Governors Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti and Nyesom Wike of Rivers are two of a kind. They share some parallels. Both are men greatly admired by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife. For the former, Jonathan was prepared to risk everything including honour and his presidency. Leaving nothing to chance during Fayose’s gubernatorial battle in June 2014, he deployed his Minister for Police Affairs Jelili Adesiyan, junior Minister of Defence, Musliu Obanikoro and Brigadier General Aliu Momoh to lead a contingent of 12,000 mobile police men, 15,000 NSCDC personnel, 26 sniffer dogs, two aircraft at a time the nation lacked resources to confront Boko Haram that had seized a sizable portion of our territory and holding about 300 school girls abducted from their dormitories in captivity. Fayose went on to secure a landslide victory through what is today known as ‘Ekiti-gate’, defeating Fayemi, the high achieving incumbent in all the 16 LGAs of the state.

For Wike, in an election marred by violence, supporters of Patience Jonathan, some of whom once described her as ‘messiah’, ensured he won by a wide margin of 1,029,102 votes to Dr Dakuku Petersides’s measly 124,896 votes to secure a victory now being hotly contested at the election tribunal in Abuja.

In return, the duo loves the ex-president and his wife in equal measure. They could follow Jonathan and his wife into battle blind-folded. For Jonathan’s March 28 failed re-election bid, Fayose fought without grace. He was like the proverbial stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave. He was ready to sink with Jonathan. And for Wike, fighting Jonathan’s personal wars was a greater honour than serving the nation. As Minister of Education, while universities and polytechnics went on strike for close to a year, he was able to create time to be in Port Harcourt every weekend mobilizing thugs and ex-militants to, as he put it ‘ensure the president was not disgraced in South-south’. And he delivered on his promise. Of the 1,584,768 total votes cast, Jonathan secured 1,487.075 to Buhari’s paltry 69,238 in Rivers.

Both Fayemi and Amaechi set high standards in the delivery of the dividends of democracy. And since Fayose and Wike who effortlessly secured landslide victories without agenda have very little to offer in terms of clear policy perspective, their common strategy was to start attacking the integrity of their predecessors in office right from the inauguration ground. Fayose first claimed the “N3.3bn new Government House is Fayemi’s show of wickedness to Ekiti people,” He further claimed the facilities in the lodge which he described as “out-of-this-world luxury” were provided for Fayemi, his wife and children. He also alleged “what was spent on their bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms will be in the region of N100m”.

But in a live interview monitored in Ado-Ekiti the Thursday after his inauguration, Fayose invited all, the Islamic and Christian prophets in Ekiti, for the cleansing of the Government House. At another thanksgiving service held at the Ado Ekiti Central Mosque the following day, he informed the congregation “I am for the masses. I’m not in a hurry to go to the Government House. Those who want to go there can go there and enjoy themselves; how will governor put electricity in his house and the whole town is in darkness?” Fayose was not done. “Shouldn’t such funds expended on the hilltop edifice have been used to resuscitate the moribund textile factory in Ado-Ekiti that was turned to lock-up shops to provide employment for our teeming youths?” He had asked his audience.

Like Fayose, like Wike. The only difference was while Fayose’s tantrums was about the alleged N3.4billion his predecessor spent in building a new governors lodge, Wike’s antics was about the vandalized Rivers State Governors Lodge. While addressing his congregation during a post inauguration thanksgiving service on Sunday, May 31, he said: “As I speak with you, everything has been vandalized. I will not enter the Government House in the next two or three months. There is no vehicle in Government House, not even one”. He continued “all the bullet-proof doors, furniture, crested carpets, curtains and windows had been stolen by the former administration”. The following day, Wike took some selected journalists and some PDP stalwarts including national chairman, Prince Uche Secondus; former deputy governor of the state, Engr. Tele Ikuru; former Minister of Sports, Dr. Tammy Danagogo the state chairman of PDP, Chief Felix Obuah, among others to the residential quarters, offices and the banquet hall where key furniture, television sets and electrical accessories had been vandalized. Chief Felix Amaechi Obuah soon followed with a statement which “unequivocally condemns such childish and criminal action of former Governor, Amaechi”. Then the Rivers State Police Command issued a statement claiming the recovery of three coaster buses, two 306 Peugeot, two hummer buses and one 306 Peugeot’ parked in a unauthorised yard’, which turned out to be mechanic garage.

