ARE IGBOS THE MOST MARGINALIZED OF ALL ETHNIC/LANGUAGE GROUPS IN NIGERIA?...BY AYEKOOTO (1)This write-up is neither for denying that Igbos are marginalized nor for questioning the right of any ethnic group to self-determination.The purpose is to show that if there is any group to secede  from Nigeria today, it should be the Yorubas.


1.What was the highest political post held by a Yoruba man when AZIKIWE was president? Was AWOLOWO not jailed under him?

2.When Ifeajuna and other Igbos killed Chief S.L. AKINTOLA why was OKPARA spared?

3,Was Adekunle Fajuyi not killed because of an Igbo Head of State?

4.Did Yorubas kill Igbos who remained behind during the civil war? Did Yorubas take over properties left by Igbos during the war? Were the properties of the father of Ojukwu the rebel leader which had been taken over by law not returned to the family?

5.After Muritala was killed and OBJ became head of state did he help or frustrate the leader of the Yorubas to win or lose the election?

6.When SHAGARI became president was EKWUEME not his Vice-President? Did Yorubas complain of marginalization as Igbos are doing now?

7.When BUHARI took over was IDIAGBON supposedly from the south-west. But did he ever link up with the south-west as a Yoruba man?

8.When IBB took over who was the highest Yoruba man in his administration? Did his attempt to call himself BADAMOSI make any difference to the Yorubas?

9.When Abiola and many Yorubas were being killed by Abacha and his henchmen on the streets of Lagos did many Igbos not say reclaiming the mandate was a Yoruba headache?

10.After Abacha died did Yorubas vote for OBJ as president? Were their wishes not over-ridden by IBB to install OBJ?

11.When OBJ was president how many Yorubas were part of his kitchen cabinet and close aides? Was it not during OBJ’s tenure that Lagos,the center of commerce for Yorubas was deliberately starved of funds and denied of Federal government presence?

12.Was this same attitude not repeated and made worse during YARDUA/GEJ era? Who was in charge of the country’s finances during GEJ’s era?What about the Armed Forces?


13. Are unemployed youths and demonstrating “miscreants” as defined by OBJ more in Igbo states than Yoruba states?

14,Are Federal government roads in Yorubaland better than those in Igbo states?Are there gigantic projects going on in Yorubaland initiated by PMB which are missing in Igboland?

15.Has PMB appointed more Yorubas than Igbos to his cabinet?

16.Is Rivers State not under Igbo control? Is Delta state not partly controlled by them?So why are they talking about not giving them another state as evidence of marginalization?

17.So why are Yorubas not asking to seceed from Nigeria?Why have the Yorubas not set up their own ODUA RADIO during GEJ’s regime to call Nigeria a zoo?

18.Why do Igbos keep abusing Yorubas despite general acceptance of their economic and commercial ventures which are real in Yorubaland? Why do Igbos really think Yorubas want them to stay in Nigeria? What is the advantage to Yorubaland if oil from the two Igbo states which is not up to half of what Ondo state alone produces continues to contribute to national revenues? How many Igbo agitators actually know that oil produced in Yorubaland is more than double what is produced in their states put together?

19.If YORUBAS did not really choose a President from within when it was its “turn to rule” why are they not agitating now? Or is the post occupied by Osinbajo now of a higher status than that of Ekwueme? So in what ways have the Igbos been more marginalized than the Yorubas?

20.Many Yoruba families were ruined through stock market crashes when the Igbos and Sanusi were in charge of Finance.Many died but have you seen Yorubas blaming Igbos or Hausa/Fulani or federal govt for their misfortune?


21.Awolowo proved to Yorubas their fate is not to be tied to federal appointments or what comes from the centre as revenue.And many of his disciples like Bola Ige,Tinubu,Amosun,etc have proved him right.

22.Yoruba political reps are chosen based on good governance credentials of the party in power in their states.Politicians in Yoruba states are no angels and perhaps do steal like others but there are minimum good governance standards and elements of care they must show to their constituents to stay in favour. So if you are going to call Yorubas out on marginalization based on non-provision of roads,unemployment etc, it may be an unnecessary tall order.

23.Yorubas have a system generally understood and called the OMOLUWABI which is based on old age customs and traditions.This is passed from generation to generation not through classrooms but through the ways we are brought up.There are generally understood standards for public behavior,ostentatious show of wealth,diplomacy in dealing with opposite or opposing forces, general preference for dialogue over war, considerations about community interests over those of individuals and above all respect and celebration of education over wealth or money.That is why the opinion of Wole Soyinka is as weighty and if not more than that of our wealthiest personalities. Generally you do not need to point this to an 18-yr old Yoruba boy or girl.



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