:
How can you be in touch with your instrument and your playing, when you are not in touch with reality?
He makes a good point, something to think about, man




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