Why I snubbed Code of Conduct Tribunal — Saraki

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has explained his decision to stay away from the Code of Conduct Tribunal on Friday, and has criticised the court’s decision to order his arrest.The chairman of the tribunal, Danladi Umar, issued a bench warrant against Mr. Saraki for not appearing to face a 13-count charge of corruption, brushing aside a Federal High Court order seeking to stop Mr. Saraki’s arraignment.
The Code of Conduct Bureau had slammed a 13-count charge of corruption on Mr. Saraki.In charge number ABT/01/15, Mr. Saraki is accused of offences ranging from anticipatory declaration of assets to making false declaration of assets in forms he filed before the Code of Conduct Bureau while he was governor of Kwara state.The Senate President is also accused of failing to declare some assets he acquired while in office as governor, acquiring assets beyond his legitimate earnings, and operating foreign accounts while being a public officer – governor and senator.

In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Yusuph Olaniyonu, Mr. Saraki said he refused to appear before the tribunal relying on an order issued by a Federal High Court on Thursday, directing that the case against him be halted.He accused the tribunal of pursuing a political agenda, and said he was certain the court would give him justice.


1.Snubbing the CCB is like telling the whole country that we should go to hell. Either you are going to get fair hearing or not, please go and clear your name at the CCB. Please cooperate to build an enduring democracy in Nigeria. If you are not satisfied with the judgment of the CCB, please go to the Federal Appeal court, if you are still not satisfied, please approach the supreme court. Staying away from the court to clear your name is an affront on the Nigerian people which should not be seen in a senate president.

2.”We want to “emphasize” the fact that this is not part of any war against corruption but using state institutions to fight political opponents and seeking to achieve through the back door what some people cannot get through democratic process.”…Democratic process? Saraki, hold on. Your ascent to this post was more by subterfuge than by a honest, clean and above board process!Talking about opponents, I thought you are a bona fide member of APC!Who is your political opponent?Is it PDP your former party that you left in shambles but later coerced its messed up members to help you usurp power as Senate leader or APC, the party that you shunned and totally disobeyed its directive only to flippantly and derogatorily suggest that VP Osibanjo, is a common Commissioner? Lesson for today – Galloping ambition especially fueled by greed and graft does not go far!

3.Tales by moonlight. Ole Saraki, be man enough to go and enter your plea in front of the Tribunal if not no Nigerian would henceforth appear before your yeye senate when summoned and would cite your case as precedence; every Nigerian would now claim he’s being witch-hunted !

4.The bench warrant for Saraki’s arrest was issued several hours ago. So what is keeping the law enforcement agencies from arresting him? Why is this man that thinks he is the law onto himself still blabbing? Mr. IGP, we are watching!

5. My unsolicited advice to Saraki:Don’t just fight for yourself; fight for everybody that Buhari is harming: women, The South East, The South West, other political opponents of Buhari, including the PDP.You have many options. You may even attempt to remove him from office via impeachment. Even if it fails, you can give him a bloody nose in the process.But especially, DO NOT rubber stamp his cabinet appointments. Do a thorough job. At least, now you know, and via counsel, you have asserted that he is not a changed man, that indeed you are a victim of his unconstitutional tendencies. Rise up and work for Nigeria as a whole. I will be watching. Especially, if you have bigger aspirations, this is your chance to prove yourself.Good luck!

6.Bukola Saraki,you can continue to run from pillar to post,just know that nemesis is approaching and will soon catch up with you.What goes round comes around,the spirit of the people that you made their lives miserable through governance and Societe Generale Bank bankruptcy will not allow you get out of this quagmire you put yourself,olee,jaguda,firindioke,alokiolohun kigbe!!!

7.The likes of Dr. Bukola Saraki have continually resorted into arbitrary rhetoric anytime they are called upon by the law to answer to their fathers’ names. They continue to lie about loving “rule of law” when they know quite well that they cannot last one day under the full glare of the so-called “rule of law.” These are kings of the jungle where there is no law. Can you believe a sitting Senate President running away from the law? Truth be told Senator, you are not better than any other Nigerian. In fact you are a coward. The money, power, and political office you have held and are still holding belong to the people of Nigeria. One of our institutions (CCB) is calling upon you to come and answer some questions regarding some of your actions while in office and the only incoherent psychobabble defense from you is “witch hunting.” Take your “witch” to the Bureau so that we can stop “hunting” it. The question to you Sir is: Where were the witches when you are filing those forms? Are you in your right mind when you’re perjuring yourself? Do you even know that you are breaking the law? These are the issues. Stop this kabuki dance and come out of hiding like a man. Thumbing your nose at the CCB will not do you or Nigeria any good. Go out there and make your father proud. This “baby” is yours, stop looking for another illegitimate surrogate.

8.”…We are however dismayed that the Tribunal chose to disregard the order of the Federal High Court and the motion to suspend hearing…”@Babatunde, I am not a lawyer but only watching from the sideline. Please enlighten me, does the CCB have the right to go ahead with today’s proceedings when it has already been served an order?

9.The answer to your question lies in what Saraki did after the CCT issued a bench warrant for his arrest today. What did he do? he filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals: one of only 2 arms of the Judiciary(the other being the SC of Nigeria) that can halt/overturn the action(s) of the CCT or a FHC (which are both on the same level of hierarchy in the Nigerian judicial system). Ironically Saraki should have appealed to the Court of Appeals from the on-start not a FHC.. I suspect one of the reasons why the CCB’s indictment & start of trial were so close together was to prevent “forum-shopping” such as we have seen Saraki engage in. What happens on Monday will tell a lot about the direction Nigeria is headed.

10.What are they waiting for? IG. Of police should arrest Saraki immediately.I want to see a picture of Rogue Saraki in handcuffs.

11.The FHC has no right over CCT and Saraki was only forum shopping to buy time.

12.A case was filed against you but because you don’t like “the manner in which the case was filed”, you decide to disregard your court date and instead find a better court to judge you?? or a better prosecutor to refile the case in a way that serves you? or do you want to file the case against you by yourself? See me see trouble o!When did defendants start dictating how a case is filed against them?If you have an appointment to appear before a judge on a specified date and you don’t show up. It means the court has no more confidence in you as an honorable individual, hence the order to law enforcement agents to catch and hold you until the Judge can see you.Are there legal reasons the court will take into consideration for your ‘no show’? Of course! There are lots of them. Sadly, legal advice you receive from your lawyer is not one of them. If your lawyer tells you to put your hand in.

13.Bukola Saraki has to stop making fun of our legal system. The best thing to do is to confront the charges and prove his innocence. The idea of avoiding justice perpetually may have expired for him and any lawyer advising him should do him a favour and make him face reality.

14.I am ashamed that our senate president and his lawyer a SAN and the federal high court judge do not know that code of conduct tribunal CCT and the Fed high court have same powers. Thus it was the height of ignorance for the high court judge to order CCT judge to appear before him. It was indeed a shame.

15.Saraki has effectively put Nigeria in the dock. So he is now the judge and jury of his own case? Another four years of Jonathan Goodluck, and Saraki would have been Emperor of Nigeria.


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