Star actress, Monalisa Chinda & Victor Tonye Coker wedded In Greece on the 1st of September. Here are some photos (above) from the event as shared by Veteran actress, Chinyere Wilfred.But some Nigerians have descended heavily on what they think is an arrangee wedding But is it? Here are their comments:

1.They all look somehow.The husband is not looking comfortable.Like he dey say he don buy market!

2.I swear I noticed the same n when I saw your comment,i just burst into laughter

3.What an ugly dress and ring tho. This recession dey show everywhere oh.

4.May I find love but not painful one.The man is looking broke assed!

5.Na only 3 people made it to the wedding? Wey the best man? Dem for tell us say dem broke naaa.

6.Why is she acting like getting married is an achievement?…she old already..with another man child..and she is getting married again..i hope she find happiness in it tho.

7.She doesnt look like a bride at all…but more greece to her elbows!

8.What kind of pictures are these and why are they all looking like lips are sealed.Na wa o.This woman Chinyere chest dey always fear me sha.

9.Shey u know say that woman go born u

10.Happy married life…all the best…Let’s just say she is more interested in finding love. Once beaten, twice shy.

11.Locations don finish for Nigeria ni? Next will be “Picshures from Genevieve’s wedding in Somalia”

12.She is no longer pretty as she used to be.Old Mama Youngy.Too much makeup and harsh body cream.But i love her simplicity.

13.Them just go find one corner do the wedding for Greece, unto say dem wan show say dem no Wed for naija.

14.Keke Elijah!…getting married every now and then.

15.This wedding won’t last six months. Bet me. From these pictures it’s clear something just isn’t right. Monalisa looks like she is up to something, while the husband looks helplessly used. Let’s watch and see sha.Or na movie sef?

16.But they’ve been together for years,dear.

17.Wishing Monalisa a Happy marriage.Wedding is a ceremony, the real thing is to sustain it.I hope she will emulate the few who are successfully married among Nollywood couples.

18.Amen to yr prayer dear.

19.Reminds me of Madam Akwanga. Shocked, hmmmmn. I hope the man can finish what he has started , he looks disturbed already… May this marriage last like that of our fathers .

20.Why dem no invite Spartacus com d wedding?….


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