I have heard of the patently scandalous comparisons of President Jonathan with some historical names like Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Lee Kwan You, Barack Obama and others by propaganda outfits feverishly selling the President to the nation as if he is just a dark horse or a new comer to the game. Many would just shrug them off as mere braggadocios political ranting. But the latest blasphemous claim by Dr Doyin Okupe on Channels TV that President Jonathan is like Jesus Christ is indicative of a campaign that has gone overboard. Last time I checked, President Jonathan is an ardent church-goer and, possibly, a practising Christian. Casually making a Jesus Christ out of him, no matter the context in which it arose, is ecumenically flawed and a condemnable doctrinal wrong. There should be the manifest fear of God, humility and realism even in politics.

There is no amount of desperation in the now onerous effort to sell Jonathan to the nation this election season that would warrant such a sinful analogy been drawn between him and Jesus Christ. For Christendom, it is an indefensible abomination — a Freudian slip that tells a lot about how irresponsibly debased it has become. It would not be long, I really fear, before we are called out to worship a new God which is President Jonathan.

For millions of Christian voters who have always identified with the president for the simple reason that he is a brethren, to now hear that he has blasphemously assumed the name of Jesus Christ, it must be a hard scriptural lesson for them wherein they must not put their trust in man but in Jesus, especially that man who can sit by contentedly while he is being cast in the mode of Nebuchadnezzar, the man who previously thought of himself as God. Psychologists tell us that such a “demigod wannabe” mentality is symptomatic of a serious inferiority complex. Jonathan must develop a personal charisma that is credible enough to be appreciated. It is morally and spiritually defeatist to be seeking some jactitation with big names and even with that of God, when you can actually work hard to earn greatness.