Girls said to have run away from homes following abuse.

 250 UGANDAN GIRLS  TRAFFICKED AS MAIDS AND SEX SLAVES DETAINED IN KUWAITAt least 250 female Ugandans are said to be detained in different camps in Kuwait after they run away from homes where they were being abused. Both rescued females and parents of those still detained in Kuwait confirmed the number.

Relatives of the detained girls who met the Head of the Anti-Human Trafficking Desk, Mr Moses Binoga, said their daughters called them while they were still at the reception centre before they were transferred to another facility.

Mr Robert Kunonya, a father of a 19-year-old detainee, said his daughter called him yesterday morning saying 250 Ugandan girls were going to be transferred today (Wednesday).

“She told me if I don’t send money to help her return, she will be part of the 250 Ugandans who will be transferred to another facility,” Mr Kunonya said while at the ministry of Internal Affairs yesterday.

Mr Binoga couldn’t confirm the number of girls trafficked since Uganda has no embassy in Kuwait, but he said the country has the biggest number of Ugandan victims of trafficking.

“I am going to inform our Foreign Affairs ministry to liaise with our missions in the Middle East to ensure they find out the whereabouts of these women,” he said.
Most of the trafficked girls were promised juicy jobs in supermarkets but ended up enslaved in homes as maids.

One victim, who returned recently, told the Daily Monitor that she was promised to work in a supermarket but when she reached Kuwait, she was taken to a home to work as a maid. “I was abused and one time cut with a knife because I failed to carry a bag of sugar to another floor,” the 20-year old woman said.



Baby casket illustration 

By: Moses Gold
A man who blamed his mother-in-law for his baby’s death, took revenge of her in a horrific way.

Talent Majoni, 27, of Mvuma, Zimbabwe, exhumed the body of his newborn deceased baby.

He then took the body to his mother-in-law’s house after accusing her of bewitching the infant.

Prosecutor Bernard Nyoni told the court that Majoni’s baby was three-weeks-old when he died after a short illness.

Majoni then confronted his mother-in-law,Tapiwa Madzimo, accusing her of bewitching the baby.

Nyoni said that Majoni exhumed the body of the baby and placed it at his mother-in-law’s bedroom door.

When the horrified grandmother found the corpse in her house, she reported the matter to police. Surveillance video revealed that Majoni was responsible for the horrific act.

Majoni was arrested, and he pleaded guilty to violating a corpse when he appeared before Gweru judge Mildred Matuvi.

He was sentenced to perform 420 hours of community service in Hozheri Elementary School.