A man has been arrested by Italian police investigating the killing of a Nigerian immigrant which the government has condemned as a racist attack.

Police say a row broke out at Fermo, a town on Italy’s east coast, when racist abuse was hurled at the partner of Emmanuel Chidi Namdi, 36.

The violence escalated when a traffic pole was pulled from the ground. The victim later died in hospital.

A local man described as a well-known “ultra” football fan is being held.

Amedeo Mancini, 35, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of racially aggravated manslaughter. His lawyer said he “did not mean to kill” and that he had punched the Nigerian in self defence.

Emmanuel Chidi fled Nigeria with his partner Chinyery, 24, after their families came under attack from jihadist group Boko Haram.

Their families were killed in an attack on a Nigerian church in 2015, Italian media reported.The prime minister tweeted that the government was against racism and hatred

As the couple made their way across the Mediterranean, their baby died.

They finally arrived in Fermo last November and were taken in by a local Christian charity. They had a wedding ceremony in January, conducted by local priest Father Vinicio Albanesi, which was unofficial because they had lost their documents, Rai TV reported.

What happened on Tuesday evening is unclear. However, it is thought that the attacker subjected Chinyere to racist chanting and then grabbed her.

At that point the traffic pole was pulled out of the ground as Emmanuel Chidi and his attacker came to blows. He was taken to hospital in a coma but never recovered.

Local churches which have worked with migrants have recently been targeted by small bombs, according to Father Vinicio Albanesi.Reform Minister Maria Elena Boschi said Emmanuel’s wife Chinyery had “the embrace of all Italy. We must remain human”

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was among many across Italy who took to social media to express disgust at the killing, using the hashtag Emmanuel.

“The government today is in Fermo with Don Vinicio and the local institutions in memory of Emmanuel. Against hate, racism and violence,” he wrote.

Visiting the town, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano told reporters on Thursday that the seed of racism had to be stopped before it could bear fruit. “The heart of Italy isn’t represented by those who carried out this murder.”

He also announced that Emmanuel Chidi’s partner Chinyere had been granted refugee status.



 I Foresee Full-Blown War In The Niger Delta By Joe Igbokwe

Unless senior citizens of the Niger Delta and patriots rise now to talk sense into the empty heads of the people that call themselves the Avengers and the Concerned Militant Leaders, a full-scale war is imminent in the Niger Delta, and it is going to be bloody and destructive.

I have been an active advocate and supporter of people in the Niger Delta to get a fair share of the oil resources in Nigeria found 90% in their soil. In 1999 I wrote in my Book, Heroes of Democracy that:
“ I cannot pretend that I do not know the level of atrocities and man’s inhumanity to man that has been going on in the oil-rich region of the Niger Delta neither have I closed my eyes to the tragic stories of the bloodbath in the region. The struggle for the liberation of the Niger Delta, which has suffered 42years of criminal neglect did not start yesterday.

On February 23, 1966, Major Isaac Idaka Boro with some 50 men of the Niger Delta Volunteers Service (NDVS) declared an Ijaw secession from Nigeria. Nigeria instead of listening to their grievances declared war on Isaac Boro and his men and eventually crushed the rebellion. Ken Saro-Wiwa picked up the campaign from where Isaac Boro stopped in the 80s and 90s until General Abacha murdered nine prominent Ogoni sons (including Ken Saro-Wiwa) and others in very bizarre circumstances. The tragedy attracted both local and international condemnation, but it was not enough to stop the human carnage and degradation in the Niger Delta.”

I have preached justice, equity, and fair play for the people of the Niger Delta but 17years after I am beginning to have a rethink about the inhabitants of the Niger Delta and their antics.

