MAN STABS WIFE FOR 'BEDDING' SCHOOL HEAD!A NEIGHBOURHOOD watch committee member from Mangwe will spend the next 14 months in prison for stabbing his wife on the forehead with a knife after accusing her of bedding a local headmaster.

Vincent Ncube, 42, who had initially denied stabbing Sithandazile Ndebele, 38, claimed that he only slapped her in the face and whipped her with a switch after he found her at the headmaster’s house.

Ncube was convicted of assault by Plumtree magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa due to overwhelming evidence.

Ruvetsa sentenced Ncube to 20 months imprisonment of which six months were suspended for five years on condition that he does not, within that period, commit a similar offence.

In passing the sentence, Ruvetsa told the neighbourhood watch committee member that he had committed a severe offence.

He also told Ncube that his wife’s alleged adultery did not justify his violent actions.

Ncube told the court that he caught his wife in the act.

“I arrived home one night and found my children alone. They told me that my wife had gone to her cousin’s house. I went after her only to find her at the headmaster’s house.

“I peeped through the window and saw her. When I confronted her, she ran away going home. I beat her up when I caught up with her. She later confessed that she and the headmaster were having an affair. She told me that they met while she was selling vegetables,” he said.

Ncube who tried to justify his actions said his wife was a loose woman as she was once impregnated by their neighbour while he was away in South Africa.

He said his wife gave birth prematurely and buried the child without his knowledge. Ncube also said he was not the father of her last born child but his nephew was.

Ndebele, who denied having an extra marital affair, said she only fled to the headmaster’s house which is about three kilometres from their homestead after her husband confronted her.

Prosecuting, Jane Phiri told how Ncube stabbed his wife on July 1 last year.

“The complainant had a misunderstanding with her husband who was accusing her of having an extra marital affair. Ncube then assaulted his wife with a knobkerrie and stabbed her once in the forehead with a knife,” she said.

Phiri said Ncube then dragged his wife by the arm into a bushy area where he wanted to chop her with an axe. Neighbours came to her rescue and restrained Ncube.

Ncube was immediately arrested.


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