16.The era of perpetuating impunity is over, using one court to stop another court belong to the past when a confused and indicisive president Jona of PDP was in charge . For your information , the court under which you are hiding has no power to stop this Tribunal . You either appear before Tribunal Judge by yourself or u be in chain in the court, what is good for the geese is also good for the gander. No more bigman’s law , but same law for the rich and poor , high and low, connected and lonely. The change is here.

17.Saraki, the senate president (Head law maker), but has now turned to head law breaker. How did we get it so wrong to allow the REJECTS of the society to become leaders of our society.

18.Mr. Saraki, all these are tales by the moonlight.Mr. Tinubu was dragged before the same body under the GEJ regime and he did not make any noise. He simply went there and defended himself.We are neither impressed nor amused by these newsportal defence statements you have been issuing. Whether it is political or not, all we need you to do is to simply step into the dock and enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.Anything short of this, na vendor’s noise!

19.I am surprised the media houses are serving as stenographer for Saraki. The explanation given make no sense whatsoever.A senate President that believe the law is made for others not him. Well, his chicken has finally come home to roost.Once police receive the bench warrant, they should arrest him and lock him up in Kuje till Monday.

20.Chief Kay, I weak o! What is the meaning of all these long statements and explanation by Saraki? So, he actually admitted that his sole purpose of going to the Fed High Court was to find a clever way of avoiding answering to charges in the CCT? That is not how the law works regardless it has been that way in the past.

21.Saraki, you deserve nobody’s sympathy and you shall receive none. You believe you are bigger than Nigeria, abi? No one stopped your trial. People have been invited to come and show cause why the trial should not be stopped. It is not synonymous with stopping the trial. Your lawyers were in court were they not? Then you should have been there too. If you are arrested and detained, it is all due to your intransigence and pride. Sebi you said the VP was a common commissioner when you were Governor. You will soon learn that levels change to the point that a common thief, like you, can become a so called Senate President. Tufiakwa!

22.Saraki as 2013, declared an asset of 10.3b naira as documented in yesterday’s – Premium Times…waaooh! Hardly can you find a European president or prime minister, who has asset value in millions.Without getting rid of Saraki and his likes our nation will never develop.

23.Hon.Saraki,always remember you are no more operating at local level again where you decided their fate on your own without any objection. Please respect your political position and surrender yourself to rule of law.

24.Mr Saraki just obey the law because the law has no respect for anybody. And is too difficult for most Nigerian leader to resign honourable. Nigeria lawyers are the brain behind corruption in Nigerian

25.Mr Senate President, let me give you a Professional advice! Never accept any suggestion from a lawyer counsel, without discussing with a layman friend cos in most cases, it is their pocket that matters to them.

26.The Senate President’s office should tell the world if they believe the Federal High Court is superior to the Code of Conduct Tribunal!

27.Dr. Bukola Saraki has no excuse not to produce himself before the tribunal especially when it is now been ascertained the tribunal is on the same footing with the high court. Nobody, and I say it again Nobody is above the law unless the person has got immunity under the constitution. The supremacy of the law must be maintained all time unless we want anarchy to creep in and destroy our country and if this should happen people like Saraki will be the first to run away from the country. It not for Saraki to decide which court he wants to appear before, this sort of behavior must be condemned by all well meaning Nigerians. Saraki is ready to show off as the senate president but he is above the same law which made him one. This is absolute disgrace.

28.Our senate president needs to be beyond reproach. How would people believe or respect a poacher who suddenly becomes a game keeper? Why would people obey or respect our laws if they were made by a body led by a law breaker?

29.Only the Court of Appeal can restrain a CCT ruling, not a High Court.Saraki was fishing in the wrong pool.Arase, go get him

30..The shallowness of Saraki is as follows:

a.I will like to see how or why Lamorde should appear before the same lawbreaker.
b.With the ongoing power probe, I will like to see how OBJ or anyone will appear before the house.
c.He simply has shown Nigerians that nobody will appear before them ever again and the same laws that the make will be freely broken.
d.CONCLUSION:I hereby move the motion for the disbandment of our NASS…those for say Aye, those against Say Nay!…Gbam the Ayes have it!

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