1.Government Tompolo, please stop the propaganda, I did not doubt what you are saying but be honest. The Constitutional court of NIgeria already asked you to appear and you failed to appear, what is your excuse? The EFCC called you to appear you failed too. Let’s say the EFCC lied that they invited you but what about the court? Please tell your guys and your enemies that blowing up pipelines will not work now that the oil price is already down below $30 and might go down below cost of production so you guys should stop wasting your time to destroy what is not profitable anymore. Instead of this statement you are releasing, just go to court and tell the court why you disobeyed the order of the court. Who are you to disobey court order?

2.You can not be a freedom fighter without going to courts or even jail. Can you count the number of times Chief Gani Fawehimi got arrested and kept in detention for God knows how long? Has Gani ever refused to be summoned to the court of law? If you are sincere you don’t have to be afraid of the court. You can’t be seeking to lead your people and at the same time behaving like a typical coward!

3.By bombing oil installations immediately after a court ordered for his appearance he is unknowingly setting himself up for some other fresh charges that could come when the court might have granted him bail based on the first charges. That time people will be shouting rule of law without remembering how it happened and the need for the rearrest. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

4.He might end up being brought to Abuja in chains like a common criminal!

5.It’s time to do the right thing, exterminate this pest Tompolo and his fellow roaches instead of paying them big bucks and calling them militants.

6.Tompolo,or whatever they called you.Jonathan and his PDP gang of thieves brought from ashes to become super rich man without reasonable sensibilities. In Nigeria as usual, when somebody becomes excessively rich when he didn’t work hard to attain, the next thing to do is to join politics or form network of terror gang in his community to make trouble. That is you Tompolo.

7.Your travail has nothing to do with PDP or APC as a party.You chose to make yourself a fool in the eyes of the public.

8.You were accused of N13bn and N34bn fraud by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to appear before the court to answer 30 counts of fraud preferred against you. PDP thieves advised you to ignore the sermon for fear of further indictments. It was later charged to court of competent jurisdiction of which the court ordered your arrest.Tompolo my dear,if you are reasonable enough, the best thing you could have done is to respect the court order to prove your innocence. All the goofy noise you so made will not help you rather the truth will set you free.

9.Why must this Tompolo and others always threaten the Fed Rep of Nigeria with wars and fight, and at the same time he is running away? Let him mobilize his troops and start the war, and not selling kiddish propaganda.Nigeria is now ready for u.Start the war and let all your towns be turned to 18th century hamlets like in the North-East.In 2 weeks YOU WILL REVERSE all GEJ tried to do for iJAWS in almost 6 yrs!

10.Has Tompolo 2 heads or more heads than other Niger-Deltans?Why must he put their lives in danger because of personal gains?

11.Even before PMB came many Nigerians knew that all Tompolo got by GEJ favours will be accounted for one day…why is he giving silly excuses about APC?

12.All of this is about a man who wants to continue to assert his outlaw and above the law status overriding the sovereign will of a Nation.Whether it is done in the guise of sectional interest,freedom fighter interest or whatever guise it MUST STOP – Time has proven that his co travellers have only ever cared about personal gains and enrichment.Whether it is Niger Delta struggle,Biafran struggle or Shiite interest or Boko Haram they have all proven to be divisive,criminal and self profiting ONLY to the instigators.A Nigerian imortalized the words”My fellow Nigerians”,and has since gone on to be part of Nigerian folklore.His choice when saddled with leadership was a choice between being a Nationalist or to pander to artificial divisions.and he choose the former.It saddens me when i see some of the kind of “strong” language we use on ourselves and those who are in positions of authority(although some certainly deserve some stick). Our ways seem so set and our course determined,it is frightening.Well, Fellow Nigerians,our choice is simpler today as the options are so clear…Between our DOOM or Our GLORY.Pandering to ethnic,religious,political(APC/PDP),sectionalist sentiments will guarantee our DOOM for ultimately no house divided on itself can stand.Our only salvation is the revival of Nationalist ethos.Fingers can be pulled apart but a fist is well a FIST………Corruption is an anathema to the promise and idea that is Nigeria.I say to all those who ate our “collective yams” from whatever party,religion,ethnicity,interest and are called to give account – let the chips fall where they may!

13.Where is Asari Dokubo sef? Why is he quiet after all the noise he was making?

14.Leave the nonentity. I use to think that fat pig with smelly mouth Asari Dokubo was the senseless one, but it seems he was wiser. He collected his billions make the noise GEJ and PDP wanted to hear and when the new sheriff came he fizzled away. But this goat heat called Tompolo can’t differentiate between his government and Nigeria Buhari’s government. He feels both are governments! But one government will put the other one where he belong, this guy is a walking corpse I can place a bet because the military will not arrest him but kill him.

15.I was thinking the same way about Haj. Dokubo. He played his game at the right time and left the rest for dummies like Tompolo- Going through Dokubo`s back ground,he is educated and he knows when to hit and stop. You cannot compare him with an  illitrate and garage boy who got opportunity but is trying to misuse it. Tompolo you can run but you cannot hide. Better submit yourself and get your judgement when you are young.

16.Tompolo can keep blowing up the oil fields, productions costs are currently more than the price of oil at the international market,so we will see many companies shutting down production in their oil fields as it is no longer profitable.The goverment should use this opportunity to get rid of Tompolo and his other miscreants,while the price of oil keeps crashing.

17.Go, Tompolo and face your case and stop talking on the faces of newspaper and if you have any thing against members of any party go and address it in the court. Stop playing smart.

18.Tompolo i am sorry for you and your advisers. You said PMB will not have peace. Do you now agree that it is you that do not have peace.Your pride and arrogance have destroyed you. People telling you do this or that are the people to get you down.

19.Let them blow it all up as long as they are not asking for cleanup funds from Abuja

20.And later they will blame the north and south west for their woes.

21.And the cost of repairs and clean-up must be deducted from the revenue share of Delta state or/and Bayelsa if they do same!

22.He will likely end up like the fake “General John Togo (pics above)


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