“Buhari likes Fulani herdsmen” says a moron…Should he hate them?


fani omo ale ponbele, agba iya alai ni ronu ni e. Buhari loves his ppl and that is a crime ? get off the illicit substance u are on and prepare to go to jail, your case is not completely finished.

Dele Odugbemi

Femo is only making noise before he announces his defection to APC soon. Baba Obasanjo has once said that, he will sing your praises once you give him cash or an opportunity to make cool cash,so he will continue to issue all kinds of statements until thy kingdom come as long as APC government in Abuja decides to ignore him.


Fani Kayode the Lucifer! We should be careful of him. This guy has brainwave! Fulani herdsmen problem is a fall out of our myopia over time. You can talk if you are vegetarian but if you eat meat, then keep still.
Fulani used to roam the bush with their cattle during dry season in ages past, but they are now from January to December because of desertification.
Don’t say it is a northern people problem, it is oir problem. Past government including Buhari in 1983 forgot all these little problems them. They are now hurting us yet people are putting forward their primordial sentiments . Which one of us has benefited from Nigeria like FFK?
Please dont listen to him.
Fulani herdsmen used bow and arrows before but now use AK47. Who sold to them? I know all I am saying because I studied agriculture.

Ojokori Lucky

His father fueled the trouble in South West in 1966. Houses and properties were destroyed. Lives were lost. Wives became widows and husbands became widowers. Children became orphans. His father and his like kept their families abroad when West burnt! I am referring to Wild West…”Ogun Wetie”. That selfish agitation led us to where we are today. …… Only a fool will listen to the like of Femi Fanikayode whose trade is to create tribal sentiment and set the nation on fire! Have we forgotten his attack on Igbo when the last Lagos State Government repatriated some Igbo in Lagos? Methinks, we should not encourage the so called freedom of information and expression to put this country on fire.


i am not surprised. History told us that chief fani kayodes father contributed to wetie civil disturbance in the 1960s. like father like son


Before we go any further, Fani Kayode: who are your people? I hate to waste time on hypocrites! I do not see sincerity in anything that comes out of this man’s FB. These newspapers should stop visiting there!


Ode. Sometimes this man will sound like an intellectual just when you think he has gotten it right, he comes back with his stvpidity.Lol some !d!ots from alaigbo are co-signing him too.


What does this guy Femi Fani- Kayode smokes, he talks like a guy on heroine, the kidnapping of Chief Falae should be condemned by all and the perpetrators when arrested should be punished to the maximum punishment under the law whatsoever that is. But for anyone to now suggested that the president had hands in this kidnapping is insane. Why would the president want Falae kidnapped, what would it benefit the president and his government? Why would the president risk his mandate on kidnapping anybody for that matter, I never wanted to respond to anything Femi talks about but this stupidity and desperate quest for attention and relevance is inexcusable.


FFK!!! So you have started overdosing on cocaine again. If you don’t kill this habit, it will one day send you to join fani power untimely o.

Concerned Naija

Believe me, FFK is a lose canon…he should not represent any responsible organization.
His only advantage is his ability to say anything, correct or otherwise without giving a second thought. He opens is mouth and talks, irrespective of how logical or illogical what comes out is.


It is only a coward who seeks to tear people apart at every given opportunity. A real man acts on principle. These statements are unbecoming of a former minister of the federation. It shows how badly we have been led. If Buhari appoints this man as a minister now, FFK will say there is nothing better than being a Fulani. He is such a coward.

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