An irate Tsholotsho (Zimbabwe) woman nearly rendered her husband impotent after she grabbed his jewels and pulled them for a distance in full view of their children as punishment for cheating on her.

The man, Samson Ncube from Mcetshwa Village under Chief Sipepa, met his fate when his wife, Anna Dube, grabbed the same very body part he had strayed with after he reportedly spent days away from home.

Ncube claimed that as a result of the tug-of-war game where his wife pulled with his genitals, he had since temporarily suspended bedroom duties because of the excruciating pains he is going through.

Circumstances of the incident where a case of domestic violence nearly turned tragic are that on 20 September this year at around 7pm, Ncube who had spent days away from home arrived and his wife asked him where he had been.

It is reported that while they were still arguing, Ncube received a phone call and Dube put him to task asking him who had phoned.The former however, hit back

Ncube’s response did not, however, go down well with his wife leading the two parties exchanging harsh words.

The husband, who seems to know and fear the temper of his wife, reportedly went outside the house saying he wanted peace and would return when his wife’s rage cooled down but the incensed Dube followed him.

It is reported that while outside, Dube charged towards her husband and started assaulting him all over the body with a cooking stick.

As if the assault was not enough, Dube went on to grab his genitals before she repeatedly pulled them for a distance.

This reportedly happened in full view of the couple’s three children. After the incident, Ncube went and reported the matter to the police stating that his wife violently attacked him on his privates leading to her arrest.

However, Dube was saved from the humiliation of a trial before Tsholotsho resident magistrate Victor Mpofu after her husband decided to withdraw the charges before plea.

Source-B metro


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