Naeto C added that when he announced his intention to get married, he got a lot of messages from ladies who expressed their disappointment about his decision to get married. The main reason he married his wife was because he wanted a happy future and he believes he can only get it from his wife, Nicole.”In life, there are only a few people you feel you can get things like this from. If I did not make that decision when I did, maybe today I would still be a bachelor. It is just the same thing with my Master’s degree; if I did not study for it when I did, I probably would never have gotten it. Life is about making decisions and securing a future of happiness”.(Copyright PUNCH).


1.Today in Nigeria baby mamas are not only daily targeting artistes, they are also after married men, divorced men and bachelors! They are morally bankrupt and they open their legs as meal tickets.

2.No one should cry for baby mamas like Sophie. She sold her conscience for money.

3.Baby mamas are plagues and they are full of sky-high dramas like what is going between Davido and Sophie!

4.Baby mamas are daily causing problems for many wives in their homes bringing many illegitimate bastards into the world!

5.Even where the baby daddy is married baby mamas usually cause disruption of the marriage by confrontation and drama. Unfortunately some baby daddies might still have unresolved feelings for his baby mama. And the mother of his child might still be in love with him and it makes you insecure. Insecure to the point where you start to question if he’s actually hanging out with his friends or if he’s lying and hanging out with hIS baby mama instead.

6.What does it mean for a man to call you his baby mama? Some girls like Sophie feel highly honored to be called baby mamas. But in reality it means you are thrash or his foot mat. The term “baby mamma” is disrespectful. So to all girls hoping to be baby mamas one day, your status with a man will be merely that of someone who has had a baby by him. That’s what it means. It’s like this culture believes it’s okay to have kids with someone without having a commitment to marriage. His “real mind” is that he doesn’t love you enough to marry you. That is a serious problem in the entertainment community. But what’s even more disturbing is that girls (and I do mean girls) are willing to have babies without having any sort of commitment (i.e. get married before having the baby). I really don’t understand that at all.

7.Mine is a slightly different comment and problem. I have this boyfriend who is a baby daddy. His baby mama is a married girl who got pregnant by my boyfriend and she then gave the pregnancy to her husband. So her husband thinks he is the father of the child meanwhile, the real father is her ex-boyfriend whom i am now dating. I do not like the way she calls and texts him thinking she has a right to him whenever she wants. I am to tell her husband that he is not the father of his so called child. I also think that they have a chance of getting back together. What should I do?

8.You better run away from that relationship! Almost all men will always love their baby mamas. They might not say it but deep down inside he will always love her especially if she had his first child. He might tell you he hates his baby mama and she is crazy but that’s just a cover up, trust me.

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