Thousands of Chinese students sit their exam outside as teachers are convinced it is harder to cheat… despite having to use binoculars to see across the field

With thousands of Chinese students resorting to 007-style gadgets such as pinhole cameras and radio transmitter bras to cheat in their exams, one college decided to take a stand.

More than 3,800 students have been forced to sit their exams outside under the watchful eye of 80 invigilators who used HD cameras, binoculars and even perched on ladders for a better view.

Teachers at Shaanxi Sanhe College in Baoji city of northwest China’s Shaanxi province believe this will help cut down on the use of sophisticated cheating devices such as radio vests and transmitters hidden in bras.

This is the tenth year the school has administered the great outdoor test, which helps determine the order in which students will be recommended to their prospective employers.

Around 1,200 students will sit each exam at the sports ground and the results could have a significant impact on their future.

Security staff in Jinlin, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces revealed that students started using sophisticated radio vests in order to receive help from someone outside the hall.

Pupils were also taking pictures of the tests using a button-hole camera hidden in a pen or watch, then using a copper antenna loop stitched into their clothing to beam it out of the hall to someone sitting with a receiver.

Education is highly valued in China, with many parents sending their children miles each day just to go to school, and many are afraid they will be harshly punished for failure.

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We slept on the floor and ate noodles: 27 MPs who got stuck in China, recount their experiences in Guangdong!
PARLIAMENTARIANS who were stranded in China after missing their flight to Harare while on a shopping spree returned home yesterday, narrating harrowing experiences of their stay in the Asian country.

Of the 27 who missed the flight, only 18 touched down yesterday after the others found their way back home on their own.

The MPs said for almost five days since Sunday when they missed their flight, they were virtually squatters inside Beijing International Airport.

They only took off for Harare on Thursday and for days, were sleeping on the floor and surviving on cheap noodles and soft drinks.

The MPs had the taste of a decent meal three days after missing their flight, courtesy of the Zimbabwean Embassy staff in China who brought them food, including bread, meat and drinks.

With no money after a shopping junket, the MPs had to form “co-operatives” to buy food to keep themselves alive before they got their next flight back home.

As if that was not enough, the MPs had no access to bathing facilities, resorting to brushing their faces in public toilets until they found a hotel to shower up after missing bath for three days.

Harare Metropolitan Senator Rorana Muchihwa (MDC-T) said it also emerged that they had used tickets for disabled persons at the time they were trying to secure the next flight back home.

Muchihwa yesterday had no kind words for Makoni South MP Mandi Chimene (Zanu PF) who organised the trip under the China-Zimbabwe Friendship Association.

She accused Chimene of “taking them to China to dump them”.
“I don’t want to hear anything about Chimene. She dumped us in China,” Muchihwa said.

“She deliberately led us to the wrong boarding gate so that we would miss the flight. We caught onto Zanu PF factional fights.”
Muchihwa said the stranded MPs had to fork out an additional $900 to come back home after they were told that their tickets would not be rescheduled because they were for disabled persons.

“Imagine, I was surprised when the Chinese brought us some wheelchairs intending to carry us thinking that we were disabled. That was embarrassing,” Muchihwa said.

“I don’t want to hear anything about Chimene and her travel agency.”

Muchihwa said problems started when they arrived at the airport in China and were met by seven Chinese who took them to a hotel in Beijing.

She said Chineme asked them to pay $7 each and also some more money for an agency. The MPs started to question the
need to pay an agent.

They paid $50 each per night at the hotel.

“Chimene identified 12 MPs and said they should stay at the hotel and would meet a Chinese delegation to build partnerships for ZimAsset [Zanu PF’s economic blueprint]. We had paid our own money and would not be drawn into looking for partnerships for ZimAsset,” Muchihwa said.

But Chimene had a different story, accusing Zaka Central MP Paradza Chakona (Zanu PF) of leading a revolt against her wise council and repeated calls from embassy officials against travelling to Guangdong, 2 300km from Beijing for their shopping junket.

Chimene said Chakona started organising other MPs, telling them that he would lead them to the shopping trip South of China and organised transportation by bullet trains to Guangdong, a 10-hour journey.

