1.Sir, you are indeed a noble soul, very rare to find in this generation. I wish most of our parents and elders were like you, how far advanced Africa would have grown. When I read all the battles you have fought I only wish I could be half the man you are in terms of integrity and moral upright. God Bless you

2.Interesting. Waiting for the next episodes

3. Dear Masiyiwa, I am a 30 year old Nigerian entrepreneur that is deeply touched by this story. I have been in shock since I stumbled upon this article early hours of today and been wondering is this not perhaps happening to many other companies who have also been seriously affected (another example is the Chams Plc Story), if this is happening to big corporates, what are the chances for young entrepreneurs like myself who have distruptive concepts that are in the pipeline and will soon come to fruition?
What if we become so big (which is our vision) and these people come after us as well?

4.Though I’ve read/heard only your own side of the story, if this is indeed the truth, the real truth, then you have lost nothing! You have earned for yourself a great and noble reward, gain what money cannot buy. Be steadfast therefore and be consistent for your effort shall not go un-noticed. You are the kind of leader every Nigerian or African should aspire to emulate.
Don’t be afraid. They can’t do anything to you. They will rot in jail, kill themselves for the same love of money they connive together to defraud others or institutions of.
In your own case, you will lie down on your bed, have a great rest and wake up in glory. Whereas they will not be able to sleep, and when they do, they will be tormented by the sheer load of their guilt and fear of the unknown, and then wake up into sheol.

5.I am deeply affected by your experiences in my country,Nigeria. What a shame. Any one who read those experiences knows whom you are talking about or referring to. Most are still around. Most are, even now, in the corridors or our government at the highest levels, influencing who are to be State Governors, Ministers and Heads of MDGs. Don’t you ever be discouraged or stop fighting corruption. Be strong.

6.Psalm 37 : 1 and 2 says “Do not fret because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut off like the grass, and wither as the green herb”.
The question to ask is Where is Ibori today? Keep being upright God will always vindicate you.

7.Cannot wait to read more of this.

8.Strive, reading this brings a feeling of admiration for you. It’s briliant that we can read this now, although I wish it came out earlier. Standing up for what is just, right and noble in the presence of God and in the business marketplace is rare and worthy of emulation. Corruption exorcism is essential for our development and its time to expose corrupt people and corrupt practices. Looking forward to part2.


10.Where do we send necessary info?


12.Worrisome however is the verifiable fact that he, still, is celebrated in his native Oghara, Delta State notwithstanding the conviction!

13.If I have such information, although I won’t be afraid to come out with it, I’ll still think not just twice, but a thousand times before doing so.

(About Deziani)
14.Quite instructive is the arrest. Baffling is the fact that she had previously worked for Shell where corporate ethics are, to an extent, enviable and in a very top capacity.What bothers one however is the footdrag characteristic of the Nigerian Anti-Corruption Agencies in cooperating with Agencies such as NCA in effectively prosecuting public officals who are apprehended for corruptly enrich themselves at public expense and returning the looted funds into the Nigerian State coffers.

15,This is thought-provoking and interesting. Waiting patiently for the next post… There is more that happens in the background that the public get to hear about with these “cabals” also able to sometimes buy the media to suit their purpose… Waiting for the next post sir!

16.Great Job Sir! Africa needs more people like you. You are a role model to the younger generation. God bless.

17.Thanks sir for posting this. I stand for truth!

18.There is always a day of reckoning . Corruption does not pay.

19.This is most revealing Strive.

20.This is very educating pls keep it up. you are building generations of young entrepreneurs after. thank you.

21.Its a terrible shame when Nigerians have to rely on the actions of foreign governments to help bring their criminal ‘untouchables’ to book. Ibori and Deziani were arrested in the UK by British operatives, even when everybody in Nigeria knew them to be totally complicit in terrible deals. Whyyyyyyy? Nigeria does not have to will and the nerve to do what she knows to be right? Maybe.


22.Nice of you putting all this in the open…i am a chartered accountant/chartered secretary in Nigeria who moved out of the “business industry” because of what i saw was going on.I WAS WORKING FOR A TOP ACCOUNTING FIRM and got to know how stupid illegal decisions were being taken by several businesses against shareholders like you who refused to be corrupt like them.Eventually i moved into secondary school education owned my own schools and left all behind ( and

But with our new government this is really the right time for those who know about what went on to join hands with you to clean the slate. Our government can now go after the governors involved but what about the professionals involved in the illegal sales of Econet interests? What about the solicitors,the auditors,the chartered accountants who gave “professional opinions” that all was well?.If these people are not prosecuted the politicians like those two governors will continue to have their ways.Some of those lawyers,accountants and company secretaries are registered in Nigeria, UK,and the US. They are also members of the international bodies of their professions.They must be hounded and brought to book like the UK solicitor.The focus must be on the politicians as well as all the so-called professionals involved

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