FEMI FANI-KAYODE FOUND TO BE MASTER FORGER!...HOW COME GEJ IS SURROUNDED BY SO MANY FAKE PEOPLE?The Presidential Campaign Organization Director of Media, Femi Fani-Kayode has been accused of “forging an email” in a bid to discredit Muhammadu Buhari’s statement of result.

Last week, we published a story stating that the University of Cambridge had verified that Hausa was one of the examinations offered during the 1961 WASC. It will be remembered that the dispute on whether the subject was offered or not was one of the most controversial ones surrounding Buhari’s credentials.

Today, Suraj Oyewale, a Chartered Accountant/blogger has accused Fani-Kayode of altering an email from Cambridge Assessment on the issue and sent false information to media houses in a bid to convince the electorate that Hausa Language was not an examination paper in 1961.

Oyewale said: “I was on my way to work on the morning of Monday, January 26, 2015, when my friend, Sodiq Alabi, sent me a Facebook message asking me how to contact THISDAY newspapers since I am more familiar with newspaper houses as a regular contributor to issues in national dailies.”

“Sodiq included in the message a web link to an article in THISDAY newspaper with the title, “Cambridge University: Hausa Language Not Offered in 1961 Exams”. I opened the article to see these lines: The controversy over the secondary school results of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, continues as the University of Cambridge has said that Hausa Language, which is one of the subjects listed by Buhari, was not offered in its examinations in 1961.

The disclosure was contained a statement from the office of the Director of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation claiming it came though an e-mail dated Thursday, January 22, 2015 from the institution’s Archives Delivery Service Officer, Jacky Emerson, to one SODIQ ALABI who requested for confirmation if the examination body offered Hausa Language in the 1961 West African Certificate Examination it organised.

Emerson, in his one-sentence reply, said: “According to the Regulations for 1961, African Language papers, including those for Hausa, WERE NOT included for West African School Certificate.” This development may have further cast doubts on the certificate which is purported to be General Buhari’s. He is yet to react to the assertion by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Organisation that the document (the published certificate) was forged and illegally procured.”

Oyewale stated that Sodiq was so jarred by the lies attributed to his name by Fani-Kayode and he was going to contact the THISDAY editor for “such wicked misrepresentation”:

“Sodiq Alabi (sodiqalabi@hotmail.com) had written an email to Cambridge Assessment, the brand name of University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicates, on January 22, 2015, 13.31 hours, to confirm whether Hausa was truly offered by it in 1961 examinations.

“By 4.10pm same day, Jacky Emerson (archives@cambridgeassessment.org.uk), Archive Services Delivery officer of Cambridge Assessment, replied thus: ‘Dear Sodiq Alabi, According to the Regulations of 1961, African Language papers, WERE SET for West Africa School Certificate’.

“A screenshot of this email exchange was shared to us on Facebook by Sodiq and it went viral on the Internet. The email triggered other Nigerians to send emails to Cambridge Assessment for independent confirmation and the school came out with a release on its website the next day.

“In the release titled, ‘Statement in response to Nigerian Presidential election enquiries’, the school stated: ‘The organisation also confirmed that according to the Regulations for 1961, African Language papers, including those for Hausa WERE SET for the West African School Certificate.

Here is the link to the Cambridge Assessment website where this confirmation was published: http://cambridgeassessment.org.uk/n…-to-nigerian-presidential-election-enquiries/

“It is however surprising that Femi Fani-Kayode went ahead to alter the content of Sodiq’s email in his press statement to, ‘According to the Regulations for 1961, African Language papers, including those for Hausa, WERE NOT included for West African School Certificate’ and still quoted the email as the source. “It is very unfortunate that this is the man speaking for the president’s re-election campaign. How do we believe every other “fact” he has quoted has not been altered as well? It is a shame.

“It is also very unfortunate that our newspapers have gone to sleep and investigative journalism is at its lowest ebb in Nigeria. How will Femi Fani-Kayode not be feeding newspaper reporters with lies when he knows how lazy some of our journalists have become? This is not an advertorial that does not require independent confirmation; all THISDAY and Daily Post that reported this Fani-Kayode’s glaring lie need to do is to seek out Sodiq or confirm from Cambridge – which had posted a confirmation statement on conduct of Hausa language in 1961 WASC on its website since January 23, two days before Fani-Kayode came up with this lie – and ask for their side of the story.

“It is particularly curious that I had, in an earlier article sent to THISDAY which was published in its January 25 edition, attached a screenshot of the email from Sodiq to buttress some other arguments. So THISDAY editors, at least their OP-ED editor, could not have claimed not to have seen the original content of Sodiq’s email before Fani-Kayode’s alteration.

“This is not the first time President Jonathan’s men are forging or altering documents to demonize anyone perceived as the president’s ‘enemy’. His new media assistant, Reno Omokri, was also busted in February last year, when he hid under a pseudonym, Wendel Simlin, to send false but damaging reports to newspapers to demonize the then just suspended Governor Lamido Sanusi of Central Bank. A dig into the source of the computer used in typing the document showed it was a certain Reno Omokri that authored it! How lowly can people get? Efforts to get Fani-Kayode’s response to the allegation had yielded no result at the time of going to press, as calls to his phone were neither answered nor returned. He also did not reply a text message to his phone.