Reacting to Wike antics, Amaechi implored the Rivers people to ask Wike whether he was conversant with ‘what was in his former bedroom before now, to conclude that the bedroom was looted?’ or whether he spoke ‘with or review with the Permanent Secretary of Government House, who is the chief accounting officer’. And finally Amaechi wanted the Rivers people to know “that on Friday, May 29, Wike had barred some key officials of Government House, including civil servants from accessing the place. 48 hours later, he started shouting ‘vandalisation and looting’; I left the place intact. If there’s any vandalisation or looting in Government House after I left, Rivers people should ask Wike what happened.” It is Wike’s words against Amaechi’s.

One thing that is not in doubt however is the fact that Rivers is home to many thugs and militants who often operate freely. And from the targets of various acts of violence before and during the election, it was clear Wike commands their loyalty.

In the interim, Wike has secured N30 billion loan in 30 days. Asked to justify a policy of N1b a day by Wike’s administration, one of his top officials told Channel Television reporters something to the effect that, the governor should be praised for achieving so much within a month with the loan.… “This office when we moved in had nothing. Even the central carpet had been taken away…”

I hope Fayose, who has been chasing Fayemi around the country for allegedly spending N3.4b to build a new government house knows he owes him an apology in the light of his ‘30 days governor N30b loan’ soul mate whose expressed reason for the huge loan is rehabilitation and furnishing vandalized government lodge.

But Fayose has more to worry about. By October, he would have spent one year in office, enjoying the luxury including the N50m bed he had claimed Fayemi designed for the comfort of his family. ‘The moribund textile industries’ remain moribund. Ado Ekiti like other Ekiti towns remain in darkness while contrary to his undertaking, he has been sleeping in ‘governors house lit up with electricity.’

To borrow Fayemi’s apt description of Fayose’s theatrics at the height of his persecution, the antics of Fayemi and Wike have been more of ‘comedy of errors and theatre of the absurd’.




APC has evidence of Jonathan’s interim govt plan –Fayemi

Ex-Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has said the All Progressives Congress has strong evidence against President Goodluck Jonathan over his alleged plot to foist an Interim Government on the country.

He said the allegation made by the National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, that his life was being threatened confirmed the desperation of the Peoples Democratic Party-led Federal Government and Jonathan.

Fayemi, who said this in Aramoko Ekiti on Saturday during the 40-day Fidau for the late Pa Jejelola Akingbolu and Mrs. Raliat Akingbolu, also lambasted Governor Ayodele Fayose for allegedly lying against the APC Presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), over his health status.

“We have heard somebody whose own definition of politics is about lying, saying Gen. Buhari was taken to a hospital in London. Buhari never went to the hospital throughout the 10 days he was in London, because I was with him throughout.

“Fayose even used his mother as an example of how people who are old used to behave just because he wanted to drive home a point that Gen. Buhari was sick. This is like disgracing his own mother in the public and it is against the value Ekiti is known for.”

The ex-governor said Jonathan could not deny that he invited Tinubu to be part of the planned Interim Government, saying that the APC leader made the allegation in good faith and not to discredit the President or heat up the polity.

He said, “President Jonathan is becoming desperate by the day and he would stop at nothing to return to government. You know what they did in Ekiti. So, there was nothing Tinubu said that was not verifiable.

“I have evidence that he (Tinubu) was invited to be part of the Interim Government as a way of dividing us as a prominent member of our party. There is absolutely nothing they cannot do to distract us because they could see that the Presidency is gradually slipping off their hands.

“It was good that these alarms were being raised and put in the front burner that there was a sinister intention to subvert the will of the people.

“What Nigerians are looking for now is for the elections to hold on March 28 as scheduled by INEC and for the victor, who will be overwhelmingly elected by the popular votes, to be announced.

“We, as party leaders and members of opposition, are ready to congratulate the winner but if they go ahead and subvert the will of the people, they will surely go to jail.”