Yes Nigerians asked for justice in the Niger and in the past 17years we saw the massive deployment of resources to that very important region via NDDC, Ministry of Nigeria Delta, and 13% derivation to oil producing States. In spite of all these huge interventions, I saw former President Obasanjo blackmailed. I saw Former President Yar’Adua blackmailed and intimidated. Yar’Adua was compelled to negotiate with them, and he put together billions of naira for reconciliation, rehabilitation, training and financial support to enable them to stand on their feet without resort to violence and brigandage to get attention. I saw Former President Jonathan blackmailed to the extent that he had to cede oil wells and dole out billions of naira and dollars to the militants led by Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, Boyloaf, etc. in six years Jonathan was in power, these criminal militants thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were big boys in town. They talked tough, they walked tough and painted the cities of Abuja and Lagos, Bayelsa, and Port Harcourt red. They became laws unto themselves. Power, money, influence, position, connection, contacts, etc. began to becloud their senses of reasoning. During the 2015 Presidential Elections, they threatened fire and brimstone that if the rudderless and clueless Jonathan loses the election. They knew that no serious President will condone their excesses, blackmail, impunity, and brigandage if their man Friday losses.

Oil or no oil, every ethnic group has something to put on the table in Nigeria. There are no zero zones in this country. While the Niger Delta region produces oil and gas, the north of the country provides Shiroro Dam, Kainji Dam, cows, beans, yams, goats, Ram, potatoes, chicken, cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, groundnut, onions a, etc. The North feeds Nigeria. Yoruba have offered Nigeria cocoa, commerce and industry, and in fact have provided some 40% of Nigeria’s workforce. The technocrats, best lawyers and other professionals in Nigeria come from the Yoruba nation. They are the fathers and mothers of Newspaper industries, Radio and Tv stations. They were the first to receive the white man’s education. Their own Lagos is the undisputable center of civilization. They control all the professional bodies in Nigeria.

In fact, there is no ethnic group in Nigeria better placed to show the light in Nigeria. And for the Igbo, let me reproduce here what the late Chief Gani Fawehnmi said about the Igbo in 1998. Hear Gani “ The Igbo by their contribution to the economic development of this country are otherwise called the Jews of Nigeria. They are very hard-working, very industrious, very innovative and very articulate people. The economic development of this country owes much to their contribution. I don’t like the way they have been treated since 1970. They still bear the scars of the Biafran crisis, and they are still being treated as if the civil war is still nascent, which is wrong.

They have been kept out of the security forces of this country at the strategic levels, the law enforcement of this country at the most strategic levels, they are ignored, despised by the cabal. Even in the civil service, I do not know how many permanent secretaries are Igbo. I am not sure how many senior police officers are Igbo, and same goes for the Navy, Air Force, and the Army. They are one of the largest groups in this country. In fact, it is a nation within a nation. The major manpower pool of this country is being supplied by the Igbo. I was so angry when Abacha came to establish the Provisional Ruling Council (PRC) and the Igbo were not represented; I went to court to fight the cause of the Igbo.

It was after my suit in court, challenging Abacha and asking that PRC composition be set aside by the court until Igbo were given their rightful place that Abacha then reversed the composition of PRC and appointed some Igbo.”

This country is what it is today because all have sacrificed something even blood to make it what it is today. Now the Niger Delta militants are destroying oil platforms. They have crippled power stations that run on gas. They have destroyed their own landscape and polluted the waters and aquatic life. Apart from NDDC, Ministry of Niger Delta and 13% deprivation, the militants from the region have been granted amnesty by the Federal Government and have been on the payroll for close to 10years now. Jonathan was the President for 6years, and he used the exalted position to provide massive empowerment to the people of the region. Apart from making the militants multi-billionaires for doing nothing, people from the region were made Heads of juicy MDAs. What else do they want?

There is no hope for these bloody idiots who call themselves the Avengers. They are a bunch of reprobates and common criminals. They are too small and too insignificant to hold this responsible and responsive government to ransom through blackmail and intimidation. They blackmailed Obasanjo, Yar’adua , Jonathan and now Buhari. They have reached their final bus stop and the point of no return. If the president can crush Boko Haram, these useless Avengers are damned too small. I foresee war in the Niger Delta, and it will bloody and destructive. Niger Delta has nothing to offer Nigeria anymore except, criminality, sabotage, destruction of oil platforms, murder, brigandage, and corruption. This the time to stop the criminals who have had it call.

