I regret coming from Bayelsa State says Emmanuel, not because Bayelsa is bad as a state, but because the man (Goodluck Jonathan) who gives Nigerians so much pain and an unprecedented failure is from Bayelsa.

It is no longer news that Nigerians are already waiting to cast their vote against President Jonathan in 2015 even in Bayelsa state where the president came from, i.e. if he eventually stand as a candidate at the poll.

I can tell you authoritatively, any party that field Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 will lose woefully, as President Jonathan will be first person in the history of Nigeria to lose with such magnitude of votes despite being a sitting president irrespective of the rigging.
This explains the reason the ruling people democratic party (PDP) are working to make sure Jonathan never contests the 2015 election under their party, as a Goodluck candidature means a bad luck for the party.

You can only rig where you are popular, but as for Goodluck Jonathan, he his only popular within the militants in Niger Delta region and Nigeria don’t want to share the militant votes with him.

If you think I am mistaken, how come only militants speak for Goodluck Jonathan’s return in 2015? Have you seen any sane and reasonable person advocate for the return of Jonathan? Never. Only the militants living in the creek of the Niger delta like Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, Edwin Clark and co who have collected oil contracts from the federal Government since the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan as president.

Of course, they must try to protect their juicy contracts by issuing threat to anyone who tries to prevent them for further enjoying the dividends of their contracts, but trust them; they know what they are doing. As soon as another person promises them a more juicy contracts, all their threats becomes an act in our dear Nollywood movie.

In addition, I read a threat report on the social media some days ago, were some militants in the Niger delta region were threatening secession should Goodluck Jonathan not come back in 2015, but I categorized such threat as a bear parlour threat. What can a militant not say when he is high on ogogoro?

The threat issued by the militants and its source, like the many others before it actually confirms my earlier position that Goodluck Jonathan is only popular among the militants. No wonder, the militants said in their threat message that they will create their own country where Goodluck Jonathan will become their president and commander-in-chief. But I wonder, which country did they want to create again, the militancy is a country of its own, and the creek they leave is their abode, with Goodluck Jonathan as the commander-in-chief of the militants. This is not a new thing; because as it stands, we know Jonathan is a double president, the president of Nigeria and the commander-in-chief of the militants.

Nobody in Nigeria want to be associated with failure, hence, nobody want to associate with the symbol of failure which Jonathan represents in his leadership of Nigeria except the militants who have themselves lost hope in life.

Take it or leave it, no sane Nigerian will ask Jonathan to come back in 2015, no sane Nigerian will ever support him and no sane Nigerian cares weather he contests or not, what every Nigerian cares about at this moment is to get rid of Jonathan .
Generally, If Jonathan excrete without cleaning up from the toilet, he will accuse the opposition for taking the tissue, if he eats without drinking water, he will accuse the opposition for making water unavailable, if he his cited in the militants creek, he will blame the opposition for not creating road to the airport and if he fails to honour the government agreement with ASUU after 4 years of patience, he will accuse ASUU for going on strike.

It is worth to note that, Nigerians don’t know who to vote for in 2015 yet, but they very certain and convinced of who not to vote for, and that is Goodluck Jonathan.

What i keep wondering about is, how did Nigerians come to dislike this man who once sang a chorus of i have no shoe to them some years ago within this very short period? Right before my eyes, over 95% of the hard-core Jonathan supporters I know prior to his election in 2011 had suddenly turned to be the most hard-core anti-Jonathan, even beyond people like me who knew from the beginning that this Otuoke man will be a major disaster.

However, Despite Jonathan’s massive and unprecedented failure which is self-evident and glaring beyond any sane and reasonable doubts, we still have some bad eggs, which prefer to hold unto falsehood and failure in the name of loyalty to one’s tribe, ethnic group or religion. They try to justify every failure, though it is unjustifiable.

My question is, why has almost everyone in the 6 geo-political zones of Nigeria understood that president Goodluck Jonathan is the worst thing that could ever happen to any country, except the few Niger delta Militants and some few other people that are either benefiting directly from the government or are blinded by ethnicity and religion?
Are these few pro Jonathan’s blind? Can’t they see that Jonathan represents a permanent poverty, permanent unemployment, permanent insecurity, permanent backwardness and as it was said, a permanent cluelessness for Nigeria?
I don’t want to believe they are blind to his massive unparalleled and unequal failure in the history of Nigeria, they just decided to follow the blind man until he falls into the pit.
This is a president that gave Nigerians irrespective of their tribe, religion or locations more pain, more death, more hardship, more violation, more corruption, more lawlessness, more embarrassment, more disappointments, more cluelessness, more failure, more shame and most especially, more hopelessness.
I know that to President Goodluck Jonathan and the Niger Delta militants, the 2015 election is a do or die affairs and a matter of life and death, but let me tell them, if they want to die, let them do it gentle, Nigerians will never return this failure called Jonathan in 2015. If they want to live, let us live together in peace, but if they want to die, they will do it alone.
Let them continue to issue war threats and threaten to secede if they like, Nigeria shall get rid of their failure called Jonathan and we shall remain united in peace and unity.
Some months ago while having a chat online, A friend of mine who happens to be from Bayelsa state said to me, i regret coming from Bayelsa State, not because Bayelsa is bad as a state, but because the man (Goodluck Jonathan) who give Nigerians so much pain and an unprecedented failure is from Bayelsa.

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