FROM HOUSEMAID TO NURSERY SCHOOL OWNER!MUTARE – Thanks to her passion and persistence, this young woman has elevated her position from being an uneducated house maid to the educated owner of a successful nursery school.
Joyce Tekeshe – I want to encourage other women to take heart and to pursue their life dreams.Joyce Tekeshe – I want to encourage other women to take heart and to pursue their life dreams.

The third born girl in a humble family of 12, Joyce Tekeshe (37) had a passion for children from day one.

Mother of four, Tekeshe is married to a high school teacher and grew up in Gombakomba village, in Mutare South constituency.

Because her financially-strapped parents concentrated on educating their sons, Tekeske only managed to achieve grade four at Dangare Primary school in 1987. After that she stayed at home helping her mother.

In 1991, the 13-year-old Tekeshe thankfully found a job as a house maid/child carer – thanks to a relative in Mutare. It was while working in this house and taking care of her employers’ three children that she started studying again and eventually completed the Ordinary Level exams in 1997 at Elise Gledhill School.

Teaching diploma

In 1998 her employer decided to leave for the USA and Tekeshe was concerned that this would mark the end of her life. However, it turned out to be the turning point – as the family secured a place for her at Marymount Teachers’ College before they left the country. There she managed to get her teaching diploma in 2001.

“Due to my passion for children, I spent the next 10 years teaching lower grades,” explained Tekeshe in a recent interview with The Zimbabwean.

In 2012 she decided to quit teaching and establish her own nursery school – The Early Bird Nursery School – in Mutare. She obtained financial support from her husband and the $8,000 received from the sale of her car.

The nursery school presently has 50 children. She employs two qualified teachers as well as a driver and a caretaker. She does the administration and occasionally teaches the children as well.

“Our aim as Early Bird Nursery School is to provide professional care for children aged three months to five years in a safe, happy and stimulating environment. We hope to instil and develop a sound basis for the social, physical and intellectual development of all children placed in our care,” she said.


“Throughout the day every child is offered a wide variety of activities to encourage and enhance their development. These include creative sessions, role-play, singing, games, music and movement,” she added.

She says that the children enrolled enjoy a range of activities in a fully enclosed and secure garden.

“Children learn and develop at their own pace. No child is pushed and when they are ready to start reading and writing, we are there to guide them along, supported by our home reading scheme,” she explained.

She encourages other, desperate women not feel discouraged by their present circumstances. Today Tekeshe is regarded as one of the most successful women in Mutare and her nursery school has become popular with parents owing to the good results achieved.

“When I look back at my humble beginnings, at the way I was raised, I sometimes shed a tear. I want to encourage other women to take heart and to pursue their life’s dreams,” she said.

Funds permitting, Tekeshe is looking forward to establishing a private college offering high school lessons. The Zimbabwean



“Today, i did my part, i made my stand.Happy joining OAU students to show President Jonathan his government and poverty-inducing capitalist policies are not welcomed. He expected a rousing welcome, instead he was confornted with a protest.
Fayose got perhaps the biggest embarrassment of his life today. He walked confidently to Ife students expecting to be applauded. I can’t yet forget the look of shock on his face as shout of Ole! Ole ! (Thief! Thief!) rented the air. Hastily his security details whisked him away.

President Jonathan’s convoy was delayed as students sat on the road chanting slogans. Clumsily one by one, the royal fathers made their way out not sure who next would be greeted with shout of “thief!”

Those to be pitied (not sure if they even deserve it though) were the hundreds of PDP supporters who had thronged the campus with different banners to welcome Jonathan. They looked dejected, their banners hanging around them. How could they start dancing as they planned with the hundreds of students chanting solidarity songs just beside them?

At the end, as the helicopters lifted from the ground, i didnt see a single person waving the President goodbye. It was like good riddance. If my guess is right,someone might soon be fired for fixing OAU on the President’s itinery

H.T. Soweto has spoken

Extracted from Nairaland



Some 40 form four students at Gutu High School in Gutu had a chilling experience when they last week on Saturday watched their Religious Studies teacher, Blessmore Ngwarai drown in the school dam.

Ngwarai’s body was eventually retrieved by a villager on Tuesday evening after spending four days in the dam. Police had difficulties in retrieving the body.

Police has confirmed the incident.

The body left Gutu Mission Hospital mortuary for burial in Chief Munyikwa’s area in Gutu on Tuesday evening.

What started off as a walk to refresh by the exam class turned into a tragedy when the students reached the school dam and the group changed their plans to swimming.

A source said some pupils swam first and when Ngwarai tried to join in, he just walked a few steps into the dam and started complaining that he was being dragged into the water. Students rushed to hold his hand but the pull force was too much for them and they eventually had to let go.

Ngwarai’s parents who were alerted to the mishap came and did rituals at the dam, hoping that their son would come back alive. It is understood that two other family members drowned before and one came back alive while the other died.

Another teacher, Jack Murima (25) was in the group of students.

James Maguku (15) is one of the pupils who tried to rescue the teacher.

Source: Masvingo Mirror. (Zimbabwe)