1.This Ameachi, making front page against his enemies just any how!

2.Amaechi, don defeat him enemies for house.Ori e wambe.Anybody wey not happy should hug transformer.

3.Rotimi Amaechi, conqueror of the federal republic of the wailing wailers,pls makePDP fans no mad enter streets 2 today oh, cos the rate at which Amaechi is going, Yabaleft got more students to admit!!

4.Wike and PDP just inadvertently made this man a mystical legend out of their desperation to put him to shame.The hand of God is indeed upon the gentleman.Wike just bit more dust today.Eyaa. I hope that man doesn’t commit suicide oo because one can only take so much pain and still live to recall what he went through.#God bless Niger Delta First Son and the Lion of Africa.

5.Ask questions during screening una no gree ask.Sit down and scream . Una no fit.I think PDP senators are shy around Ameachi so they can’t express their feelings. grin.They only talk in his absence.It reminds me of a shy dude back in school that could not talk to a girl in her presence but will express his love when she is not around.

6.PDP playing politics with Amaechi after Wike’s defeat they remind me of one Elder Orubebe.All hail the lion of Africa on his confirmation!

7.Ameachi’s confirmation has put the final nail in PDP’s coffin. I can’t stop loving this man with a million lives…he does not go to battle to lose.

8.Seems PDP people don’t operate with their heads cos I can’t imagine same sets of people that shows massive solidarity to the Senate president who has been indicted and charged to court on corruption and criminal related matters are d same ones that want Amaechi nomination nullified based on same corruption related matters that has not even been taken to court, and can best besaid to have been made out of sentiments, bitterness and victimiZation.

9.WHEN YOU ATTACK SOMEBODY SO MUCH, YOU END UP MAKING HIM POPULAR. I SALUTE AMAECHI’S RESILIENCE! Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotomi Amaechi, God through him provided job for (1) 13,200 new teachers that resume their duty on October 2013, (2) 400 medical doctors (3) 300 nurses. Their employment was based on merit, not by who know who. Amaechi will help to solve the problem of unemployment in any ministry he will be posted to, most of his enemies are enemy of progress. Amaechi provided jobs, both for indigene and non indigene, that was one of the offense he committed, the employment was based on merit, that was another offense he committed, wicked ones may hate him, but almighty God love him, I personally like the man, because his is a good man.

10.PDP in the final throes of death, thats why you see them kick……….what should be felt for them is pity cos they are staring death in the face politically.

11.Is Ameachi corrupt because he abandon Jonathan or a saint because he followed Buhari?

12.Where are all the PDPigs and rats threatening fire and Brimstone that Ameachi will not be confirmed? Amaechi is not in the same league with all the PDPigs thieves in the Senate and their shameless sponsor WIKE who has now been sacked by the Tribunal. As things are now, Amaechi is a Minister of the the Federal Republic whilst the thief WIKE remains an impostor and an illegality in the State house in Rivers State because he stole the people’s mandate with his thugs.Somebody should tell WIKE and all his thugs to start packing their bags and relocate to OTUOKE

13.The PDPigs in the Senate have failed to stop Amaechi and they will continue to

fail……All the PDP senators are rogues, very corrupt, incompetent, they and their criminal pdp plus evil Jonathan ruined Nigeria for sixteen years which has set Nigeria back for at least fifty years. Let all the pep senators who are fools anyway publicly declare their assets if they have the fear of God but I know they can’t because all of them are not worthy to be in the Senate, they all belong to kuje prison. Governor Ameachi was one of the best governor in recent times and whatever portfolio he is given, he will add great value and perform excellently well. By the time evil diabolical corrupt wike goes to the Supreme Court, he will be out of a job, charged to court for corruption and murder.

14.The leader of the PDP and minority leader Akpabio has loads of petitions against him with the EFCC so why is he still functioning if Amechi’s nomination is to be deferred because of petitions?

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