1.I am happy that kid is alive. For her innocence God is with her……little angel. I felt so frustrated as a mother on watching that video, so disturbed that i couldn’t sleep but God is great.For that maid, she deserves that maximum punishment on earth. Let us not jump in to blaming the mother, first deal with the culprit. I don’t know where i would have been by now if it was my child…….may be in jail……can’t comprehend.

2.if that was my child that maid would never see a court room I would have taken justice into my own hands….if the mother is not dead and not workingwhy was she not there? A maid is only supposed to be a helper not to give parents an excuse to abandon their children….this mother will be judged by God but she does not deserve the blessing that is a child.

3.Watching this video broke my heart brought tears to my eyes and took my breath away! I’m a mother of two and only God knows if she’ll still be breathing if that was my child I’d have to ask him to forgive me because I’ll take her life I kid you not.

4.I have three boys and my 2 year old is a reminder of her and it hurts me to my heart to watch this video. I cried so hard.Yes, miraculously she is. But I do hope she’s not suffered any serious damages cos that vicious beating was just the 1 X she got caught. I still thank God 4 exposing the monster & I hope she’s used as an example. 2 all the child molesters in this world. That is the supreme act of a coward, 2 assault a defenceless child.

5.I couldn’t watch the footage twice, my heart nearly stopped to learn that there are ruthless beings out there…. I thank God to learn that the child did survive. Please lets pray for that maid it is clear she is containing so much anger inside from the past. I also think since it is said the Rwandeen woman is not working she must just care for her child as she’ll never be able to trust any one soon.

6..My heart is seriously broken over this. I became physically ill after watching this. How DARE she?

7..I didn’t eat yesterday night…every time I think of it I just wish I can hug her let her know she is loved

8.Wooh am in Tanzania and this video makes me cry every time i see it. Thank God the dad put a monitor camera….imagine how the maid would have denied doing such an action if it wasn’t for the camera. all in all thank God she is safe and sound. may the guardian angel guide this pretty baby always.

9.I am gutted, words fail me. As a mother, watching that video my womb turned upside down, my heart pounded with pain and only God knows how I could have reacted to that incident if it were my baby being abused like that. If only it were possible, for every man to work and provide for their families and let the mothers look after their children instead of hiring maids. Even for the ones not married, if the children’s fathers could pay maintainance for their kids and enable the kids mothers look after their flesh and blood only for the benefits of the growing children.

10.I am a mom and I dot even think u need to be one to get provoked at the extent of this. Even abuse of this type on an adult would cause an outcry,much less and innocent ILL child???!!!! The child was ill for Christ’s sake and was even caught unawares by the throwup herself. Oh, only God knows what the help did to her in the room when she pulled her inside. I am in physical pain and traumatized cause of this.I am in a lot of raw physical pain and cannot wrap my mind around this. Please the dad needs to upload FUTURE video of that child so that we can follow up on her well being, just so we can all have some measure of solace. This hurts, I can only imagine what the dad felt when he watched this! May The Lord wipe the memory of the abuse from that child’s mind in Jesus name!

11.This is simply inhuman. I have cried my eyes out. She even had the guts to report her boss to the police. That is how God works. She dug her grave.KARMA

12.I coudnt even eat after I saw the video.Where on earth would one woman hit n abuse a baby like this I really wanted to kill that maid trust me I seriously want the parents should take a big step to keep that maid in prison for many many years or even life in prison so that she shouldn’t do that to any baby ever again n I pray to god that poor baby is ok that she should not have any harmful injuries inshallah and I pray for the parents too

13…I saw this video early hours of today and have remained indoors without a bathe scared that my maid may harm my kids if I step out of the house.I honestly won’t be part of this even if it were a movie. Poor little girl but the consolations I have is that the maid is above 18 and the beatings which Kamanzi gave her which I guess wasn’t enough…….This has nothing to do with the mother not working and also not in the house when this incident happen, she could have stepped out for a reason or two and left her kid with a wicked house maid based on trust.

14.This is just EVIL right there! no grey shade..pure evil. she is a bitter human being, probably soo envious of the family’s blessed and privileged life that her envy burst out onto the child. its people like her you never see coming…they smile happily at you like the virgin Mary…but inside they are asking themselves “what made you so special that you have all these things that i dont ?” SHE NEEDS TO BE imprisoned FOR LIFE. she is a danger to any other kids out there.

15.This maid is possessed by an evil spirit and needs to be delivered by the Almighty. Honestly no human heart, worse than that of a woman can be this evil especially to an innocent toddler. Thank u God for saving the baby’ s life. Im just in tears as i text here. This is the most horrible thing i’ve ever seen. I love children and this has just disturbed me ..im traumatised!!

16.I know it was hard for me to sleep the night I saw this, I was so mad! All I kept thinking, “I hope she gets hers!” Thank goodness she did, through the hands of the baby’s dad! Three years is too short, she needs to be UNDER the jail!

17.This video has my heart racing. It is so sad that this abuse came from a woman…clearly the nanny has no maternal bone in her .I feel sorry for the child,having to endure such hatred and hurt at such a young age. God comfort the little child please. Amen

18.This is the most disgusting thing I have ever had to watch. I cannot believe that maid is still alive. How dares she even have thoughts such as these to translate them into actions. She is pure and simple evil spirit. She deserves to be buried ALIVE!!

19.Words cant describe, minds cant imagine the injuries I would have inflicted on this ugly bitch. She should thank God she had her legs to walk to the police. If I were the father, I dont think she could have even crawled to the police. I am a Ghanaian and deeply angry, heartbroken, raging with fury at this moment and just holding my 2 yr old daughter in my arms quietly.

20.How could the maid be beaten so senseless to the point of being confined to a wheelchair now be able to get up and run to the police and report? Sounds far-fetched!We need more truthful info about what is really going on!

21.One has to ask why God watched and allowed this to happen…

22.God didn’t ALLOW it to happen. God NEVER EVER allows bad things to happen to us. The Devil is cunning, let’s not forget this. He knows just when to act and this beating of this child is an example of his wickedness. If God hadn’t protected her, she wouldn’t be here by now. We should never blame God for the bad things that happen to us.Also, please watch JOHN 3:16 the story of love It will change your life!

23.Why r people fond of blaming god 4 the mistakes humans make. It’s like a promiscuous man saying God gave him hiv. Get real, the r devilish people in this world cos it’s inhabited by a lot of persons that r far from God. As far as am concerned it’s bcos of God that child is alive, no matter theman’s marital situation. Nobody should hurt a child like that. She’s a demon!

24.My friend all creation is busy obeying God except human beings .The sun never refused to rise up , the moon have never abandoned it’s position…the lions despite being so ruthless spare us. We are all rebellions and at the same time we want God to do what we want yet we want to be independent from Him. Jesus Christ is still in the business of saving people. Last question to answer you…Do you obey God?