Fayemi assured Nigerians that Buhari would keep to his promise not to dig into the financial corruption perpetrated in the past under Jonathan if that was what members of the ruling party were afraid of.

“Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari said he won’t look into the past. He said he will draw the line on the very day he took over and I don’t know why President Jonathan, who has the paraphernalia of office, is afraid of election.

“There was nothing the PDP, even as a ruling party has not done to ensure that these elections are not held. We have heard about the sowing of fake Army uniform. We have heard about how they want to use the Army to rig the election. We have seen attempt to sack Prof. Attahiru Jega. We have heard about how they have been preaching about religion, talking about the health of Gen. Buhari and the way they had been canvassing for postponement of elections and non-usage of card readers. The big question still remain, why are they afraid of election?”

Fayemi declared that the government of Jonathan would be held responsible, if anything bad happened to Tinubu.

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Call for Immediate Arrest of Obanikoro, Omisore, Fayose, Olubolade, Chris Uba, Brig. General Momoh, Others

Ekiti Election Scandal Photo


1.Damning two and a half hours of audio recordings of Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti; Senator Iyiola Omisore, Honorable Abdulkareem; the Minister for Police Affairs Caleb Olubolade and Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, Mr. Chris Uba, Brigadier General Aliyu Momoh and others plotting the successful rigging of the August Ekiti state gubernatorial elections warrant the immediate detention and thorough investigation of all listed unscrupulous individuals implicated.

2.The audio recordings obtained by Captain Sagir Koli of the 32nd Artillery Brigade referenced can be found on youtube

3.We hereby call on the Nigerian government to immediately proceed with the arrests of those listed and other implicated individuals.

4.We further demand the thorough investigation of this unprecedented exposed criminal act and subversion of Nigeria’s democracy to the highest levels of the Nigerian government, the nation’s Army and Presidency as may be implicated.

5.We further call on an independent and African Union supervised investigation to be commenced immediately.

Some content of the recordings:

The audio recording on which it was based was surreptitiously made by Captain Sagir Koli of the 32nd Artillery Brigade stationed in Ekiti State who accompanied to the meeting the military general in charge of the Ekiti plan.  He has since left Nigeria in order to protect his life, leaving behind the patriotic body of work behind this story.

A close analysis of the audio of the Ekiti election eve meeting of 20 June 2014 meeting between the implementers of the rigging plan shows how easy rigging an election can be once it has the right mix of executive and security collusion.  It also underlines the arrogance and impunity with which electoral fraud may be carried out.

At the meeting were the following: Ayo Fayose, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate; Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, at the time the Minister of State for Defence; Senator Iyiola Omisore; Caleb Olubolade, the Minister for Police Affairs; Brigadier General Aliyu Momoh, and one “Honorable” Abdul Kareem, said to be a federal legislator.

Fayose, understandably, was present in his own interest, as the man the PDP wanted to put into Government House.  The audio published here shows him in that role, exuding a blend of arrogance and confidence.  He speaks with authority, bullying and intimidating Brigadier-General Momoh.

“We agreed in Abuja on the modalities to work,” the governor-to-be brags.  “We agreed on a sticker, that any vehicle you see that sicker, you allow that sticker.  That sticker is on those vehicles his own was sent to him, mine was sent to me.  The one by SSS was given to me to give to them; there is no vehicle that left this place without that sticker.”

Obanikoro establishes the link of the group with the executive branch, pointing out that he was present at the behest of President Goodluck.  “Am not here for tea party,” he announces.  “Am here on a special assignment by the President.”

That assignment: to ensure that Fayose became the governor of Ekiti State by foul means.  Omisore, a former Senator and former Deputy Governor of Osun State, was a candidate for the Osun election that would follow Ekiti’s.  He seemed present to ensure success of the plan, perhaps in preparation for his own enthronement in his state thereafter.

The rest of the cast seemed to be the finely-honed tools of the operation:

General Momoh, Commander of the 32nd Artillery Brigade in Ekiti, representing the Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army, and therefore the Nigerian military, in a partisan effort to rig a gubernatorial election.

