Call it a holy war if you like!

A Madzibaba from the Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic sect in Lower Gweru snatched the wife of an AFM pastor.The wife snatcher only identified as Madzibaba Nyoni had been asked for prayers by Bhiri Mamombe’s wife Fungai Mamombe because she had health issues.

Pastor Mamombe who at one point led an AFM assembly in Lower Gweru told B-metro that his wife had only told him she sought spiritual assistance from Madzibaba Nyoni-a well-known prophet in the area.

“She told me she wanted the services of Madzibaba because she was not feeling well .Just like any husband I supported her and sometimes would accompany her to Madzibaba’s shrine for prayers,”said Mamombe.

The Madzibaba got so comfortable that he would visit Mamombe’s homestead for routine prayers.

“Madzibaba Nyoni would come to my home to offer his services.I never at one point became suspicious that the two could be dating.One day when I came from town I found my wife not at home and I decided to follow her to Madzibaba’s home because it was the only place that she frequented,” he said.

Upon reaching Madzibaba’s place the man of the cloth was denied entry into Madzibaba’s house but he insisted to get in.

“When I got to his homestead ,Nyoni denied me entry into his house saying that I should wait for my wife outside since they were in the middle of a prayer session.I insisted to get in telling him that I always that I always allowed him into my house and as such he should allow me into his.Left with no option he allowed me in.

“When I got into the house I found her trying to put on her underwear .I was engulfed with anger ,emotions took over,I wanted to kill someone and at the same moment felt like crying,” he added.

The matter was reported to Headman Lugwalo who demanded that the woman choose between the two men.To everyone ‘s surprise Fungai chose Madzibaba over her legal husband.Contacted for comment Lugwalo confirmed presiding over the matter and ordered Madzibaba to pay two beasts to the pastor for such a shameful act.



SEX IN THE CHURCH! WIFE ACCUSES TOP LAGOS PASTOR OF SLEEPING WITH CHURCH MEMBERSThings have fallen apart and the center can no longer hold, as the Holy Church of God seem to have been desecrated by the leaders, thus the Founder and his wife are fighting dirty in court over the case of gross infidelity.

Pastor Amadi Ibeh and his wife have become frequent visitors to Grade A Customary Court Ojo in attempt to end their 7-year old marriage over the case of severe infidelity, battering, lack of respect, no more love and more.

According to the petitioner, Mrs. Gloria Ibeh, their marital problems escalated when she started noticing unusual closeness between her husband and some female members of the church.

“At first, I mistook their closeness for maybe follow up on deliverance or counselling.

Then I started hearing rumours of how he has been desecrating the house of God by having carnal knowledge of some of his prayer partners. I openly confronted him and he denied it vehemently,” she lamented.

After the first encounter trying to make her husband desist from his unholy shenanigans, it was a flop. Yet the speculation kept disturbing her and was at the verge of tearing the church apart.

Taking another bold step of courage, the self acclaimed prophetess asked her husband again about the ‘sex in the church’ accusation but painfully she got the beatings of her life.

“I couldn’t condone it any more; it was becoming so glaring and disturbing. As a wife who cares about her husband and the welfare of the church, I asked him again if he has anything sexual relationship with some women in the church, but he descended on me and hit me mercilessly. His beatings later became constant and our marriage began to fell apart,” she said.

Since all her efforts to make her husband turn a new leaf fell on deaf ears, Gloria resulted for a formal dissolution of the union to give way for peace and the separation of their ministry.

Meanwhile, when the visibly embittered man was summoned into the evidence box to either affirm or deny the allegations leveled on him, it was a twist of tale from his account.

Amadi intensely denied soiling his hands in any form of adultery, but maintained that his wife was badly influenced by her friends and family who kept feeding her with false news and bad advice.

“I have tried all I can to make her believe in me and concentrate on taking our ministry to greater height but she wouldn’t listen.

I thought that my wife would one day change from her awkward behaviour but to my utmost dismay, I came back from my office one fateful day to meet my house deserted. She had parked out all her belongings including mine. Varying from my money, clothes, and other accessories. And till date, she is yet to return them back to me.

I am also fed up with her behavior but I don’t want to quit the union. I believe that with God everything is possible. I plead with the honorable court to intercede on my behalf to beg her to come back home.”

After listening to both parties, the members of the court tried to mediate and broker peace between them but the woman was adamant and insisted on divorce and nothing less.

However the bride price paid on her was advised to be returned as a starting point for the divorce proceedings. But Amadi argued that he and family paid N20, 000 but Gloria and family insisted it was N6, 000.

The President of the court, advised them to go back home to reach an agreement on how much was actually paid. He thereby adjourned the case to later date for further hearing.





1.The question however is, whats the difference between a married man keeping inappropriate relationship with girls and extra marital runs and adultery? Aren’t these a matter of semantics and legal choice of words. Just like saying having a carnal knowledge of someone and sleeping with the person or saying six instead of half a dozen. These days, Its a general term used by Lawyers in divorce cases. Legally speaking you don’t see words like Adultery, fornication, immorality etc in such cases. What Lawyers use are words like inappropriate relationships, extra marital affairs, carnal knowledge, etc

2.Pastor Chris, why would you humiliate your wife before your female church members na? That’s so unfair…Did you ever hear the saying ‘ Hell has no fury like a woman spurned?’ Even this unbelieving me never belittles my woman before other females; its a no, no! Pastor Chris , you need to repent with hot tears before your god. I can also not understand how some female members of your church still support you over your wife, a member of their gender? Well, i think you have brainwashed them well and hard; and maybe some of them are hoping it will soon be their turn in bed with you at the white house. Pastor Chris, what more can i say? just keep enjoying jare.

