1. Getting in front of a long vehicle on the road before it blocks our view

2. Weighing ourselves and finding that for no particular reason we had lost five kilo.

3. Discovering a forgotten N2000 in our bag, buba or trouser pocket unexpectedly.

4. Seeing all our outfits are complete and smelling nicely when returned by the laundry people.

5. Getting to a hospital reception and finding a magazine that really interests us.

6. Finding a message from a family in the middle of all our junk mail.

7. Buying hot, freshly baked French bread from Shoprite to go with ewa agayin or our wife’s orisirisi

8. Finding a great old movie on Youtube free download.

9. Anyone of my ex-students telling me time spent with me was worth the while. Makes me feel a little taller than I really am.

10. Being respectfully moved from a long payment queue to a much shorter one for oldies like me over 60.

Converted from a similar post on the net

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