Olubolade, the Police Minister, representing the Police Force, to make sure the Police did the bidding of the Presidency, and therefore the PDP, in a partisan effort to rig the gubernatorial election.

Obanikoro, having established that he was on the President’s special mission, speaks authoritatively, threateningly, even presidentially:

“I want him picked up [arrested) in the morning!” he says of Bimbo Daramola, [Governor Kayode Fayemi’s Campaign Manager]

“You can’t get promotion without me sitting on top of your military council,” he tells General Momoh.  “If I am a happy man tomorrow night [after electoral victory), the sky is your limit.”

General Momoh demonstrates how Nigeria’s military has become not only the fetchers and carriers for the political class, but also its whipping boy.  He is the clearest lesson yet why the Nigerian army seems to have lost its way.

“Chief of Army Staff called me,” Fayose tells General Momoh.  “He told me, you are in safe hands…[General Momoh] would perform and if you have any issues, call me.  He told me and I have made it clear to him [Chief of Army Staff] that I am Jonathan for this election.”

Fayose clearly had been given the maximum authority at the highest level to do whatever he needed to do to become Governor of Ekiti.

General Momoh, apparently clear about his orders emanating from the highest levels, was putting in his shift.

Among other things, he reassures his handlers, “We have a strike force…We can start arresting [APC members] in the afternoon…I have almost 40 solders after deployment…We have done a lot of arrest.”

There are arguments running through the audio that General Momoh is not doing enough for the cause, that he does not jump quickly enough when ordered.  When he appears to respond, he is roundly cut down.

“Don’t talk to me anyhow,” Abdul Kareem tells him at a point, “Who are you that I am insulting you?  If I am in the military, I would be a brigadier or general today…”

“General, relax, sit down,” Olubolade tells him.  “You are a soldier man.  You are working for us…”

Fayose tells him, “Brigadier-General, I was governor of this state 12 years ago, you [were] probably a captain or major [at that time]…When you talk to this man he would argue from morning to night…My younger brother retired in the army as Brigadier General, when you explain to this man, its argument, argument, argument…”( SaharaReporters established that an elder brother of Mr. Ayodele Fayose named Tunde Fayose, retired as a Brigadier General in the Nigerian Army.

Obanikoro says to the other about General Momoh: “Let us make progress, give him instructions on what we want him to do, let him go and do it.  Let us monitor him, and make sure those things are done…”

And directly to the General, he says, “The idea of [our] calling you and not getting reactions, we have to stop that now.  You must bring that to an end.  When we call you, within the next 5-10 minutes, we need to know what has been done about it…”

Fayose also reads General Momoh the riot act, in the process revealing the length and breadth of the rot of election rigging.

“My people cannot be following you about,” he warns the general.  “We don’t follow IG about, we don’t follow police about.  The OC MOPOL of this state is working for us, we don’t follow him about.   When we call him one hand [and say] ‘we have this problem’, he settles it immediately.  Last night, we told him this is happening around the Government House, he cordoned off all the four entrances…”

It is also of great significance that in the middle of the brouhaha about the performance of General Momoh, Fayose says, “We have to call the President and let him know.  These people are doing some things.

They would not even serve the police that want to help us.  We can’t continue like this!”

With that remark, Fayose confirms that President Jonathan is at the heart of their plan, and can be briefed at any time, perhaps for further resources.

This audio-drama restates the Nigerian electoral equation: that executive power and considerable resources are often used to subvert the will of the people.  Here now is proof, finally, that not only was the Ekiti gubernatorial election June 20, 2014 rigged aforethought, it was rigged using the entire weight of federal power, with the Nigerian Army and the police involved in all kinds of illegalities.

The dramatis personae in this embarrassing plan are clear, from President Jonathan down through the PDP machine, but would be expected to attempt to deny everything.

But we have proof, here, about how the Ekiti governorship, on the back of the fable of “stomach infrastructure”, was thoroughly rigged: a plan that had probably been used in the past, and may be used as a model for future elections.

The question is: where is Nigerian law, especially when it is so roundly slapped in the face? -transcribed by SaharaReporters