13.Buhari has no business running after those who poopooed in the Nigerian living room years ago, But the ones that were caught redhanded and who must now be made to explain why they left excrement behind.

14.Is it not a shame on PDP and some Niger-Delta activists to argue that Buhari must probe prior governments before Jonathan? If there was anything to probe in those governments then PDP needs to tell Nigerians why Jonathan government failed to do it.It looks to me that PDP is shameless, has learnt nothing and has no apology for their looting of public funds.

15.These people are unrepentant. Where is the military? Why is Nigeria under a civil rule? Democracy and whatever that means is not for the monkey,Not for a people whose mindsets is corrupted by evil spirits. And certainly not for a people who lack even the least level of dignity and morality.Nigeria need introduce the death penalty and sanitize her society, Human rights bla bla bla is not meant for unrepentant demon children. Round up all these PDP  sobs and shoot them all!

16.The guilty are afraid.Na God go punish dat una Metuh. U hear!!!

17.I think one name is missing. What about the Big Thief Ebelebe Jonathan.Awon elede(pigs).

18. Before jumping around probing the whole world, remember the resources to do all that at the same time is limited. Let the government do the probe and revelation one after the other. PDP has no moral right to ask Buhari to probe anyone. They almost ran this nation aground. The way Buhari is going, in 4 years, he will have done a lot or fight against corruption that anyone intending to go into the business will think twice if he has any brain at all.

19.PDP daily and stupidly finding fault in the present administration instead of u pple to accept defeat like our former presido and support dis present Govt. The change is here now whether u agree or not!

20. Total rubbish from PDP and that woman from Niger-Delta. How can he probe all d past leaders from 1984 to date? If you do not have anythg to say or write just keep mute.

21.So this is what the PDP had turned into? I think Mr Metuh should try and learn how to be a vibrant and constructive opposition party spokesman like Mr Lai Mohammed. PDP is a disgrace to Nigeria. OBJ, YARADUA and GEJ said they all fought corruption so why all these? I think they would have told him to start from Lord Lugard, lazy people

22. Whenever you listen to PDP talk, you will see guilt in their speech to an extent that they don’t have an atom of conscience.Imagine telling Buhari that he should probe purchase of Bakassi war weapons.Is that an embezzel arms cotract? Shameless people! But we Nigerians will hold Buhari responsible if he let those PDP thieves go scot free!

23. Habaa!!!! Have u not been in power for the past 16years? How come u suddenly remember probing those mentioned as now necessary. Abeg park well! Let PMB do what seems right to him in as much as it is within the LAW. There is no law that says it must start from those ppl before probing can commence.

24.Folks after reading through the comments here it shows everyone has come to understand that Buhari is going in the right direction,Olisa Metuh has now admitted openly that PDP is a corrupt party urging Buhari to do more of the probing if Nigeria is to move forward.This is an admission!

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