“Touch not my anointed
And do my prophet no harm”…Psalm 105:14-15/1 Chronicles 16:22

The question to ask ourselves today is who is harming whom? The blessed flock or the anointed prophet? But let us assume that the quote was for anointed pastors of today.

So who are they and is the Holy Book passage  in reference to those of them we see today? Some of them go with muscular, gun – carrying, security men. Others smoked cocaine or marijuana and still do. Some of them dominate other peoples’ wives while adorned with Paris labels, Gucci shoes and Omega or Swatch designer wristwatches.

Think of the most expensive cars and fashionable buildings topped with out-of-this-world furniture. You’ll find these with many of them. This is not to mention their helicopters and helipads and the most luxurious holiday cruises in the world. But are these the faces Christianity want to be today? Are these whom Christ had in mind as the “meek” to inherit the kingdom of God? Most likely not!

Before LASAA came into being our streets were full of pastors posters with slogans proclaiming “Open Windows”, “Prosperity, Blessing and Success”, “Favor and Divine Fortune”. On billboards we recognize pastors and their wives but  neither see Christ nor the cross. The woman Rev. King dominated have copycat situations all over the country but many are not yet revealed.

Pastors in churches are “Holy Spirit- led” to pick any spinster as a future wife. And the same Holy Spirit is quoted when dumping her for a new or more attractive one who appears on the scene. Members are often “Spirit – led” to sweep and donate handsomely or even touch the garments or penis of their pastors or “holy man of God” for “spiritual blessings” or “divine healing”.

Members also call pastors their “Fathers in the Lord” even when such pastors are young enough to be their children or grandchildren. So, are these the ways to Heaven or Hades? If members dare raise questions they are either schooled on “faith” or nicely threatened to note what Psalm 105 says(above). In fact every nonsensical act has a covering quotation or misquotation. Every arrangee miracle has its interpretation or misrepresentation. So where will all these lead us to? Christ or the devil?

Why do our people especially women allow themselves to be continually fooled by these so-called “men of God”? Is it because of their nature or because they feel generally unsafe in our society? Do we men constitute so much threat to our women from their childhood through their growing years into their married lives that they always feel so unsafe and are usually susceptible to these devourers? Will our society ever really develop or move forward without doing something through legal and social adjustments to make our women feel safer and surer in our society? Considering their social importance are we not bloodying our own noses by not giving due regard and enough respect to our women?

Or is the problem from our education? Are we doing enough to emphasize the need for students to query things to the end? Are we emphasizing KNOWLEDGE above BELIEFS or vice-versa? Why must we ask people to always believe instead of knowing? Are the advances in sciences and technology based on knowledge or beliefs? Is not obvious that when “men of God” are subjected to the strictest proof of what they often say there will be more sanity and more faith in God?

If a “man of God” tells his congregation that he needs a “small aircraft” for propagation of the Gospel a counter information (indirect challenge) can be that even the Pope uses Alitalia Airlines for foreign journeys.These  should come easily to mind in view of the popes recent journeys. When we want to rush to carry bags for “men of God” the picture of the Pope carrying his own bag into the aircraft is also a good example for showing that faith does not mean servitude or slavery but respect for one another.

Why are we still doing those things that made it possible to enslave Africa? Why are we selling the independence of our minds to “men of God” for nothing resembling heaven? Most Christians agree that what is important is one’s personal relationship with God. We hear this all the time but when is it ever really put into practice?

Why should a secondary school or University drop out ask me to forget my life and university education in order to understand what he is saying about faith and God? So who educated me in the first instance? Or who gave me the faculty to reason, understand and succeed where he the “man of God” probably failed? Why should I be asked to throw away part of what is God – given to make me understand how God wants me to relate to him? It sounds and looks contradictory and stupid.

Do we still remember Ese’s encounters in a London Hotel with her “man of God”? Did anything happen after that? And what about the hostel collapse that led to over 100 deaths?What has happened to the “man of God” till now? Is that a case of “touch not my anointed” too? So, who will save our people from the tyranny of these “men of God”?

To worsen matters the assets bought or developed through members’ contributions, donations, tithes etc. are registered in their personal names or personal companies in the names of their family members. Their wives are appointed as Vice – Overseers, Treasurers or Successors – in title before “the man of God” passes on. Yet our most educated souls in these churches refuse to read between the lines or the implications of the writings on the walls.
If your church or “man of God” can be described today as stated above it is high time you start thinking of a way out. Would Jesus Christ have had so much misdemeanor and luxury while most of his followers wallow in poverty?.A big NO! Were horses not available when he rode a donkey?





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