9.AMBODE FAN…We need APC in Lagos now more than before! Fashola has consolidated the foundation earlier laid by Tinubu for a greater Lagos. Any Lagosian that has the interest of Lagos at heart should vote APC without qualms in the gubernatorial election. It will go a long away in helping Lagos.Imagine Fashola as a Federal Minister and Ambode as the governor of Lagos. The kind of wonderful synergy this represents will be to the advantage of Lagosians.Lagos has some very important developmental projects in the offing. APC at the centre will help drive these developmental projects to completion. And it will help everybody in Lagos!!One of such important projects is the Lekki deep sea port. The FGN has been stalling this project, but with APC at the centre and Fashola in that govt, we can be rest assured that the Lekki deep sea port and Lekki airport including the much touted 4th Mainland bridge will come to manifestation.Fashola has been the governor of Lagos for 8 years and he knows where the shoe pinches. Buhari as a person knows the important and critical role played by the Lagos cliches for his emergence as president. Infact his Vice President sef is a Lagosian. This will obviously give Lagos an advantage in getting their requests granted by the FGN. And having a Lagos APC govt will ensure this happens seamlessly.We need APC in Lagos more than before!!!

9.JIMMY AGBAJE FAN…The Federal govt is broke and can’t pay salaries and u are dreaming of a vp collecting money for a project because he is from Lagos and of the same party.Do things work out like that?…So why did many PDP govs left the party…i can see u have a picture of heaven on earth between Lagos and Abuja…please sleep well and dream long my friend…good for your nerves.but all the same i can see Nigeria going back to the dark days of being a one party state….many of u are yet to realise what u are wishing yourselves

10.AMBODE FAN…Lagos for Ambode is not a debate. we dont need to talk about it because Jimi knows he has no backing anymore.Remember Bode goerge has hinted on his exile, so who would vote a poster boy for an ex convict who wants to jettison the country?

10.JIMMY AGBAJE FAN…You can stop blowing hot air in the guise of speaking for 10 million people who have been extorted to the very inch of their lives by thieffnubu’s mafia.You thought Lagos would go landslide for APC,didnt you?After all the noisemaking, PDP lost by the narrowest of margins of all states lost to APC.Now,there is balance btw the the two yoruba men…Lagosians including Non-indigens and non-yorubas will make their choice.

11.AMBODE FAN…People vote when they are motivated to do so, did you read the press release form the pdp chieftain from Niger Delta who said while the Northerners spent their own money to make sure they vote, people in the south expect to be paid to vote. That is one.Secondly, pdp won oshodi isolo and Amuwo Odofin mostly because they were able to buy votes, ask anyone in Lagos, pdp agents where giving out cash and even generator sets to cajole people into voting pdp. Apc agents were mostly conversing for votes.Now the federal jona money is gone, in fact, Agbaje has been financing his campaign mostly from Jonathan funds allocated to Lagos.Add the dissatisfaction of Obanikoro to it, Obanikoro is still bitter he was forced to step down for jimi, jimi is not having his support.Finally, the reason Yorubas were going to vote pdp before was to align Lagos to the centre, now the centre has gone to apc.Above all, TINUBU is now THE UNDISPUTED YORUBA LEADER, HIS INFLUENCE RIGHT NOW CAN ONLY BE IMMAGINED. Even Yorubas that were going to cast protest vote right now are having a rethink because the man has won their admiration. One thing the Yoruba people will never stop doing is giving respect and support to who deserves it. In Yoruba land, you don’t buy respect you earn it. Obj till today does not have the respect of yorubas because he has not earned it.In conclusion, except a miracle happens, AMBO is the next Lagos governor. APC is on a row and it is not about to stop now.

11.JIMMY AGBAJE FAN…Stop telling stupid lies…I live in Amuwo Odofin and there was no such thing as u said…Stories and allegations you cannot prove cannot change the backlash already waiting for ambode..So you want to tell us PDP distributed (generators?) to 400k voters? And APC didn’t canvass for votes with indomie and recharge at anypoint of their campaign?? The beauty about democracy is that power lies in the hand of people -not usual Lagos riverine-based rigging machinery-and you understand humans can be highly unpredictable especially Lagosians…the poor,the okada riders,the highly impoverished and overly taxed market traders..businesses…The narrowest of margins will swing to JK.

12.AMBODE FAN…The campaign of Ambode has just started. With massive plans coming up before the elections, they intend to leave no stones unturned and campaign harder in places where the APC lost in the Presidential.

12.JIMMY AGBAJE FAN..It only shows how insecure u feel and that at the back of your mind u also know u can lose the election.


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