SUS AMBODE...A WALKOVER FOR APC...DO THEY EVER LEARN? On the surface, many people would think PDP is finished in Lagos due to the fact that despite the effort of President Jonathan to win the state, he failed and also that Lagos since 1999 has always belonged to APC (then AD). However, a closer look at what happened shows that as far as the gubernatorial race is concerned, it can still go either way for the following reasons:

1) The main reason President Jonathan lost was because of the under-performance of his administration. Nothing more,nothing less. If he had performed well, he would have likely won Lagos. Lagosians have proven again that they are very intelligent and are politically aware.

2) A closer look at the results shows that the margin between APC and PDP is not wide. Based on this, since the election has been rated one of the best Nigeria has ever had, it stands to reason that PDP stands a good chance if only they put the defeat behind them and work harder on winning the forthcoming elections.

3)The number of those who voted is quite low compared to the number of people who collected PVCs which means there are still lots of Lagosians who are either undecided or are not motivated enough to vote during the last elections.If Jimi can work on getting these people to vote for him he would win this election.

4) The truth is lots of people are getting frustrated by Tinubu’s stranglehold on Alausa. The LCC debacle, the use of ABC to continue to loot the treasury of Lagos and the fact that everyone knows that Tinubu is trying to pay back Ambode for his loyalty with the office of governor and not that Ambode is competent in his own right coupled with the fact that lagosians are aware that Ambode wasn’t even Fashola’s choice, and Fashola is highly respected in Lagos, makes Lagosians more sympathetic to Jimi than Ambode.

Eko o ni baje

By riogr 2012

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