MORE HILARIOUS QUOTES FROM ELECTIONS 2015!51. …This victory confirms that ‘A good name’ can achieve more than dollars and incumbent’s influence.
52. …PDP acted childishly even before the election started. & assuming they’ve won, they would have acted more childishly.
53. …GEJ’s biggest achievements in his 6 years in power; 1) Appoint JEGA 2) Congratulate GMB for victory at polls.
54. …There’s one thing we’ve not realized since. The meaning of JEGA NJustEndedGoodluckAdministration.
55. …I salute the resilience and commitment of @ThisisBuhari and adore the maturity and patriotism of President Goodluck Jonathan.
56. …“The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”
57. …To GMB. Sir, Here is yr chance 2 correct the impression of your past with d owners of tomorrow.
58. …JEGA said they should add the result first! Then I saw calculator! It seems as though INEC doesn’t believe in Autosum. Calculations are currently being done the old fashioned-away!
59. …For the first time, Nigerians truly decided who sits as President. We have become a nation.
60. …Now that the rivalry and contest is over, let’s all kiss, shake hands n hug… and not forget to NBringBackOurGirls.
61. …GMB’s mandate is to build bridges across Nigeria and not embark on a score settling spree.
62. …APC I hope we keep moving forward with the electoral process that brought us to power.
63. …Dear Buhari, If you win and then fumble in Aso Rock; come 2019 we (The People) will kick you out!
64. …Patience knew what she was saying diaaa izzz God oooo…indeed there is!
65. …Happy new Nigeria. Historic day, historic month and historic year.
66. …So @APCNigeria won on social media. And on the streets. Nigeria social media has come of age. Ignore at your own peril.
67. …Now that @ThisisBuhari has won, I wonder who FFK will use his grammar to attack. “Shenanigans, hullabaloo, humongous etc.”
68. …Forget the candidates, democracy was the real winner.
69. …Destiny can be delayed but it cannot be denied. 30 years after being ousted in a coup Buhari proves that dreams come true.
70. …if you printed poster for @PDPNigeria and you haven’t collected your balance… Your reward, e dey heaven.
71. …Democratic election. Loser concedes and withdraws. Government changes. Boko Haram fails. The system works. Congratulations.
72. …All those greedy, coward celebs…am so happy.
73. …No more 8yrs syndrome… wow, we don’t know what we’ve just liberated ourselves from until later in the future.
74. …General Abdulsalam Abubakar na Spirit??? He’s just vanishing from GEJ to GMB in Abuja tonite.
75. …When good luck ends, hard work begins. When patience leaves, real discourse enters.
76. …One of the lessons from the 2015 election: the power of the people is greater than the people in power.
77. …And Jega takes a break again!The suspense is increasingly unbearable but we will wait for as long as it last.
78. …“A successful election is a sine qua non to an enduring democracy and sustainable development”…JKF
79. …Jonathan should be kicked out of office starting April 1st. Why wait till May before Jonathan handover?
80. …Congrats to Gen Buhari, may your reign be favoured by Almighty God and may you LEAD instead of RULE the chosen generation.
81. …I have checked the moon; I marveled. Don’t ask me what I saw; check it too!
82. …Nigerians have defied the odds of a breakup by holding peaceful elections. We stand united.
83. …so much work to be done, to restore PDP as a functional opposition party in 2019.
84. …@Koinangejeff where’s the man who said God lives in Nigeria but visits Kenya? He just saw them through.
85. …Respect to Aliko Dangote. Any govt in power he’ll be ok but he still left his mansion to queue & vote.
86. …JEGA – Just Ended Goodluck’s Administration. When I grow up, I want to be like Jega!
87. …This election taught me so much. One is that I can dissenting on matter how stupid or awful they sound.
88. …Where is Vincent Ogbulafor, ex-PDP chair. I tot he claimed PDP wud rule for 60 years.
89. …Lol GEJ has wins in Chibok …Report just came in that GEJ has a total of 3.5million votes in Chibok. Drop your comment *tear*
90. …Who will be new senate president in the new senate? It might be a contest between George Akume and Bukola Saraki.
91. …The two most powerful men in Africa, the President & President elect of Nigeria are waiting for Jega before making their speeches.
92. …Rotimi Amaechi the new don of the South South
93. …Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the dawn of a new era.
94. …Borno, suffering under the weight of a war, had a higher percentage turnout than Lagos.
95. …While we are at it, let’s give @oluremisonaiya a big round of applause.
96. …The Good Tuesday before the Good Friday. Change is here.
97. …Prof, what happened to excel? Which one is tiki taka with calculator?
98. …Is this a plot to announce election result on APRIL FOOL’S DAY? The World is waiting!

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