It is interesting that former Governor Akpabio whose corruption allegations are being investigated by the EFCC but still enjoys the right to sit and participate in the legislative business at the Senate, for his being presumed innocent, until proved guilty by the court of law, is being used or using himself to deny his fellow ex-Governor Rotimi Amaechi the enjoyment of the same constitutional privilege. Not because Amaechi has also been invited by the EFCC, or is being investigated by any Government agencies having statutory power to do so, but because hehas been a nightmare to the PDP and he is key to occasion more shock to the health of the party.

Isn’t that interesting?

Akpabio and his co-travellers,exploiting the division in the governing party, aligned with Bukola Saraki to emerge as the Senate President. And this became a reality. As it is now,Abubakr Bukola Saraki is still having a case pending in court, he still enjoys presumption of innocence.

He is still the Senate President.

But Amaechi’ s adversaries are wielding a mischievous white paper orchestrated by the incumbent Governor of Rivers State,Nyesom Wike, to put noose round Rotimi Amaechi’s neck. The PDP has had their time,though they still live in the past.He who wants to come to equity must come with clean hands.I muse.

Isn’t this interesting?

Frustrated by the persistent failure of their conspiracies against Amaechi, and gripped by the fear of another defeat hovering torrentially over them ,they chose to give themselves a soft landing. They staged a walkout. So, the defeat was dignified by a walkout.

Again, collectively,they lost. He won.

Politics is also about alignment and realignment. And in this era of its crudeness , hardly can anything be divorced from it,especially in the scheming of politicians.

By engrlarex on NL

Amaechi never lose a battle… pick a fight with him, you will lose If you join him, you will be a winner, if you oppose him, he will destroy you. Many have tried. Former Governors Peter Odili and Celestine Omehia and the then seemingly powerful PDP faction tried and failed. Former President Goodluck Jonathan tried and failed as well. Honorable Evans Bipi and Honorable Ihunwo as well tried and failed.. CP Mbu of the Nigerian Police force also tried and failed. The One they call Mama Peace also tried and has failed. Akpabio has tried as well in the Senate and has failed, Even all the PDP Senators also tried, they all failed Also, This Man is unstoppable. The

Hand of the God’s are strong in his life. He is the Slayer of Wailers. The Lion of the tribe of Ubima, The King of the Niger Delta, A one man Army. What he sets his mind to he achieves. Rivers State would be liberated from the shackles of mediocrity and take its rightful place with the likes of Lagos and Abuja as one of the Top Cities in the Nation. but its an Awkward seeing people like Akpabio,Princess Odua, Joshua Dariye are among those that are staging a walk in the red chamber protesting against Amechi conformation as a minister, while they are among the most corrupt people in the history of Nigeria n politics.


1.You told him he used to wear only one shirt, look at you now ffk, he’s a govenor, he’s a minister.Battle of the 2015 presidential election campaigns director generals; Fani kayode directed the campaign for PDP’s loss of power after 16 years while Amaechi directed the campaign for APC’s first time in power. Fani kayode hush, the man Amaechi is greater than you!FFK your file shall be opened at the appointed time. Bloody political prostitute.

2.Wonders will never end, FFK, is like kettle calling pot black. On what ground is FFK talking? If he FFK can be minister of the Federal Republic then Rotimi Ameachi deserves more. FFK where is your own morals.?

3.FFK,ain’t u sure you are the ‘genuine’ omo ale JATIJATI, because I find it difficult to believe that you are from the ‘source’ since you can’t even spell/pronounce Yoruba words correctly.

4.Who gives a flying fRu©k what this fRu©king prostitute thinks or says. Shameless S,O,B!

5.omorrow FFK go still cum bow down and kiss Ameachi’s ass cuz he is a political begger; it’s either he’s begging for political appointment or begging for political attention. Werey man!

6.FFK is just a fRu©king political slut that likes to fRu©k with every Nigerian government in power.Abeg may dem tell FFK to retire as a prostitutian, Buhari APC government no go fu©k this expired used-an-dumped PDP ashewo..

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