Afterthought 1

So many of you have shared stories and concerns about systemic corruption in your own countries. I’ve read them all. You’ve also asked what can be done to stop it. First, in your spirit, you must reflect and discern – is this action wrong or is it right? If you have to ask yourself, it often means you already know something is wrong. Do not ask yourself, “Does the end justify the means?” For a Christian, that is the wrong question. As I said in the opening post on this subject, CORRUPTION is CORRUPTION.

Spiritual Reflection

I could easily have agreed to pay the bribes and I would have remained in the company earning millions every year. My shares could have increased and I would have earned billions. It was all there for me. All I needed to do was to accept that the payments be made. After all, the money was not coming from my own pocket I also knew the price I and my company would have to pay:

-Lucrative contracts would be lost.
-Our reputation and prestige would be affected as these people would tell lies about the reasons we had to leave. They had powerful friends everywhere including some of the press;
-Many people would lose their jobs.
-My company could collapse.
-I faced personal danger.

Knowing all that, I still said NO!

In Matthew chapter 4, Satan says to Jesus, “If you bow down to me, I will give you all the kingdoms on earth and their wealth.”Those who engage in corruption ( or ignore it) have bowed down to Satan. Whenever I see someone who is corrupt, or chooses to be quiet about it, all I see is someone grovelling at the feet of Satan.

Let’s be the generation that fights corruption… and ends it! Will you join me?

Afterthought 2.

As I completed this post, a Nigerian former Minister of Oil has just been arrested in Britain this week, under the same law used against James Ibori. If you as a Nigerian have evidence in such matters, will you stand up, even in court, or are you afraid?

Afterthought 3.

The British counterparts of the EFCC were able to bring James Ibori and his associates to book (as you seen in one of the previous posts) because they were well supported by both the political and the judicial system in the UK. I also believe that much of the evidence to bring him down came from officers in EFCC who passed it on to the British knowing that their counterparts were better placed to bring him to book. In other countries, agencies like EFCC exist but for a completely different purpose…but that is for another day.

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