1. …The elections were: A. Decisively decided B. Conclusively concluded C. Decisively concluded D. Concluded decisively.
2. …Some people are happy because APC won. Some are happy because Buhari won. But most of us are happy because democracy worked.
3. …How many Nigerian girls are getting election gifts tonight?
4. …Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has just torn his red attire & now covered himself in ashes…Aso Rock Alert 3.
5. …The lesson I learnt from this election is that never give up even after trying & failing 4x, u might get it on your 5th attempt.
6. …Kano people are the best always. Packing back to Otueke!
7. …Sometimes being presidential could also mean being honorable in defeat.
8. …Now at APC Hq Abuja. It is party time and I’ve just been drenched by pure water by @APC Nigeria (instead of champagne.)
9. … Congratulations GMB. Congratulations APC. Congratulations Nigeria. #change. APCNigeria this is not the END but a MEANS to deliver what you promised
10. …The few times I felt proud of been a Nigeria were after football matches. But this time it’s spectacular.
11. …Shoki dance! From Maiduguri with love. Even the military are not left out. Congratulations.
12. …Y’all remember this. Yorubas are the jokers (game changers) in this country… Don’t mess with them.
13. …Congratulations to NNigeria for sending the Western media away with no news! Oya go back home with your bullet-proof vests.
14. …Baba Now That You Are There Do not forget your campaign promises/manifesto. We still have our PVC’s handy.
15. …Warning: to all babes calling Jega ‘bae’. Take note: when you ask Jega for money he’ll tell you to wait for 10 minutes to 4hrs!
16. …*Sobbing* I’ll miss Patience Jonathan and her bombs!…Hoping to hear from you soon.
17. …Now to Otuoke. Ti o ba dele ki o ki ile, ti o ba dona ki o ki ona.
18. …Is Bishop David Oyedepo still scratching his head wondering why his keys to hell failed to work?
19. …Don’t mock, insult or provoke those who didn’t support your candidate. It’s democracy. Respect people’s choices.
20. …impressive & smooth Nigeria elections so far …setting a great precedent; Hope the UK can follow suit in May! Ha!ha!ha!
21. …NNigeria has a new leader, a new chance…another chance for a leader to keep promises, a nation to achieve potential.
22. …First ebola. Now the elections. Just when they expect us to crash we always rise to new heights. Shame on all those who deride us.
23. …When is the 1st lady elections holding? Do u think Mama Peace can avenge her husband?
24. …Finally, Nigerians decided. The first time the citizens votes really counted in 16years.
25. …I love how Nigerians can diffuse a very tense situation with humour! Great country, great people!
26. …Goodluck Jonathan actually phoned challenger Buhari, and conceded defeat? Who’d have thought that’d ever happen in Africa? Jonathan was NEVER clueless!
27. …Ibinabo should be ready to handover to Emeka Ike. Nollywood owes Goodluck an apology.
28. …To Nigerians, this is your handwork, God saw your truthful intentions.
29. …But did they really think the God of these displaced people will not answer for them?
30. …If Boko haram can be calm during the collation of election results. What is Orubebe’s problem?
31. …Now that it’s all over, I can’t but feel bad towards all those who soiled their names for the election.
32. …“I’m over joyed with this kind of revolution”
33. …GEJ’s son looks like he ate his father’s 2 million votes.
34. …Most memorable characters of NNigeria decides? Ice cool Jega, rabid Orubebe, caustic Fayose, bombastic Fani-kayode, pathetic Patience Jonathan.
35. …Jega demonstrates what GEJ should have done in the last four years: Stay unruffled by pressure but be evidently in control.
36. …Jonathan has earned my fullest respect. He has preserved our DEMOCRACY. Finally, I get to say, Sai Jonathan.
37. …if God be for you, no amount of rigging can be against you.
38. …Nigerians have separated the goats from their yams, congratulations.
39. …Where is Joseph Yobo? Kanu? Naija entertainers? U all think you got fans abi? But jega says one man one vote not name.
40. …All these small parties delaying result collation though. This one called AA, they should have just stayed as a blood group.
41. …Dear Mr ORUBEBE, if the man feeling the tension most can call to congratulate his opponent, then who are you to start violence? We’re u possessed?
42. …just got into taxi – driver has broom (APC emblem), says if you’re not carrying one, young men on streets won’t let you pass.
43. …Overhead: One miracle worker at Army Hq locates NGMB’s missing certificates!
44. …what is it with African politicians and going to Israel to pray before elections?
45. …INEC this is so unprofessional. Punching calculator, seriously? SMH. Havent you heard of spreadsheets before please?
46. …When APC was campaigning, PDP was busy looking for Buhari’s WAEC certificate. Now you can see the results.
47. …It will be very good to see a significant number of new blood, young blood, in Buhari’s cabinet.
48. …Now that the election is over, I hope the prices of brooms will crash across the country.
49. …Am quite sure Joseph Mbu would have gone hiding by now for fear of Amechi….hehehe game of politics is just funny.
50. …Dear journos who came with bullet proof vests, Sorry you didn’t get the chance to report from a “conflict zone’. Ps. Libya?

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