On Saraki’s travails

That Bukola Saraki was keenly and desperately ambitious to become the Senate President of the Eighth National Assembly from the blow of the whistle was an open secret. To realise his ambition, he capitalised on apparent error of omission or commission by the All Progressives Congress leaders on the inauguration day of the National Assembly.

Saraki’s assumption of the mantle of leadership of the Senate was not without blatant defiance of the APC leadership position on the subject matter. It however beat everybody’s imagination no sooner had Saraki been sworn in as Senate President than his wife was questioned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. Saraki himself is now in the news for an alleged false asset declaration. Not yet proved though, there is always an element of truth in every rumour.

While aspiring for the Senate Presidency, little did Saraki know President Muhammadu Buhari was going to be fully committed to righting the multiple wrongs that had drawn the nation backward socially, politically and economically for decades. Buhari is bent on clearing the cancerous rot in the system and the entire nation and even the whole world is firmly behind him.

The mention of Buhari’s name is the beginning of fear. And the fear of Buhari is the beginning of wisdom in Nigeria. The President has yet to appoint a Minister of Power and electricity supply is significantly improving tending towards relative stability. He has yet to appoint a Minister of Petroleum Resources, yet prices of petroleum products are bowing to the demand of natural deregulation.

Diesel is now being sold for plus or minus N110 per litre. Petrol, in some filling stations, now sell below the official price of N87 per litre. Somebody sometime ago asked Buhari to prove to Boko Haram that he is a soldier. Far beyond the era of having a free day, the insurgents now admit there is fire in the mountain. Who says the Buhari-led APC government is not bringing about unprecedented changes in the land? Any objection against the anti-corruption war being championed by the Buhari government would be strongly resisted by the Nigerian masses. Public office aspirants who admit self-guilt on corruption and whose cardboards are full of incriminating skeletons are advised to steer clear of Buhari’s government as there are no hidden places any longer.

Buhari has constituted a rampaging bulldozer against corrupt Nigerians and downtrodden Nigerian masses, shortchanged for long, are wholeheartedly behind him to succeed.

Matthew Adeleye,

Ota, Ogun State


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