Hours after Lekan Shonde, the husband of the Lagos banker that many believe was murdered, surrendered to the police for allegedly murdering his wife Ronke Shonde, new reports surfaced on social media that the alleged lover of the murdered banker has apologised to the Shonde family.

According to Nation Newspapers, after Shonde handed himself over to the police, Gbenga Sholuki, the Executive Director of Campaign against Impunity and Domestic Violence said Shonde called his wife’s alleged lover and the alleged person apologised over the phone.

“He also called his wife’s lover and told him he hoped he was happy now that he has destroyed his home. The man begged for forgiveness,” Sholuki said.

Sholuki who strongly stands by Shonde, demands for justice for his friend whom he believes did not murder the late Ronke Shonde. “We want justice. We are demanding a medical examination to ascertain what really happened. He is a family man,” Sholuki said, noting, “He cherishes his wife and says very pleasant things about her. All we want is justice. If scientific evidence proves he killed his wife, then, he should go in for it. But what we do not like is his being condemned even before autopsy result comes out.”

However, the identity of the said lover is yet to be confirmed.

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