On the run Preacher, Prophet Uebert Angel has posted a picture of him and a man who Christians believe to be Jesus on his Instagram account.

The picture has a ‘bloody’ and ‘dejected’ looking ‘Jesus sitting next to Prophet Angel and seemingly receiving guidance from the Prophet.

Whilst the widely accepted view among Christians is that humans need Jesus, prophet Angel’s post. seems to imply that it is Jesus, instead, who needs him.

In the photoshopped picture, Jesus is portrayed as a piteous, frail man against a confident, healthier Prophet Angel who seems to be showing him the way by reading him some scriptures from the Holy Book.

As could be expected of sycophantic followers, Prophet Angel’s flock didn’t criticize the post, ‘liking’ it instead. The picture has over 628 likes as of the time of publishing.

Prophet angel whose ministry is now called GOOD NEWS CHURCH but still running under SPIRIT EMBASSY posted the picture with the caption, “Because of GOODNEWS, God’s MERCY met my MESS!!! #GoodNews#Guiltless


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