Man United hero Roy Keane reveals why Arsenal will always struggle in Europe
ARSENAL are weak in the centre and will come up short again as the Champions League goes on, according to Roy Keane.

 Keane believes Arsenal’s weaknesses were exposed by the Croatian side – and will be again and again.”It’s what I expect from Arsenal, they are short,” Keane said on ITV.”Looking at the spine of the team, the players in the middle of the park.”They were up against it down to 10 men but roll up your sleeves and get the job done. You feel Arsenal have a weakness through them.


1.Motor mouth Keane at it again i see, he needs to look at his own fantastic managerial record over the last few seasons before he even dares to criticise top managers like Wenger. It’s comical, it really is!What about Man Utd? Where was their character when Shaw broke his leg? What about Man City losing despite leading. Where was their character?

2.Roy loves headlines about himself especially his dumb ass comments.So Arsenal do not need more of the same, technical excellence and physical brittleness. They need a bastard as a manager LIKE ROY KEANE…not so?

3.If Roy Keane takes over, Arsenal won’t even have the chance to smell Europa League.If Roy Keane can, then Paul Schole also can….hahaha!

4.Roy Keane,who cares what he thinks? He’s never had anything worthwhile to say.He’s actually just as boring off screen as he is on it! He should engage his brain before opening his mouth.

5.What rubbish Keane! You still have not learned to keep it closed. One of the reasons old whiskey nose let you go same in saipan you could not keep it closed.Well, most of us know very well that you’ve got a big useless mouth organ !!

6.Roy is at his best when he says what he thinks of the current Utd team, he thinks they’re ****. The NEW Liverpool!

7.Motor mouth Keane at it again i see, he needs to look at his own fantastic managerial record over the last few seasons. Before he even dares to criticise top managers like Wenger .It’s comical. It really is!

8.First and foremost the English clubs have disappointed in Europe on the opening match day and it would be unfair to just single out Arsenal. With the exception of Chelsea every British team under-performed….There’s something going on. All English clubs lost 2:1 besides Chelsea. Stop criticising Arsenal. I’m a united fan, and don’t think its fair if all other clubs did the same dance.

9.Where was Keane when Manutd. lost to PSV? If Wolfsburg wins against Manutd you will not see him anywhere but he will ready to criticize Arsenal the next day..All the teams in the EPL lost this week except Chelsea.So why is Arsenals defeat so high a point of a subject matter?

10.So is this the same Keane who is giving advice about managing,?The one who was booted out at Sunderland and Ipswich because he proved he was a loser?

11.Absolutely, Roy. Your opinion is fully respectable, seeing as you managed to win a trophy as a manager. Oh wait..No wonder you were always fired as a coach.

12.Roy, what about your beloved Man U lost to PSV which is smaller team than Zagreb traditionally has often qualified for CL which PSV does once in 10 years. You see it in CL groups or United cant be criticised ? Oh no its DM united , as an arsenal fan they need improvements but i stand with Arsene he made me fall in love with football.Who doesn’t isn’t an Arsenal fan.

13.If Arsenal celebrates for qualifying to quarter-final, Roy Keane will say:” Arsenal need a reality check, they celebrate like winning the CL.”…If Arsenal celebrates for winning CL, Roy Keane will again say :” Arsenal need a reality check, they celebrate like winning more European Cups than Real Madrid.”…Not so?

14.Roy Keane accuses team/players of ‘lacking desire’ Who would ever have thought of it? I’ve not heard him use that line since, well the last time he was on TV actually. The bloke is an ignorant dinosaur who just churns out his well worn cliches, takes his fee and goes home.

15.There are no bounds to the wisdom of Roy Keane. A total failure in management.He has struggled with booze over the years and still does.Keane obviously hates Arsenal. Always ready to bash them.

16.Roy Keane will always be jealous because he was more interested in kicking people than playing the game.

17.Roy Keane, fantastic player, big mouth, leg breaking tackle. Mind your own business and look at the faults in your own team.

18.City lost 2-1 at home with eleven men despite leading, no one says anything. Man U does the same away nobody says anything. But with Arsenal everyone including drunkard Keane has an opinion. First Arsenal couldn’t win a cup and now Arsenal can win the FA cup cause nobody wants it.

19.It was an unfair red card. Wenger has an important game on Saturday and he rotated some players which they let him down! Dinamo Zagreb have not lost a home match for almost a year in all competitions and are a very good side! Wenger did not prepare tactically and paid the price, unfortunately luck hasn’t helped Arsenal in Europe with red cards for many years now! Arsenal will thrash this team at home and go through. Can’t say any English side shone in this first leg, City and United were worse given they have more expensive squads now! Chelsea beat a side that I never heard of! Good luck Arsenal.

20.They lost 2-1 away from home, after playing over half of the match with 10 men, and now there’s all this overreaction and panic? Hopefully it can be turned around over the next games. Resting key players may not have been a good idea, but we play Chelsea on Saturday!

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