MASVINGO (ZIMBABWE) – A traumatised girl doing grade 7 at Vurombo Primary School in Masvingo who unsuccessfully reported a relative who raped her finally got the attention she needed after writing her experiences in a school essay.

Her teacher (name withdrawn to protect child) was shocked by the touching Shona composition in which the girl literally pleaded with the world to hear her out and the teacher took the essay to the headmistress, Regina Chidzurira.

The minor expressed fear that she would one day get pregnant if the cousin brother is not stopped from raping her.
Chidzurira in turn reported the matter to Police and invited the girl to her office to give her testimony while officers were allegedly hiding behind a door and listening. She narrated everything to the head and the suspect was arrested.

The letter which was addressed to an aunt was written in a touching and unusually mature manner.The girl said she had pain in her heart and was writing to the aunt because she had no one else to turn to. She said that Tapiwa Mutyavaviri (18) who is a cousin brother who recently came to stay at the family lodgings was traumatising her and because she was a girl child many things could happen to her.

She said that Mutyavaviri forced her into sex when older people were not at home and at night he would sneak into her bedroom and abuse her.

Although the teacher gave the girl 15 marks out of 20 in the essay and gave the child a good, the composition turned out to be a real life situation.

The complainant stays with her grandmother and the accused would visit the grandmother and in her absence abuse the minor when they were left alone with the maid.According to the State papers the complainant was raped twice by the accused and on one of the occasions it happened in the presence of the maid Ruvarashe Tsere.

In her evidence Tsere says she once caught the two in the spare bedroom with the complainant’s dress lifted up and the accused’s trousers at knee level having sex and she cautioned the two.She also says she reported the matter to the pair’s aunt Erita Munhande and assumed that she would in turn tell the grandmother but that did not happen.The girl alleges in her composition that she told her mother but she would not do anything about it as she never believed her.

Meanwhile, the father who stays in Gokwe has approached Masasa Project who advised him to let the law take its course and they will take it up if he encounters any problems.The father said when the child was doing grade five he had advised his wife to take the child away or for him to stay with her but she refused and that led to a lot  marriage friction.The father was almost in tears when The Mirror spoke to him. He said it was painful to realise that his child had to reveal her problems through an essay.”It is very painful to know that your child has lost her virginity to a relative and people connive to conceal such a heinous act,” said Tarindwa.



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