1.The talk of the town was Tiwa Savage and TJ brouhaha.But the Egbeda murder came as a rude shock and no one is talking about Tiwa’s video interview anymore! Tiwa versus TJ matter,at least for now, belongs to history.

2.What is the name of the publishing house on Talabi Street late Mrs Shonde was working in as Human Resources Manager?

3.What is the full name of her alleged lover who is said to be the General Manager of the publishing company? We have read that his first name is Kayode. But Kayode what,who or whom?


4.Are we applying too much pressure on our girls/women to get married as if that is the only way to measure their successes in life?

5.Are we really aware of the problems being faced by new couples these days,the pressures they face from modern living and their psychological maturity at handling these problems?Are the so-called ministries set up for women affairs adequately financed to do real research and bring up programs to tackle these problems at their root levels?Do churches and other religious organizations need more and active follow-ups or programs for newly married couples similar to counselings done before weddings?

6.Do young husbands today have proper societal atmosphere to develop real and lasting relationships with their wives when there are so many morally-bankrupt girls, baby mamas and other women around who do not give a hoot about marriage vows? Unfortunately for many wives marriage is seen by their husbands as favorite video games.When a new one or a cheaper China-made version comes along or they get tired of their old favorites they go try their hands on new ones (relationships).

7.What can parents do to help  their girl-child who is strong-willed and  feminist-inclined before she gets married? Counseling? Prayers? Subtle interference? Warnings?

8.Once a husband has a child outside wedlock say with a baby mama can things ever be the same again?If one’s child is the wife how do one persuade her to stay in the marriage with the pain arising from her husband’s infidelity?Even as parents can we really feel her pains?

9.How soon should a wife’s family advise her in very strong terms to withdraw from a physically abusive marriage especially where children are involved and the husband has no visible means of livelihood? Or when she reveals she wants out?

10.If a girl looks closely at Tiwa’s and Egbeda murder cases and decides to remain single or have a relationship different from popular norms,should we keep rejecting what she says or frowning at such unusual ideas? By the way, are most marriages these days conducted strictly for the benefit of couples or for showing off by parents and families? I have been thinking about this issue for quite a while  and it looks like there are many rivers to cross and many more questions to answer.

Kindly tell us what you think,please.

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