President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Nail the Tango in Argentina

The Obamas slay, OK? U.S. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama attended an official state dinner for Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Wednesday, March 23, and the first couple nailed the country’s national dance, the tango.

During the event held at the Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires, guests were treated to a tango showcase. Making the performance all the more special? The fact that POTUS and his wife were invited to participate.

Michelle, who looked elegant in a satin tea-length dress, and a sharp suit-clad Barack lit up the dance floor with impressive footwork and plenty of Latin flavor.

This isn’t the first time the political pair have proved they know how to get their groove on. During his first presidential campaign, Barack made an October 2007 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he joined the talk-show host in an impromptu boogie to Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love.”

“You’ve got some moves!” DeGeneres, 58, told the politician at the time.

Eight years later in May 2015, Michelle also appeared on DeGeneres’ show where the two had a friendly dance-off to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” in support of the first lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

Watch the Obamas kill the tango in the video below.




  • Mora Godoy danced with President Obama during his visit to Argentina 
  • Pair performed Argentine tango at a dinner hosted by country’s president 
  • Now Ms Godoy has admitted that she had been told not to dance with him 
  • She says she threw caution to the wind and decided to just ask anyway 
  • It has now been revealed Ms Godoy, appeared on the July 2006 cover of Playboy

She swept President Obama off his feet when they tangoed together during his visit to Argentina last week.

And now 43-year-old professional dancer Mora Godoy has admitted she was actually told not to dance with the American leader but did it anyway.

‘It wasn’t in the protocol. To tell you the truth, it was forbidden for me to ask him to dance,’ said Godoy, who became an instant sensation when photos emerged of her and Obama dancing and dipping after a state dinner in Buenos Aires.

Ms Godoy has now admitted that she was told not to ask the president to dance but decided to do it anyway 

Ms Godoy has now admitted that she was told not to ask the president to dance but decided to do it anyway 

‘This is why everyone was surprised, especially President Mauricio Macri, who then supported my invitation.’

What President Obama may not have known at the time is that Ms Godoy previously appeared on the July 2006 cover of Playboy, and was fully nude in an accompanying spread.

Ms Godoy had prepared an Argentine tango for the guests to enjoy at the dinner but was told she was not to invite the president on to the dance floor.

But during her performance, the dancer said she decided to throw caution to the wind and ask Obama if he would join in with her.

Although the president at first seemed hesitant, he accepted the invitation, creating a moment that went viral on social media. 

Ms Godoy has said that when she approached the president, he seemed hesitant at first and was unsure about dancing 

Ms Godoy has said that when she approached the president, he seemed hesitant at first and was unsure about dancing 

Ms Godoy has said that when she approached the president, he seemed hesitant at first and was unsure about dancing but turned out to be a good dancer 

She told the Farandula Show in Argentina: ‘These things don’t happen everyday. They can happen in your life or not.’ 

She later added; ‘President Obama was totally surprised. He said “Ok, but I don’t know how to dance. I’ll follow you”. He’s an exceptional dancer.’

It was not just President Obama who got to show off some moves either, with First Lady Michelle Obama also taking some time to tango.

She was swept off her feet by Ms Godoy’s partner, José Lugones, that evening in Buenos Aires.

‘Michelle was the star of the evening. She was very happy because she danced. She thanked me when her dance was done,’ said Ms Godoy.

Mr Godoy is one of the most renowned dancers in South America and appeared on the July 2006 cover of Playboy (above)

Mr Godoy is one of the most renowned dancers in South America and appeared on the July 2006 cover of Playboy (above)

And despite how steamy Ms Godoy’s dance with President Obama may have appeared, thanks in large part to her gold sequined dress with a large slit, she said that she actually toned down the sensuality of her moves.

However, she did not turn down the sensuality when she appeared in Playback in 2006, being featured on the cover wearing nothing but a fedora as she sat backwards on a chair.

Inside she also showed off some of her tango moves topless. 

Meanwhile, not everybody was as impressed with Obama’s tango as his dance partner. 

Republican politicians including presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz repeatedly called for the president to return home in the wake of the Brussels terrorist attacks last Tuesday.

President Obama instead decided to finish his trip to Cuba before heading to Argentina and then returning home.

In addition to his wife he was joined on the trip by daughters Sasha and Malia and his mother-in-law Marian Robinson.

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Source: B-Metro