She said Chakona was enjoying support from Mt Pleasant MP Jason Passade (Zanu PF), Bikita South MP Jeppy Jaboon (Zanu PF) and Muchihwa.

“When they came to the airport, Chakona defied an instruction to come to Gate 3 before gates were closed, insisting he would go to Gate 2 where Hon Jaboon was. That is how they missed the flight,” Chimene said.

Chimene claimed the stranded MPs did not pay an extra $900. She said the travel agency, Sontin, negotiated with the Ethiopian Airways for the stranded MPs to top up only $50 on the understanding that they had used all the money they had. She said they could only be charged that much if they changed the route.

“I negotiated with Sontin and Ethiopian Airways. I am grateful to them that they honoured my request so that thee MPs would come back home,” Chimene said.

Chimene confirmed that she organised the MPs’ tickets for the disabled in order to get them cheaper ones because they had indicated that they had no money. The MPs paid $260 each for the$1225 tickets.

They are expected to pay the balance over six months through a stop-order facility to Skycred, an organisation that paid the tickets on behalf of the MPs.

Passade yesterday reportedly approached Avondale police to launch a report against Chimene and Sontin, accusing them of causing the MPs to miss their flight. But Sontin is said to have explained to Passade air travel rules in the presence of the police.

“I organised the trip for the purpose of exposing the MPs to travelling,” Chimene said. She said a delegation of 52 took off for China.

“It is sad that we ended up in factions when we arrived there with Chakona mobilising MPs to disobey advice.”

Chakona and Passade could not be reached for comment as their phones were unavailable.

Article Source: NewsDay




About 27 local MPs are reportedly stranded in Guangdong Province, China, after they went on a shopping visit to Beijing and missed their Harare flight last week, the NewsDay reports!

The MPs, drawn from both Zanu PF and MDC-T, were said to have organised the shopping trip to Beijing on their own without the involvement of Parliament administration.

Sources who travelled with the legislators, but preferred anonymity, said the stranded MPs got overwhelmed with China and decided to travel to Guangdong Province for further shopping after they were enticed by cheaper prices in that part of the Asian country.

Makoni South MP Mandi Chimene (Zanu PF) was said to be the leader of the delegation and had advised the delegation not to travel to Guangdong as it was very far from Beijing.

However, the now stranded MPs who included Kwekwe Central MP Masango Matambanadzo were said to have ignored Chimene’s advice and travelled to Guangdong Province by high-speed bullet trains.


Other names of the stranded MPs were not yet known by the time of going to print.

“We tried to persuade them not to travel to Guangdong as it is very far and they did not have enough money, but they did not listen,” the source who travelled with the team said.

“The MPs had met some businesspeople in Beijing who often travel to China to buy buses and other vehicles and they were told that Guangdong had cheaper goods and they got carried away.”

The source added: “They did not have enough money and now they are stranded. We do not know where they are sleeping, what they are eating and how they will come back.”

The high-speed bullet train tickets from Beijing to Guangdong were said to have cost about $150.

Guangdong province is in South China and the distance between Beijing and Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, is about 2 294 kilometres in railway length.

A flight from Beijing to Guangdong takes about three hours and 10 hours by bullet train.

Some of the MPs who were said to have heeded Chimene’s calls not to proceed to Guangdong and managed to make it back on time for the return flight were MDC-T Harare West MP Jessie Majome and a traditional leader from Matabeleland who was not named.

“They decided to take the high-speed bullet train to Guangdong and failed to make it back on time to Beijing to catch the plane. Only one Matabeleland chief who had travelled with them to Guangdong managed to catch the plane. We used Air Zimbabwe and the next plane will be on July 10. I do not know how they will be faring until the 10th and how they will pay for the trip back as they did not have enough money,” the source said.

MDC-T Chief Whip Innocent Gonese said: “I was not involved in organising the trip, so I wouldn’t know which MPs from our party travelled with the team. Chimene should have full details since she was the head of delegation.”

However, both Chimene and Zanu PF Chief Whip Joram Gumbo could not be reached for comment last night.

Parliament sittings resume today and the 27 legislators will miss sessions in both Senate and the National Assembly.

Article Source:NewsDay