Recently, someone wrote that corruption will not fold its arms and let itself get pushed around by PMB.The writer is of the opinion that Aso Rock should get ready for anything including a coup d’état which he did not mention by name.Other means of dealing with PMB can be by food/drink poisoning or the type of murder used by the Russians to cut down state opponents.Another is by assassination the way a former Egyptian president was killed at a parade.

One more thing to remember is that even if PMB manages to escape all these his age was going to become a significant factor 4 years from now.So there were going to be continuity issues unless Nigeria can achieve an auto-pilot state of PMB’s mind by 2019.But how are we going to do this? Our proposals are as follows:

1.We often complain about lack of proper leadership for our country.

2.We often say that there would have been no need for militancy in the Niger-Delta or Boko Haram in the North-East if those at the top had been straight forward.

3.We say corrupt leadership especially by politicians has led to poverty of our masses,police corruption,lack of electricity,bad roads,kidnappings and even armed robbery.

4.But now we have PMB,a no-nonsense leader we had always wanted.A leader who can prosecute even his wife or relation if either steps out of turn.

5.Now electricity supply is improving and war has begun on corruption starting from the NNPC.

6.Now,costly financial jamborees to Mecca,Israel,US and UK have been slapped on their faces.

7.But can a tree make a forest? Can PMB alone fix Nigeria? Should we not all think about how we can fall in line with him? Is it not right to think WHAT WE CAN DO FOR OUR COUNTRY BY RE-ORIENTATION OF OUR MINDS?

8.Can we change our mentality about little things in our daily lives which really amount to corruption and breaking of laws? Is it not time we allow institutions grow from within our very minds? IS IT NOT TIME TO BE POLITICALLY BORN AGAIN FROM OUR OWN HEARTS?

9.Stop offering bribes no matter how small! Stop taking bribes no matter how big! Stop thinking small.Stop thinking about your corners only.Stop building palaces near dilapidated roads and junk environment.Stop wanting to get rich by miracles and little effort.Let us decide to raise our statuses in life not by 419,armed robbery,one chance,connections to “big men” and definitely not by bribery and corruption.

10.Whether we do well in life or not is not in the hands of people we think we have networked for corruption but through having institutions that are working and can last to sustain our children and their own.

These are the best ways to say SAI BABA to PMB. Let us support our President against Bishop Kukah and his likes.

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