1.AISHA BUHARI’S INAUGURATION WRISTWATCH COST £34,500 (N10, 453,000)…Breaking Times

Find below the truth after a fact-check


While various news sites and gossips blog have reported that the Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch wore by President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife to the inauguration which held on Friday, May 29th 2015 cost £34,500 which equivalent rate of N303 to £1 is N10, 453, 000 (Ten Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Three Thousand Naira), Secrets Reporters can authoritatively report that the watch worn by the First Lady is not near the amount.

The same Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch comes in a case made of rhodiumised white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds while the side of the case is an octagonal crown set with a diamond is just $129. The watch case is 44mm high, 35mm wide and 10mm thick and is covered by glare-proof sapphire crystal glass.

Our investigations on search engines revealed that there are exactly same watches of same make but with different prices with Buhari’s wife going for the least of them.


Here is the watch she ACTUALLY wore



1.Can somebody help me ask this group of unmitigated Haters how much her gown also cost! Keep hating & keep backwarding. PMB & his Wife will never mind you people’s deceit so he shall keep succeding.

2.All of u PDP and GeJites had better go find some real job and stop talking abt what you don’t know,ar you saying mrs Buhari has stolen from our treasury b4 inauguration or she went to buy and promised to pay later?you guys should read abt our darling first lady and know what she is made of b4 you start shouting like hungry pigs.

3.Now I am convinced the writer of this article is simply a stupid person. Soon you will start to write about the worth of her make-up. You cant write about how the government can attend to the needs of common Nigerians rather you allow your stupid brain to be wasting your time working like you do not have a brain at all.

4.Who confirmed that she is wearing the exact wrist watch and not a low classed? Who ascertained the history of the wrist watch purchase?
I have a Cartier male wrist watch that cost me about 35000 naira meanwhile the business version is about 685000 naira. If you see me wear mine obviously you will assume am wearing the business version of about 685000. I keep wondering if those who don’t think deep like this fellow deserves to be called human beings because they just smell wickedness all over. They don’t invoke progressiveness rather spend time on irrelevant amongst innocent minds. Abahhhh! We must also change our mindsets and help ourselves to wish our country well.

5.This is not the kind of criticism I expect from pdp, gejites and there cohorts, I have seen people I know who have nothing compared to how they dress to occasions. I consider this A DESPERATE AND EVIL KIND OF CRITICISM. I believe that if she had dressed poorly to the inauguration ceremony, people like this would still be the first to call it “National Embarrassment ” .I will advise Mr. President to concentrate on His work and only give ear to positive and sincere critics cos people will always talk. This reminds me of a song in yoruba that tells a story of a man on a trip with his son. They have one donkey and both of them rode on it, when people saw them, they criticized for mounting too much weight on on the donkey, the man dropped and allow his son to ride on the donkey while he walk on foot, people saw them and called the man foolish and the son wicked and disrespectful for letting his father walk while he rode, they decided to exchange, the son walks while the father ride, people still complained by accusing the man of suffering his son while he enjoys, hence both of them decided to walk on foot and drag the donkey along, people still look at them and said look at these foolish man and his son walking on foot while they have a donkey. The lesson is, whatever u do, people must talk, therefore just do what u believe in your heart that is best. MR. PRESIDENT SIR, JUST FORGE AHEAD WITH THE PLANS YOU HAVE FOR NIGERIA. BEST WISHES FROM ME.

6.Kayode Sesan,please you need to be careful about write-ups. Find below the link for the cost of the watch. You can also check other watches site to confirm cost before escalating…


7.Opposition at work!. Big big talk! Medicine after death! propaganda!. Opposition have started working for 2019. They want to make people believe that the so called ” Incorruptible Messiah” is not what he is, if Oronto was living there as a tenant as claimed, why did’nt they use this against Buhari during the campaign when they needed anything to spoil our mind.May God permanently scatter those who want to scatter Nigeria.

8.Who is this “BREAKING TIME”? More like PDP’s version of Premium Time! All I see is an attempt to distract the presidency and potray PMB in a bad light.

9.PDP Campaign had the likes of FFK and all Buhari Hater’s working full time but they couldn’t dig shlt about Buhari to paint him as corrupt. With all their Federal Might they couldn’t spot the Money Laundering SPA his wife opened when he became PTF Trust Fund chairman, they couldn’t find his 2.1bn Mansion. But apparently all they could manage was accuse him of being a Fanatic and a Brutal Dictator which they channeled into a useless documentary. Until that Certificate shlt came along THEY HAD NOTHING, Thats why they held on to the Certificate issue so damn much which ended up backfiring.After all that you wanna tell me a lowlife Blogger (who by the way is a protection seeker) and a Lame Propaganda Site (TheBreakingTimes) ‘Busted’ Buhari’s hidden assets (which the GEJ Campaign somehow couldn’t do huh) and have now ‘proven’ beyond doubt that he is corrupt and stole Money?How Insanely ldiotic do you have to be to believe this crap?!

10.PDP has started to be stupid again.Which kind opposition is this?…Who is in charge of insights by the opposition?…a study of perception analysis is needed. This angle isn’t bright. Corruption shouldn’t be the area that they should hope will wreck damage on the person of Buhari
This is because there is a strong pre-conceived notion from the 80s that he isn’t a thief. If breakingtimes like, they should bring evidences of properties around the world, it will be difficult to shake away this notion.What should be done is to wait for mistakes and exploit it, build on it, form stories out of it. Mistakes are bound to be made.

11.OMG!! why do Nigerians keep labeling riff-raff houses mansion.. that old dilapidated living quarters – (it is not even a Family house) that looks like Kwara State Liaison office. Please TANOIDS… leave PMB alone

12.Useless people!So desperate to taint a serious and patriotic man after losing to him with this same campaign of evil.I know that house and it is more or less like 3 security man’s houses in a compound with some low-level fence.It is beside the lake owned by Mrs Abacha,a few feet from Orji Kalu and Atiku’s house.James Ibori owns a mansion near the place too;all around Yakubu Gowon crescent in Asokoro.The soldiers have always been there probably to guard Oronto and the ambassador’s family from over 2 years ago.It is an easily accessible place to everyone.Buhari has stated in many interviews that he took a loan to build a house in Asokoro.

13.How come nobody knew about this till now.Who are the people living in that house?The unfortunate thing is that campaigns are over and Buhari will be president for four years at least.May be we will consider this info then.

14.Have Nigerians been so misruled in the past that they have lost all consciousness of expectations from their government for their lives? 5 days into Buhari government, issues being discussed/written about are not his government actions or policies but puerile inconsequential stuff like – He has a multimillion dollar mansion in Asokoro, his daughter chased people out of a shop, his wife closed down her beauty salon to be first lady, his wife wore a costly watch to his inauguration.What should Nigerians do?- Ask for a new candidate and hold another election?

15.Nah… Breaking times is a blog owned by @MrFixNaija. A media aide to Obanikoro.I am not surprised.

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