PDP to APC: Explain why Patience Jonathan was humiliated at Port Harcourt airport…NEWS

“The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has asked the All Progressives Congress, APC, to stop dodging issues but make haste to provide answers to burning national issues that border on the government’s lack of transparency, abuse of power, dwindling economy, escalating insecurity and apparent failure of governance since it assumed power at the center….The APC failed to address the issue of the recent organized public harassment and humiliation against the immediate-past First Lady and wife of the former President, Dame Patience Jonathan, at the Port Harcourt airport obviously organized and orchestrated by the Director of Protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Husseini, who cited ‘order from above’ in his direct threats and insults to the former First Lady on phone…”-Metuh

1.What issues of governance is this Metuh talking about? Something is definitely wrong with this fellow.

2.Metuh, u are just wasting your energy and time. The PDP tycoons and the NWC had made their billions and allow you to rubbish yourself with empty pocket and sleepless nights going through APC. No matter what you say, Nigerians. still feel more comfortable APC than the lawless rule of 16 years of PDP.

3.Lai Muhammed said Metuh need to go and learn how to be a good representative of a vibrant opposition. Is Metuh saying Patience is a national issue. He must be stupid.

4.Metuh should ask Google his questions, when they were in power they were not accountable to anybody.

5.It’s indecorous when a person appears to ridicule or insult the president for no just course. It’s worse when the allegations appear empty. Even in politics there should be decorum and decency.

6.The man is just an irelevant distraction, looking for cheap popularity.

7.Mr metuh or whatever name u are called, u better contact a brain specialist cause u have run mad.

8.Hello …..hello…… Mr Olisa Metuh perhaps you could help us locate all the Billions of dollars that went AWOL during your party’s stewardship ……. all your hullabaloo will only confirm your psychotic tendencies…..and un-necessary distraction which you have become.

9.Olisa metuh the most shameless adult a man with his brain in his hand.

10.That woman does not deserve respect from any sensible and patriotic Nigerian. Any time I luk at Mr Jonathan on tv, I see a person who is innocent, harmless, but with a limited capacity to carry out the responsibility that God has thrusted on him. The kind of allegations that are circulating in the rumour mill on how the woman interfered in the administration of Nigeria from appointments, to contracts, to matters as mundane as who sees the President only strengthens the fact Mr Jonathan was actually a hostage in the villa. Hear, this PDP man! If he goes back 3 months it will be clear to him that all the things he accused the APC of were exactly what they did to this country. But with a President that has impeccable integrity, fairness who is in control of his domestic environment Nigerians have no reason fear the kind of things that this chap who has abused virtually every person that has decided to follow their conscious during the campaigns.

11.i am not an APC member…but it is disgusting to remember that Metuh and gang decided to cripple PMB’S govt by stealing so much money…lets address that first…PMB has spent almost half of the time looking for money not to prosecute them but to run govt on a daily basis…Metuh’s tricks will not work and those abusing him are correct.

12.The difference between APC being an opposition party and PDP being an opposition party is that APC attacked with facts at a weak govt.They attacked relevant issues. PDP just dey bark up and down, they are learning how to be the opposition.


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