The Nigerian Army said on Sunday that it had taken over the security of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) pipelines in the Lagos area, along with the Nigerian Navy, and craved the maximum cooperation of host communities.

Colonel Mustapha Anka, the Director, Army Public Relations, 81 Division of the Nigerian Army in Lagos, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Anka said the joint operation, code named: “Operation Awase,” was set up to tackle the vandalism of the NNPC pipelines in Majidun, Ikorodu and other parts of the state.


1.Good development!!

2.Imagine PDP won the election some agbero would have been left with the duty of guilding the billions of naira projects

3.Now I know Nigeria has a government. Thank God it’s not the clueless one any longer can’t just understand why a sensible government will give the security need of a whole country in the hand of ordinary touts and criminals

4.Saboteurs within the army & navy patrols should be watched of for. I think they should be closely checked by external monitoring team occasionally.

5.Good no more job for outlaws

6.Those soldiers don hammer

7.What was so difficult about this directive that tied Jona’s hands that all he sang throughout 5+yrs was CABAL.It would never cease to baffle sane minds the reason he thought criminals were the best to entrust security to…

Anyway, he wasn’t termed clueless just for the fun of it. cool

8.This is how a serious country should operate

9.That is how it ought to be….the military not militias!

10.Buhari means business. The government of Jonathan lived on excuses. How can a government whose major source of fund is crude keep crying crude is stolen? Thank goodness that the man was removed.God bless the President.

11.Yet a so called Phd holder couldn’t figure this out.Sai baba.

12.Although am from niger delta.I tink dis is a gd step taken by bubu himself.


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