We the citizens of Nigeria, request that veteran Journalist Mr Stephen Sackur interview our President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. It has become necessary at this point in time, to find out where Mr President is taking our country to. We trust the abilities of BBC Hard Talk, we also hope that our request will be granted.

We have extracted some of the listed questions from Premium Times Nigeria, these are questions yet to be answered by President Jonathan. Please find the questions useful and add yours hence it is a matter of great importance to us the citizens of Nigeria.

1. Why has your government proved incapable of addressing the fuel scarcity problem across the country?

2.Why did you claim in your October 1 broadcast that Transparency International had endorsed your administration’s fight against corruption when the contrary is the case? Why did you also refuse to apologise to Nigerians after you realised you were wrong?

3.The Malabu oil deal dredges the shame of a nation directly to the corridors of the presidency. Why did you as President, without the National Assembly’s approval, authorize the transfer of $1.1bn from a Federation account into the account of Malabu Oil, a company with falsified registration details, and owned by a man convicted in France for money laundering?

4.Why has the President not ordered anti-corruption agencies to probe the Malabu scandal and if found guilty prosecute the persons that could have duped Nigeria?

5.What do you say to those who say your leadership of the country has been at best inept and ineffective, and that your administration has not been able to tackle any of our national challenges? (Corruption, electricity, broken infrastructure, unemployment etc).

6.You were severely criticised by Nigerians after you said on June 24 that you don’t give a damn whatever anyone thought about your refusal to publicly declare your assets. Is that still your position on this important matter, or are you reconsidering your stand?

7.As the leader of the PDP, which dominates the two chambers of the National Assembly, why has the party continued to allow lawmakers earn obscene but illegal allowances in the guise of office running cost?

8.The National Human Rights Commission has an important role to play in our country. But the work of that Commission is being hampered by the refusal of your administration to inaugurate the Board about a year after it was constituted. What is responsible for the delay in inaugurating the Board? Why has your administration reduced the commission to a toothless bulldog?

9.You hinted a few days ago that the deregulation of the petroleum industry is irreversible. It was suspended last January to enable government put in place the necessary conditions that would make it succeed. Does government think it has now done enough to contemplate the speculated plan to remove fuel subsidy and hike the price of petrol?

10.The Lagos-Ibadan federal highway has finally become one of our national shames, and a lot of Nigerians are dying on that road every day. The road was concessioned to Wale Babalakin’s Bi-Courtney three years ago but has been unable to fix it. When will your administration do the right thing and save the nation the daily carnage on that expressway?

11.Your administration has come under criticism for setting up committees almost every week. Why does the government set up panels and committees for tasks that can and should be performed by law enforcement and other regulatory agencies, and when you know that the reports of those committees won’t be implemented? We also like to know how many reports of government committees in various sectors are currently before the presidency and what the deadlines for their implementation are.

12.What is the reason for your reversal of the Transmission contract awarded to a Canadian firm, Manitoba. Was due process not followed in the award? If not, has anyone been sanctioned for violating due process?

13.Why have you insisted on retaining the petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, despite her indictment both by the House, Senate and even executive committees set up by your administration?

14.Why did your government honour Mike Adenuga with a GCON few weeks after the Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, mentioned his company, Conoil, as one of those guilty of fuel subsidy scam and responsible for fuel scarcity in the country?

15.Several reports, including one by the EFCC, indicted three former Presidents – Sani Abacha, Abdusalami Abubakar and Olusegun Obasanjo for sharing in the Halliburton bribery money along with some other top government officials. Abacha is dead and some officials have been arraigned in court. When is your administration arraigning Obasanjo , Abdulsalami and Gaius Obaseki, a former NNPC GMD, who couriered part of the bribe money to some beneficiaries?

16- Nigeria Is The Most Fraudulent Country in Africa, latest KPMG Report Says, what are you doing to reduce corruption in your Govt?.

17- 26/11/ 2012, Boko Haram commanders over powers police in Abuja yesterday & FREE’S all their members held in the custody of SARS. (Where is the billions of dollars allocated for defence & security in the 2012 budget?) Our defence / security budget took a chunk of the 2012 budget. What has this money been used for?..

18- $31 Billion Stolen Under President Jonathan Of Nigeria –PUNCH (This is equivalent to 5 Trillion Naira in just 2 years) What significant improvement have you recorded in this past 2 years especially in the areas of changing the lives of Nigerians who live on below $2.00 per day.

19-Babangida’s $12.4bn Gulf War Oil Windfall Theft: AGF Asks Court To Hands-off Suit, Claims Okigbo Report Lacks Credibility-VANGUARD (Why is president Jonathan working so hard to kill this case, if not, on whose instructions is the AGF(Attorney General of the Federation) acting on.

20-Why has President Jonathan & his cronies decided to kill the Ribadu Report that implicated him?

21-FG blows N2.2bn on SURE-Programme on office services and N75 million on “tours” from July to October 2012, according to documents submitted by its chairman Christopher Kolade to the National Assembly in Abuja yesterday 03/12/2012. Why was Nigerians lied to that the partial removal of the oil subsidy will be used to create jobs and empower people using funds allocated monthly from the Federation Account.?

22-How could Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) have lavished N28m to renovate 26 toilets?

From…Kayode Ogundamisi (2013)

To…BBC Hard Talk To Interview President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria.

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