Buhari orders military to crush new Niger Delta militant group

President Muhammadu Buhari has given a fresh order to the military to crack down on a new militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers, which has been attacking oil installations.

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1.If we meet a difficult situation the best thing is on how to proffer a solution to it. Sentiments will never help us out. Take your mind back when militancy started in the south south. All of us from the zone were happy with the hope of achieving our aim but it later backfired that made it difficult for some of us to reach our homes. From taking hostages led to kidnapping of our loved ones and it has been there till date. Today they have taken it as a lucrative business. In the north east when it started too there were supports and today we are all seeing the result of it. Governance is a difficult business . You will not appreciate it until you find yourself in it. Allow the government to go with its policies that he believes to better his government.

2.We shall kill all vandals. They deserve not to live! Tell your lazy brothers to emulate other tribes in Nigeria and get a befitting job to earn a living, and not crime.

3.Oh yes!! What a beautiful suggestion that is, are you not forgetting something, like asking the president to buy them houses near Buckingham place, in London England, and perhaps put some virgin girls in the houses, so the world would applaud or recognize the president as the best??? Don’t worry, just be on the lookout as to the presidential treatment they would soon get. If you have access to the pipeline terrorist, just inform them to await the beautiful packages the president has made available for them.

4.We want all militants crushed and any community or or people that stands in the way crushed too. Enough of this he do this for North he do that for South.These so-called avengers are Boko Haram part 2.When they crush them if you feel aggrieved go to International Court of Justice. Nigeria will meet u there.

5.See how the yeye so-called wise men of Ijaw extraction kept quiet like DEAF and DUMB people.Perhaps even applauding the terrorists in the dark.But when the bomb starts to drop that is when they will start blaming the military.All free money to these lazy terrorists should be stopped FOR EVER.

6.What is the difference between El-Zaky Zaky Vs Boko Haram Vs Niger Delta Avengers ( All Niger Delta Militants) Vs Bakkassi Vs OPC VS MASSOB Vs IPOB (Incl ALL BIAFRA Agitators) Vs Fulani Herdsmen. Absolutely nothing. THEY ARE ALL OPPORTUNISTIC TERRORIST BIGOTS

7.How does the govt ‘maximize the capacity’ if criminal minded people like this are given a table ? They should be crushed which will serve as a deterrent to similar minds. It’s only in Nigeria I have noticed that even people who want political appointments will resort to arms , with the hope of been called to the table to talk and hope for amnesty. A nation where illiterates and dropouts’ earn higher ‘than a professor , because they took to arms . This foolishness must be brought to an end.

8.Buhari is treating this people with kid gloves,they need covert operation,and strike them before they strike again.

9.The vandals should be treated like terrorists and be neutralized with immediate effect.

10.I am happy that we now have a government unlike before.How can u be threatening the government of a country because u have complaints? We all have our complaints too.But if u challenge a country to war by bombing and your people maintain a code of silence,then be prepared for what will come to you!


  1. Really interesting the NIgerian military can crush boko ham in th south but not boko haam in the North? Oh, boko haram is messing with their gari (oil), is that it Buhari?


    • …so what is left of BH in the north compared to GEJ era…by the way the challenge by the avenger or BH is to the Nigerian state…PMB is not affected when there is no light for example due to bombing…its the common people and those who need it to sustain themselves who are usually badly affected…


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