NSUKKA—The people of Aji community in Enugu-Ezike, Igboeze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, are grumbling over the poor condition of their community secondary school buildings. The Aji High School, which was built through communal effort in the 70s, is in ruins as all the six buildings in the compound are dilapidated and not conducive for learning.

At the time South East Voice visited the school Tuesday morning, most of the building’s roofs were damaged, even as the members of the Parents Teachers Association, PTA, were meeting on how to find solutions to the issue. Enugu State government awarded a N3.6 billion contract for the renovation of over 400 primary and secondary schools in the state during the administration of Sullivan Chime, but the job was said to have been abandoned, leading to a quarrel between the then House of Assembly, led by Eugene Odo, and Chime.

A school teacher, who spoke to South East Voice in the school on condition of anonymity, said the situation had improved as the things were very terrible during the rainy season. The teacher said: “During the rainy season, most of the students used umbrellas even in the classrooms as there was no difference between those outside and those inside the classrooms.

“Before the current dry season, the students usually pushed their lockers to a corner each time schools closed so that their text books would not be destroyed by rains before the next day. “The PTA has been trying its best by over-taxing its members for renovation work on most of the buildings, but their effort is like putting new wine in old wine skin because the corrugated iron sheets used for the roofing are old and any little breeze would pull them off.

“The state government should come to our aid because the school belongs to it. The community built it and gave same to the government.” Apart from the classroom blocks which were in ruins, other blocks housing the various laboratories, introduction to technology, library and computer rooms were equally not habitable.

Vanguard News

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