1.Do you really think your apology can heal the pain or repair the lives of millions of Nigerians you damaged in the past 16 yrs?

2.Why are you even apologizing when you are sponsoring a split of Nigeria and the same time undermining PMB in correcting the evils you perpetrated on Nigerians?

3.Why is everything connected to your party so fraudulent even up till now? You pretended that your presidential candidate in the last election will be elected but it turned out GEJ was selected by fraud.Now you say it was a mistake.Would you have said so if PMB had lost? Again to keep your members from the north you have thrown another red-herring into your polluted political waters by saying you have zoned the presidency to the North in 2019.In doing so you have pushed the interest of the Igbos in 2019 under the train while accusing PMB of being anti-igbo.Who is fooling whom?

4.What are the families of Nigerian graduates who lost their lives during your 419 Immigration arrangement to do with your useless apology now that you are out of power?When you were in power did you care? Why was Moro a minister until you were ousted? Did you care for the feelings of Nigerians?You are just deceiving yourselves.Nigerians will make sure that your boat sinks and never reappear again not even for 2019.

5.Is your recent behavior at the National Assembly not the exact reason Nigerians must reject your useless apology? Fraudulent election of officers based on non-existing rules and following an accused to court are also reasons why Nigerians must reject your deceitful apology in its entirety.

6.Where is the money you shared from several fraudulent schemes both nationally and in your well-endowed states when you were in power? Is your apology asking Nigerians to help you keep all the mind-boggling loot you were supposed to have used for the welfare of the same people you are apologizing to?Have you first asked them whether to return the loot or not before your so-called apology?

7.Please tell the world why your major sponsor Gov Akpabio was flown abroad after opening what he called a first-class hospital just a few weeks before his “accident”.Is that a first-class hospital or first-class robbery?

8.Where is your master-rigger Baba Anini? Does he think Nigerians whose destinies were damaged by his various fraudulent political schemes will accept your apology and let him rest in his old age to enjoy what has been stolen? God forbid!

9.Why are the noises being made by your Olisah Metuh and FFK since  the election  not risen above the quality of your election campaigns?During the election they asked Nigerians not to vote for PMB because his school certificate was missing and because he could not roam on FB and Twitter as they implied!They think attempting to embarrass PMB will change anything in the eyes of Nigerians. They failed to discuss cogent issues dear to the hearts of most Nigerians like food,transportation, housing, education  etc.One would have expected a serious party to use that as the basis for challenging PMB.But not PDP! They are doing things the way they are used to.Nigerians should therefore hope that when the PDP boat is fully under water there will come up a think-tank from its surviving members who can and who will give its phoenix a new brain to work with.

10.Lastly,throughout their 16 yrs the PDP never planned to give Nigerian graduates and the aged not even N500 but are pleased to criticized PMB on his offer of N5000.In their homes the PDP ROGUES IN POWER (RIP) were pounding yam with milk instead of water and never as a party thought of the weak in our society as their responsibility.They said they were going to rule Nigeria for a 100 years but God did not agree.They never thought of the breath of fresh air we now have.So let all Nigerians rise up with one voice and say “NO MAS!…PDP REST IN PEACE”.


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