1.Buhari is an evil man

2.We know. What else? Is that all you have to say? Is this what ur brain could put together?I pity for yu.

3.What else do u expect from a m.o.r.o.n?I know a guy that has suicide ropes. For you he will give you the ORIGINAL one for free of charge if only you promise to use it

4.PMB is old enough to be ur father, u called him evil,watch ur tongue….

5.Yes, he is an evil man trying to correct the wrongs done by “good” men

6.Why are people shouting Buhari …is Buhari now in the senate…or which Buhari are U talking about?

7.Its like APC even used this CCT trial as a setup/blackmail for Saraki. If he hadn’t letAmaechi go, his downfall would have been more epic than Oedipus and Odewale put together. Now that he has played the “game”, I reckon that CCT will go easy on him. Assuming my theory is correct then we have a case of high end politics! This is not corruption, it is the game of who thinks best and smart and Amaechi is the smartest Nigerian politician I know.If my theory is wrong, it simply means that Saraki is choosing a path and that path is the one he thinks will favor him more.

8.Tell Akpabio and Co to park well, not because they really can park well enough anyway.Akpabio and the PDP don’t know how to play the ‘okwe’. Those that know the game had since left the party!

9.PDF cant change tactics, that was how they attack PMP during campaign instead of promoting GEJ their candidate.And that is why they lost the election.PDP want to use a mere blackmail and allegations to achieve their revenge mission against Amaechi just because he played a prominent role in turning the biggest party in Africa to a mere regional party: Its like a party without brain so it can continue wailing till eternity.

10.Up APC. Up Amaechi, Up Saraki, Up Buhari, RIP 2 PDP

11.But u need PDP to enthrone a vibrant democracy in our country, if PDP dies, which other party do u have that could play strong opposition to APC as needed in a democratic government?

12.Some Nigerians confound me. The same ilk that were saying Saraki is not being witch haunted are now saying he’s to be forgiven because he has done his party’s bid!!When will Nigerians realize that this thing happening in this country is not APC vs PDP but Us vs Them; the politicians who use the masses knowing most are too gullible. Wake up Nigerians you have never benefited from your Councillor, LG Chairman, Senator  or House of Rep whether PDP OR APC.They care about themselves and we should hold them accountable not fighting ourselves.

13.PDP should go and die!!!!….they were worst in senate during their time…their suffering and humiliation has just begun!

14.In my opinion, Saraki didn’t do anything wrong here because, Senate issues are always voice vote, PDP walked out was act of foolishness since they didn’t ask Amechi questions on the day of screening and now they wanted to turn the red chamber into a market square.

15.I do not see the big deal in the confirmation of Amaechi as a minister. People should focus on other matters that are happening in the country. Its not like when he becomes a minister Nigeria will be a better place.

16.The president is right and meant well for Nigerians in chosing Amaechi, Nigeria has suffered so much in the hand of dual characters…PMB choose men who can stand  in the face of ugliness &we only need to see right in supporting the presidency

17.What a man soweth so shall he reap. PDP elected Saraki Senate President without APC senators;and today, APC senators confirmed Amaechi Minister without the PDP.This is a pure case of classic irony. The same PDP senators that publicly supported and gave Saraki vote of confidence in the face of his trial at CCT want to vilify Amaechi on the charges of “corruption “. Have they forgotten so soon?If u will remember, this was the same way Senator David mark overruled all point of oder raised in the floor of the senate and went ahead to confirm muslliu obanikoro few months ago. Remember Apc staged a walk Out and Pdp went ahead with the confirmation.What ever dirty politics u c today, is a brainchild of the bad foundation the PDP laid yearsago. My point is, do not bring PMB into legislative matters cos its not his business. After all he only submitted a name to the Senate to do the needful. Is he supposed to be there?? His Government remains an image of what he preaches, and can’t be compared to that of GEJ which is the father of the corruption part of which u may be seeing today. So pray for Buhari to succeed I bet u, all these will stop .

18.After all the drama. PDP senators could not bear to see Amaechi’s victory. They left. However Amaechi will still be a minister.PDP’s point is very weak as the Osun senator pointed out.Most of the senators are also being challenged in court, according to PDP those being challenged in court on the allegation of rigging have no business in the senate. Then most of them are guilty.

19.Tell those PDP SINators never to return to the SINate. They are no longer needed there. They can even go and die. Lest I forget, 25,000 PDPians left the sinking ship to APC today in Rivers.Wike is in soup!!Shame on Wike, Akpabio and Sekibo

20.My concern is that why did Ikeremadu refuse to join his PDP colleagues in the staged walkout to protect his position. Politicians!!! I fear una!!!

21.Ekweremadu is wise and smart. The other PDP senators are yet to come to terms that they are now in the minority. You can only be listened to while in the minority but the majority will always have their way.

22.The moral of the whole story here is,”he who is without sin should cast the first stone”. Na the change be this!


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