Are you serious and real politicians, say like Obama or Mrs Clinton? If you really are why have you and your cohorts ruined our country this bad? You have ruined the lives of your people and those of their children alive and yet to be born. You have taken all the wealth of this country and stuffed it in your foreign accounts. You have built mansions, palaces and look-alike castles. Some of you even built fortresses. In concert with your hangers-on and cohorts you have milked the country dry. The people are crying. Their children are weeping. And Buhari is having sleepless nights at Aso Rock trying to put your disgraceful history in perspective. Yet you are playing a destabilization game! You will NEVER succeed and God will give you F9 for the script and screenplay you are trying to force on Nigerians.

Many of you were not even elected but barged your ways in. I did not vote in the past 16 years for those you called Presidents until Buhari came along. My wife did not and many of my neighbors said they did not. One day this country will remove your shameless names from its political history. Any politician who cheated his way to power and still refused to serve our people will one day no longer be recognized or remembered in this country by God’s grace. Amen.

One day, Nigeria will remove all vestiges of your avarice, greed and corruption. One day this country and its citizens will refuse to be made fools of by your tribal cards. See the ruins you have brought on our people. Terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery,419, death on the Mediterranean Sea etc. You had the opportunity to take this country forward. You also had the opportunity to cement the different nations of this country. But you were too busy stealing its wealth, buying houses abroad and acquiring concubines like Ibori. Is he the only guilty politician? No, of course not. Some of you are worse and no matter the VOLUME OF DESTABILIZATION NOISES you make PMB must focus on the job that needs be done.

I repeat, one day this country will remove your corrupting names from its history. This country will start anew with devoted citizens. Your names will be dumped in the dustbin of history. We will develop this country and its people. We will be proud to hold high our heads outside this country as Nigerians. During your reigns of terror, Nigerians came to know about “cocaine,” “oil bunkering,” “area boys,” “settlement”. Yet we heard of “no child hungry” (where is the food?), “sustainable livelihoods”, “poverty alleviation”, “empowering or capacity -building of communities, families, and individuals and women” .

You also flashed and paraded many schemes or organizations such as:

Primary Health Care (PHC)
Agricultural Development Programme (ADP)
Family Economic Advancement Programme (FEAP)
Transformation Agenda
National Implementation Plan whose supposed theme was “Accelerating Development, Competitiveness and Wealth Creation”
Nigeria Vision 20: 2020
NEEDS…Home- grown poverty reduction strategy (PRSP)
SEEDS… State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy,
But what has any of them achieved while laced with endemic corruption from your forked tongues?

Many of you are blood sucking parasites of the economy. “Common” Nigerians became thinner by force whilst you stuffed your pockets and bank accounts. See your rosy cheeks filled with spoils of war on our people. You will not go scot-free. You will not live comfortably with your loot. Nigerians will collect it back some day. Whether with PMB or not. Whether in Australia or in Iceland. You will be hunted down like common criminals. Those bankers, lawyers, accountants, company secretaries who stole our wealth through connivance with you will be made to confess to Nigerians in the open. Or you think you can escape forever? No way!
God will not allow.

The cries of our people and their children and their babies are too loud. But you are deaf. You cannot hear and will not listen. Because you know the great injustice you have committed. You know the great harm you have perpetrated. It is too late to ask you to change. Your life is full of comfort. You cannot imagine, the pain, the grief, the sorrow of our citizens. Citizens who looked upon you with hope and faith that you would lead them to the promised land. Instead of the promised land our people are back in the Egypt of their lives with stiffer conditions. Food is expensive. Accommodation is expensive. Transportation system is expensive. Many of our cars are still second-hand and most of our people now wear second hand clothing including pants and bras. Electricity was worse than erratic. Fuel was scarce. The roads are still deathtrap. Armed robbers everywhere. Area boys anywhere. How can citizens live like this?

Why do cities attract rural people? It is because conditions in the countryside are worse. There is no better life in any rural area of Nigeria. You have deceived us. Your wives have deceived us. Your friends have deceived us. You have lied to us. Your wives have lied to us and your friends have lied to us. One day, this country will remove your names from its history. That day is coming. It is fast approaching with or without PMB. You will return the loot you have stolen reluctantly or at the point of death. You will cough out all our petrol dollars with which you have stuffed yourselves and your cohorts. On that day, this country will once and for all times remove your names from its history IJN. Amen.



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