Apart from Niger Delta Ministry, NDDC, and 13% derivation, the idiots and the leaders of Niger Delta have cornered oil wells; they have stolen crude oil worth billions of dollars, Nigeria has spent billions training thousands of the so-called militants and their cronies in Nigeria and beyond. Now this cycle of stupidity must stop.

To me oil is nothing, and Nigeria is diversifying for good. Look at what these animals are doing to their environment in the name of avenging the federal government. Ah, ah, I see war. I see war. And I hope the human rights community are seeing the damage and the open confrontation.




N-Delta Avengers is non-existent says Ayiri Itsekiri leader and activist, Chief Ayiri Emami

While he condemned the attacks by the so-called Niger-Delta Avengers, which he said does not exist, he said: “The attacks are just to create a platform for negotiation with President Muhammadu Buhari.” He asserted, “I know that Mr. President is intelligent enough not to fall for just gimmick. Some of us volunteered to cooperate with the security agencies free of charge to fish out the perpetrators of these bombings, but the Delta state government did not see reason with us. They held a state security meeting asking why security agencies are working with us.” “I want to say that it is the duty of the state government to fish out the perpetrators, people cannot be here in Delta state and say that they do not know those responsible. They know the person directing his boys to do and should bring them out.

“They should not be saying that it is the All Progressives Congress, APC, people in the state that is causing it, it has nothing to do with APC,” he added.

Stop jeopardizing Gbaramatu indigenes -Chief Michael, Ijaw leader

Chief Michael Johnny, who spoke in a similar vein, asserted: “There is nothing strange or new in what is happening. It is what we are already used to, but my worry is that these people should stop endangering the life of Gbaramatu people.”

“The people causing this havoc are known, the security agencies should not compromise, they should have good intelligence information to identify them and bring them to book. I also want to say that they should stop calling the name of APC in this matter, APC is a progressive party, anybody who wants to join the party should do so, but they should stop blackmailing us,” he said.

He said that many Gbaramatu leaders know those carrying out the bombings, but because of fear, they would not be able to speak out and urged the security agencies to do their work. Also reacting to the attacks, the Foundation for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade, FHRACC, said: “The ongoing oil war being perpetrated by some groups in the creeks of Niger Delta is not the best option for the region.”



1.Tompolo can only fool himself, he should face his corruption case and stop trying to act a failed script. The scAvengers are just the most foolish set of agitators that I have ever seen. The only thing they have actually succeeded in achieving by their destruction is polluting their devastated land further, and making it even more unattractive to foreign oil companies and other investors. Tompolo should face the courts while the scAvengers should get ready to face Buratai.

2. How can a group of people hold a whole country to ransom? The greediness of these people knows no bounds.

3.You see why I say this people (Avengers abi na wetin) de very stoopid . They are blowing Oil installations and polluting their environment, because Tompolo refuses to apologize publicly, who de supply dem weed sef?

4.Begging the militants is a wrong approach…the president shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists.
He should rather bomb them all.

5.This group want to cripple the economy. Their threat should not be overlooked rather the govt should do something urgently to curb their further devastating hits.

6.This Tompolo must really take Nigerian for idiots.Furthermore, he must take Buhari for a really big fool. In short, Buhari should now approach to help stop the Avengers from wrecking more havoc apart from being a militant, this man must also be a part-time comedian

7.It seems Tompolo is carrying on a dialogue on the pages of the newspapers with himself. Funny isnt it?…BY KROPOTKIN11

8.Yes.Na the same Tompolo dey bomb the pipeline, but he is playing the good man in his hiding spot. He is a bloody rat.

9.Tompolo the coward should continue to fool himself….there is no difference between both….everything else na camouflage…what a shameless local coward.

10.In fact, I’ve never seen this kind of nonsense before. Do think people are fools? sebi na militant he call himself. If he wants to fight government, let him fight. This schizophrenia approach, na im I no understand at all.

11.Tompolo is acting Nollywood movie for us. So because of one man’s apology, they blew up facilities that affect the whole nation? Abeg wetin “concine” Tompolo with chevron or gas? Tompolo is behind these faceless scavengers or whatever they call themselves.

12.Keep fooling yourselves.