There is this bizarre and disturbing video doing rounds on social media of a stark unclad man trying to make love to a statue of a lady in broad daylight. The crazy guy who is probably out of his mind or high on some illegal stuff was filmed simulating sex with the sculpture and from the voice of the bemused people witnessing the madness,the video appears to be from Ghana.

The funny thing is that the man didn’t care as people gathered to watch him, taking photos and cheering. He kept banging the statue.

An attempt by someone to get him to stop by flogging him prove abortive as the guy tried to fight the person..



SHOCKER AS FATHER,SON SLEEP WITH STEP MOM ‘S DAUGHTERS.A HOUSEWIFE of Lusaka West has claimed that her husband and her step son would have s.ex with her daughters while she was away.

She made the claims before the Matero Local Court how her husband and her step-sons would have s.ex with her daughters while she was out working at night.

Gertrude Zulu, 37, told the court that while she was out slaving for the family every night, her husband, Charles Kalaluka, 45, and his sons would take turns having s.exual relations with her daughters.

Zulu was narrating before senior court magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba in a case in which she sued Kalaluka for marriage reconciliation.

“When my daughters told me that my husband and his sons force them to have sexual relations in our home, I confronted him but he beat me. My husband continued having s.exual relations with my second-born daughter,” she said.

Zulu told the court that she got married to Kalaluka in 2009 making her his seventh wife. She said she had six children from her previous marriage while he had three sons. Bride price was paid.

“When we got married, I was managing a bar. Even though we started staying together, Kalaluka never accepted my children but I accepted his,” she said.

Zulu told the court that when one of her daughters became pregnant, Kalaluka’s son revealed that he was not the one responsible but his father.

“My family summoned Kalaluka and his son for a meeting but his son never presented himself, his father took responsibility of everything and promised to pay compensation for damage but up to now, nothing has been paid,” she said.

Zulu said her daughter had to leave the matrimonial home because of her husband and his sons’ behaviour.

“Actually, I do not even want to reconcile with him. I have changed my mind because I have had enough. He even threatens my life. He has no respect for me as his wife,” she said.

But Kalaluka denied ever having s.exual relations with his step-daughters. He accused Zulu of spending nights away from their matrimonial home.
The court failed to reconcile the couple.



HOUSEMAID,28 WITH STD WHO INFECTED BOY,13 GIVEN BENEFIT OF DOUBT! “She undressed and then removed the boy’s shorts and pants.She lifted the complainant and placed him on top of her and between her legs.”

GWERU: A housemaid who allegedly forced a 13-year-old boy to have s.ex with her and infected him with a s.exually transmitted illness was Monday acquitted on charges of indecent assault.

Allegations were that Esnath Hove, 28, shared the same room with the teenager but woke up during midnight and forced the boy to be intimate with her.She had appeared before regional magistrate Collet Ncube, facing charges of aggravated indecent assault but denied the allegations.

In her defence, Hove said the boy’s mother, who was her employer, lied about the whole issue in order to avoid paying her two months’ salary amounting to $140.She alleged the boy was naughty and had a habit of coming home late and at times in the evenings.

In passing judgment, Ncube said there was a high possibility of falsely incriminating the accused person since the juvenile did not voluntarily identify the person who had infected him.“It’s quite surprising that a 13-year-old fails to voluntarily point to a person who infected him with an STI and, in this case, an unsophisticated maid with a strong rural background,” Ncube said.

Benefit of doubt

The magistrate said what was further amazing was that the boy’s mother literally forced him to implicate the maid.He said the state had failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that accused had committed the crime and gave Hove the benefit of the doubt before acquitting her.

Prosecutors had told the court that on an unknown date, in July this year, Hove forced herself on the teenager in the dining room in which they were sleeping.“The accused person was sleeping in the same room with the complainant and she woke up at around midnight and also woke up the complainant,” said the prosecutor.

“She undressed and then removed the boy’s shorts and pants.The accused person then lay down facing upwards and she lifted the complainant and placed him on top of her and between her legs.”

The court further heard that on July 18, the boy’s mother asked him to try on new underwear. That is when she discovered that his manhood was swollen, discharging pus and that he had rush around the foreskin.She inquired what had happened but the boy refused to open up and he was taken to hospital where he was treated for an STI.

Again on July 29, the mother further questioned her son on the issue and that is when he revealed that he had s.exual intercourse with the maid.A report was made to the police leading to Hove’s arrest.