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Thousands of Chinese students sit their exam outside as teachers are convinced it is harder to cheat… despite having to use binoculars to see across the field

With thousands of Chinese students resorting to 007-style gadgets such as pinhole cameras and radio transmitter bras to cheat in their exams, one college decided to take a stand.

More than 3,800 students have been forced to sit their exams outside under the watchful eye of 80 invigilators who used HD cameras, binoculars and even perched on ladders for a better view.

Teachers at Shaanxi Sanhe College in Baoji city of northwest China’s Shaanxi province believe this will help cut down on the use of sophisticated cheating devices such as radio vests and transmitters hidden in bras.

This is the tenth year the school has administered the great outdoor test, which helps determine the order in which students will be recommended to their prospective employers.

Around 1,200 students will sit each exam at the sports ground and the results could have a significant impact on their future.

Security staff in Jinlin, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces revealed that students started using sophisticated radio vests in order to receive help from someone outside the hall.

Pupils were also taking pictures of the tests using a button-hole camera hidden in a pen or watch, then using a copper antenna loop stitched into their clothing to beam it out of the hall to someone sitting with a receiver.

Education is highly valued in China, with many parents sending their children miles each day just to go to school, and many are afraid they will be harshly punished for failure.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2838213/Thousands-Chinese-students-sit-exam-outside.html#ixzz3JNS0YXJQ



Adepegba, the children

Mr Segun Adepegba, the father of the three children abandoned in a boarding school for eight years in Abule-Iroko in Ado-Odo Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, Mr Segun Adepegba, on Wednesday, reached out to PUNCH Metro.

Adepegba said hardship pushed him to the wall and that was why he could not take care of his children. He, however, promised to visit them before the end of the week.

The father of three, in a telephone interview with PUNCH Metro, recounted his ordeal, saying, “life has been very tough for me.” He said he left the children because he was jobless and had no house to accommodate them.

PUNCH Metro had on Tuesday reported that Adepegba’s children-Seun, 14, Titilola 13, and Seyi, 10, had been abandoned since 2007 at Solid Rock Model College in Abule-Iroko. The children, who had been eager to meet their parents, said the absence of their parents was affecting their studies.

For many years, the school authorities had been trying to reach Adepegba to no avail. The proprietor of the school, Mr Samuel Ayegbusi, had told our correspondent that any time he called Adepegba and he realised it was him, he would switch off his phones.

Adepegba, however, bowed to pressure on Tuesday after reading the report by PUNCH Metro. He told our correspondent that abandoning his children was inevitable, promising that he would visit the school.

While narrating his ordeal to our correspondent, he said, “In 2007, my wife and I had a misunderstanding and she told me she was leaving me. I was frustrated and the children were little. Seyi, the youngest was just two years while Titilola was just five.

“There was no way I could give them motherly care. I had no job. As a man, I needed someone to help me take care of them and that was why my sister suggested that we enrol them in a boarding school.”

Adepegba told PUNCH Metro that when the children’s bills kept accumulating and he had no means of paying, he was afraid that if he came to the school, the proprietor would get him arrested.

He said, “I feared that if I suddenly appeared at the school, the proprietor would get the police to arrest me. I really appreciate the proprietor of Solid Rock Model College, for coming to my rescue and accepting the responsibility to help me take care of my children. The truth is this: I was pushed to the wall. I didn’t want my children to be beggars on the street.

“All these years, I have been jobless. I had no house to live in. I was putting up with someone. I just rented a one-room apartment and just got a job. I am not a wicked father. I really miss them but I am gradually overcoming the challenges I have been facing. I did not abandon them in that sense. I can assure you that before the week runs out, I will visit them.”

Asked whether his wife had called him about how the children were doing, Adepegba said since she left him in 2007, he had not heard from her.

“The last time we saw each other was probably in 2007 when she left me. I have been trying to reach her but my search has not been fruitful. I heard that she is somewhere in the northern part of the country,” he said.

However, the school proprietor told PUNCH Metro that the school authorities had no intention of getting Adepegba arrested for his debt .He said he reported the matter to the Ogun State Police Command because he was fed up.

He said, “I have nothing against Mr Adepegba and I understand his plight. My grievance was that he kept on rejecting my calls and abandoned his children. How could he as a father leave his children for this long? It is not a good thing.”

Our correspondent learnt that the news of their father’s return had lifted the heart of the children. The children were all smiles when they were told that their father had promised to return before the end of the week.

Speaking with PUNCH Metro on the telephone on Wednesday, Seun, the eldest of the trio said, “I am very happy that daddy has promised to come back. It means I would not have to spend my holidays in the school again.”

Titilola added, “I hope this is not another promise that will fail. I am really looking forward to seeing him because it will make me very happy.”

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