3.Don’t judge him yet. The woman complained of living separately, saying that the only time they stay together as a family is when he comes to UK. But did you see where she said that she wanted to join him in Nigeria or S.Africa and he refused? I’m still searching for something like that.

4.It’s really a shame that Oyakhilome allowed his marriage to deteriorate to this level. As far back as four years ago it got leaked to the public that they were having marital issues. This is more than enough time to make amends but I guess Oyakhilome was more interested in building his personal empire and sampling the various women that flock around him than keeping his home intact. A ministry that would permanently keep you separated from your family is definitely not from God. Unfortunately Oyaks is too proud arrogant and conceited to admit his folly and retrace his steps. The only reasonable thing for him to do is to go a beg for his wife’s forgiveness, reunite with his family and start living with them and get rid of his numerous female bed warmers. It is extremely unacceptable and totally disrespectful for a man to disregard his wife in the presence of other women.

5.Apart from what you read on newspapers at newstand and tabloids borrowed from friends. Do you assume you know the Oyakhilome family enough to make a sane comment?
No sane person can blame one party in marriage while leaving the other. Besides why do you side women in cases of marriage breakdown. Why didn’t she leave UK to join Chris in Nigeria or she thinks he doesn’t have emotional needs.
If somebody had come to them with divorce in mind, will they not quote scriptures upon scriptures. It would be bad of them to divorce after those fine devotionals. They will be seen as first class hypocrites.

6.For Christ sake how can a man live for 16 years without his wife and he is still comfortable with it. Okay, lets leave the wife aside for now, the daughters are now teenagers or so. So it means since they were babies or toddlers till now they never lived with their father or his physical guidance. Infact i can say they dont even ‘know’ their father. Yet he is comfortable to live with and be surrounded with unclad single church girls year in year out who have no respect for his family. What manner of family life is that. Well, as you said, they need our serious prayers.

7.“The wife reserves the right to expand on all of these particulars if the divorce petition is defended.” Means that she has a right to expose him the more and give details of his secret runs if pastor Chris tries to defend himself or say its a lie. Good Lord, what has this world come to. Means this may just be the surface of it…more may be yet to come. jeeezz They need our prayers not judgement.

8.All I can say is that Mr Chris Oyakhilome’s PR team are a bunch of fools. In an attempt to do a damage limitation to his new reputation as an adulterous fellow who has no regard for his marriage vows, they have succeeded in confirming to people like me that were just observing proceedings and refraining from judging, that Ogbeni Chris is like an Arab prince who keeps a harem of concubines.

That is all I got to say.Chris ride on nothing do you. You made so much money preaching love but loathe and disrespect the mother of your children … Sad so sad.

It would have been better if you had toed the path of honor and apologized to your wife.Validating her right to feel neglected, deprived and humiliated by your lifestyle would have done the magic for your image. I can relate to the pain she must have felt seeing her husband enjoying the fame by frolicking around with single ladies in the so called ” inappropriate relationships”.

I don’t know what she did to you at a point in time that made you loose all the respect you had for her, but as a so called representative of a God who forgives sinners… You owed those whom you teach a practical example of what you preach. Failure to forgive her for many years and choosing to send her to oblivion is coming back to haunt you like a mosquito perching on your balls.You can’t smash it with force, otherwise you will damage something precious. You just have to bear the pain until it goes away.

Nevertheless, the street sense in me asks ” did someone marry someone simply to get permanent residency papers and not for love?” Once that person got what the person wanted, the other person outlived the person’s usefulness by default. Maybe it was aggravated because of some nasty things were said that that wounded someone deeply when the other person had the upper hand… So this exile is a case of vengeance.

This strand of thought is a figment of my imagination. It is baseless, outlandish and did not spring from any fact… But it is the only way I struggle to comprehend why for sixteen good years,I have never spent just seven days at a stretch with my wife and the mother of my daughters but prefer the company of a bevy of sexy ladies as my housemates.

Still on the Matter, I heard you run a White House that would make our Mullah’s up north green with envy, Bros ye!!! i throway salute for you oo!!! In fact Big Brother are learners where their Father dey run things, Dbanj the koko master himself no get the liver to run an operation of this magnitude. it is only the great Abami Eda Fela that comes close to the scale of your modus operandi.

I rate you above Fela because na cream and well to do girls you dey camp for your White House , while most of Fela’s housemates in Kalakuta were “Osanle-Iyabo” dancers who were dependent on him for a livelihood.

Bros two Durosoke for you…. as you continue to ascend to a higher levels of grace.

9I am beginning to find the damage control tactics of these Christ embassy sect members irritably disgusting. The same press you have warned to get off your back, you have also gone to again to embellish your image
However I admire the caution exercised by replacing adultery with “inappropriate relationships” We even thought it was a single third party involved now they have confirmed that there are numerous parties involved.
In one of the great euphemisms of our time, an embattled President Clinton admitted to an “inappropriate relationship” with his White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. We all know the details of that case..

10.For a married man ‘inappropriate relationship with girls’ could include ‘Spending too much time with and giving too much attention to an opposite sex who is not your spouse’ but may also mean sleeping with the girls. Its a general term used by Lawyers in divorce cases. Legally speaking you don’t see words like Adultery, fornication, immorality etc in such cases. What Lawyers use are words like inappropriate relationships, extra marital affairs, canal knowledge, etc. (same as 1 above)